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pdThinker.com - Takes The Hit And Miss Out Of Life   Personal Development is anchored in knowledge of Natural Law. Understanding how Nature operates liberates you and the latent power of your mind.

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Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong commitment to being a Good Human and is prerequisite to leading a life of inner, and outer, Harmony. Where Harmony prevails, so too do peace and prosperity.

Knowledge of Natural Law renders impotent any temptation to do the wrong thing. Even though that temptation is as evident to the knowledgeable person as to the person whose ignorance allows them to succumb.

The More We Know The Further We Can Go

Personal Development Questions   Personal Development Questions are the beginning of self knowledge

What Is Personal Development?    What is personal development is a great question. The answer flows deep. Here we scratch the surface describing this fascinating subject.

  Good Humans and Personal Development is the potent combination needed to change the World to our liking.

A Peaceful World Requires Developed Minds    A peaceful World will not come about by chance. It must be engineered. Engineered by developed minds in close affinity with Nature.

Age Of Mind

Education and Behavior

Major Themes

Ego And Self  Esteem

A healthy ego and healthy self esteem are paramount to building the steel trap mind so necessary to competent problem solving. Competent problem solving is the epitome of intelligently applied Thought.

These two crucial components comprise the epicenter of personal development, and allow you to take charge of self - via your thought - and know that you are in charge. To reach this elevated state of mind, both one’s ego and self esteem must be shaped and nurtured  A process which enables the strengthening of our character, the augmentation of our positive emotions, and the diminution of our negative emotions.

This elevated state of mind enables one to suspend consideration of self at will, and direct our total concentration to the demands of whatever problem is seeking our attention. A problem may be simple or complex, material or spiritual, or relationship. The last mentioned being of a particularly urgent nature indeed.

Healthy Ego And Healthy Self Esteem - The enabler Of All Things Good

A Healthy Ego Is The Key To Personal Development   Building a healthy ego provides the fuel that powers clarity of Mind, the vehicle that transports one on the journey to enlightenment.

A Healthy Ego Is An Invaluable Personal Investment   A healthy ego is the product of winning one of life's greatest conflicts. A struggle every Human engages in. The seemingly irrepressible battle with self.

Healthy Ego – Your Source Of Wisdom And Personal Power   A healthy ego, the basis of Personal Development, doesn't appear out of thin air, it has to be built.

Egotism - A Valueless Deceptive Fraudulent Impostor   We all suffer from egotism at some stage. When we understand it has nothing to offer, that long-term, it works only to our detriment, it's demise is nigh.

Healthy Self Esteem Begins At Birth   Healthy self esteem is a vital but often overlooked aspect of being Human. This complex condition deserves (much) closer attention.

Self Esteem And Ego – Taking Charge Of You   Self esteem and ego are commonly left to the whims of chance, effectively gambling with one of your most valuable possessions.

Our Inner Human Machine   Understanding how our mind functions using the analogy of a Human machine confines our learning to parameters that are readily grasped.

Influencing The Inner Human Machine   A Human machine can be considered to be the complete Mind – Body - Spiritual – entity of a personality.

Eugenics – Nothing To Be Proud Of   Eugenics raises moral and ethical questions that implore us to think accurately before interfering with our genes.

Natural Eugenics – A Viable Autonomous Alternative   Natural eugenics offers Hope to Humanity, cannot be misappropriated, has no downside, and places power where it belongs - with the individual.

Undesirable Traits - 0ur Prime And Primitive Antagonist   Eliminating undesirable traits is an integral element of Personal Development, and a priority in our quest to maximize our potential as a thinking being.

Undesirable Traits In Our Gun-Sights   Eliminating undesirable traits promotes the well-being of both the individual and sustainable society at large, a common goal worthy of permanence?

Sound Relationships - Catalyst For Peace And Prosperity   Humanities future hinges on building and developing sound relationships. Beginning with the most important of all, the alliance with self.

Moral Thinking Precedes Moral Behavior   Moral Thinking holds the key to Humanities future. We can all impart equal Influence on the direction that future takes.

Major Themes

Word Power

Words are not the only way we Humans communicate, but they definitely hold center stage in importance.
In a stimulating virtuous cycle, the more words we understand, the better we can understand each other, and the easier we comprehend new subjects.

Good Humans Use Words As Gifts Not Weapons

The Power Of Words Is Inherent In How We Perceive Them   Language is a living entity. How we use it determines it's evolution and the power of words at our disposal to communicate effectively.

Defining Words In Order To Communicate  Defining words is perhaps the most important aspect of communicating. Some words in common use though, are not always what they seem.

Control Definition And Personal Development   Control Definition - Control is a very distinct, brawny word, suggesting absolute rigidity. It really belongs to the discipline of Mechanics.

Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is part of our Creativity Suite. As such this law can be applied to our every action. From making one's everyday tasks better, easier, and more enjoyable, all the way up to creating a thing that does not yet exist.

The Universal Law of Attraction and the principle of Auto-suggestion are closely related. As are these two closely related to positive thinking. They can be used in conjunction with other principles of Personal Development to bring about positive change in any sphere of Human existence, personal or otherwise.

Whether one desires a political change or needs a mechanism to improve a machine, the process is the same. Of equal importance is the realization that this law can be applied to our behavior.

A concrete understanding of the Universal Law Of Attraction endows one with the mental key to the secret door to success, that when opened, reveals the Ultimate Secret of the Human mind.

This six part series on the Law of Attraction will help you turn that key.

The 6th installment may be the conclusion of a series, but it should be the beginning of a new way of conducting one’s life. A realization that in the midst of chaos created by the wrong thinking of others, we can be be Masters of our own destiny, and by working in harmony with like minds, contribute to a better World.

The greater our general knowledge, and our understanding of the state the World is in, the more appropriate the decisions we can make, and hence, more appropriate requests of the law of attraction to be fulfilled.

What Are You Thinking About Now?

The  Universal Law Of Attraction  The Universal Law Of Attraction is a much talked about, yet little understood subject. Let's clear up those misunderstandings.

Universal Law Of Attraction - Meeting The Challenge    Effectively employing the universal law of attraction necessitates one taking charge of their thoughts. This difficult challenge can be met.

How The Universal Law Of Attraction Works   There is much to realize before one can comfortably and confidently implement the universal law of attraction effectively, to accomplish a given outcome.

 Becoming Familiar With The Universal Law Of Attraction   Considering that the universal law of attraction is constantly at work on our behalf by default, a high priority should be to get to know it.

 Universal Law Of Attraction And Action  The universal law of attraction may be ubiquitous, but to reap it's inestimable benefits, it must be cultivated by taking action.

 Universal Law Of Attraction - Conclusion  We have investigated the functioning of the universal law of attraction over the past several pages. Ralph Waldo Emerson provides a fitting conclusion.

Major Themes

The Ultimate Secret Of The Mind

Life, it would seem, is a lottery in which a few win all the rewards. Certain quarters of society would have you believe this fallacy.

However, the Truth is Life is about succeeding at whatever you emotionally desire and are capable of achieving.

Albeit that being so . . .

Achievement requires effort, knowledge, adroit physical and mental skills and an unremitting willingness to follow through on whatever one begins. Achievement necessitates the use of the Universal Law Of Attraction.

The ultimate secret of the mind turbo charges this gift to Humanity.

The Law of Attraction can be – and frequently is – used without mind expansion. This law is also employed without the employer's conscious awareness of his or her thought processing.

Personal Development, incorporating the Law of Attraction and The Ultimate Secret of the Human mind provides the foundation on which one can confidently build whatever project, of any dimension, one is passionate about.

This same foundation renders dispassionate projects – stuff that must be done, whether difficult or not – satisfying.

This combination carries the power of reducing to zero - via the skill of Accurate Thinking - the chaos of unintended consequences.

Imagine A World where This Scenario Prevails

Is There A Secret Formula For Success?  If there is a secret formula for success, it is because we have accepted it to be so. Success in life should not be restricted to a secret formula.

The Real Secret Of Success  The real secret of success is inherent in the ultimate secret of the mind. It's intrinsic value is realized via a competent execution of the Law of Nature.

Major Themes

Human Brain

Mechanical knowledge is handy to have when operating any sort of machinery. It can tell us when a machine, perhaps your motor vehicle,  for instance, is running fine. Or it can clearly indicate when one needs to pay attention to a particular function.

Nature's greatest creation, and hence our greatest asset, falls into that category.

What Better Piece Of Equipment To Have A Working Knowledge Of ?

Brain Size - How Important Is It To Human Intelligence?   Brain size and Human intelligence fascinates scientist and layman alike. Is the relationship all it's cracked up to be?

Personal Development - Brain Size - Human Intelligence   How closely related is Brain size to Human intelligence? Here we see how science attempts to come to grips with measuring our cognitive potential.

Human Brain Structure – A Six Part Concise Overview   Scientific Human Brain structure study steadily reveals secrets of how our source of intelligence functions.

Brain Structure - Meet Your Brain   The Human Brain structure is possibly nature's most admirable accomplishment, if a touch enigmatic.

Our Brain Structure And Some Of It's Heavy Weight Components   Our Brain structure vindicates Nature's engineering ability. here, we meet more components of Her masterpiece.

Brain Lobes - Brain Structure - And You   Without our Brain Lobes life wouldn't be quite as exciting as it is. Let's undo a few bolts and have a closer look to find out why.

Your Limbic System Is You - In All Your Glory   Your Limbic system is involved in pretty much everything that defines you as both a living creature and a Human Being. It is your driving force.

Overview Of Nervous System - Things You Need To Know   A brief nervous system overview provides insights into Human Brain functioning, laying a solid foundation for a successful Personal Development plan.

Human Intelligence

The following pages are a chronological  glimpse of Human Thinking. From Homo Habilis to recent times. We can gain insights to great minds and gather encouragement from their stalwart attitude.

Against an unremitting high tide of mind-numbing ignorance - - of both the confused authorities above and the confused masses below - - the congruous,  sagacious application of Human Intelligence, covering a gamut of Natural Laws, has delivered our current environment.

Ignorance has inflicted severe damage to this environment, but if more of us develop and apply the power of our mind as did the Heroes in this glimpse of our past, we still have a window of opportunity to save ourselves and our Planet from impending demise.

Authority Is Not A Substitute For Knowledge And Understanding

Human Intelligence And Behavior Down Through The Ages   Human intelligence, a fundamental element of Personal Development, has shaped and is continuing to shape, our world.

Human Intelligence - The First Glimmer   Human intelligence appears to be first displayed in a meaningful way a tad more than two million years ago, when Homo Habilis rocked up.

Human Intelligence And Human Progress   Human intelligence is making it's presence felt as early Homo Sapiens puts it to the test.

Human Intelligence - Homo Sapiens Discover Thinking   Human intelligence shows depth and breadth as Homo Sapiens adopts agriculture, community, and a thinking stance.

Human Intelligence - Good And Bad Thinking The implementation of human intelligence was not always put to honorable purpose. Indicating a dire need for Personal Development.

Human Intelligence - - - And Ignorance   Defending Human intelligence is a tough gig. Our forebears deserve special thanks for keeping thinking alive against almost overwhelming opposition.

Human Intelligence On The Move  Human intelligence, trundling down the passage of time, is busy creating history and useful stuff from seemingly unrelated components.

Human Intelligence Refuses To Languish   Human intelligence is establishing itself as a force even though few appear to recognize its power. The dark side is also exerting it's influence.

Human Intelligence Meets Understanding   Human intelligence sets it's sights on the heavens and against crushing opposition proves the stars conform to sound logic, not mythology or superstition.

Human Intelligence Engenders Hope For The Future   Human intelligence continues it's struggle against ignorance and greed with the help of a few insightful minds.

René Descartes Exercises His Human Intelligence   Human intelligence finds a worthy exponent. A rare mind seeking Truth. Together they influence the course of thinking.

Embracing The Power Of Human Intelligence   Human intelligence finds a few more great minds who show no fear of a little serious thinking and discovering.

Applied Human Intelligence Solves Problems   Human intelligence often collides with inflated ego and greed, slowing progress. But great minds eventually overcome setbacks.

Human Intelligence Tackles Electricity   Human intelligence moves beyond the obvious, taking it's first tentative (and otherwise!) steps towards understanding.

Human Intelligence - Solving Problems Brings Rewards   Human intelligence responds positively to diligent application and discovers mighty rewards are to be reaped in return.

Human Intelligence Is Recognized And Rewarded   Human intelligence is reveling in the euphoria induced by discoveries in the field of Electricity. And the well deserved recognition that followed.

Human Intelligence Sets In Train Mass Communication   Thinking big, Human intelligence conceives, conceptualizes, and manifests the first step in mass communication.

Active Human Intelligence – A Closer Look   Human intelligence is freely available to be drawn upon by the individual. But it's power can be dramatically increased.

Human Intelligence - Humanities Technological Direction   A peek into the Human intelligence and minds that determined Humanities technological direction.

Human Intelligence Masters Steam   Human intelligence does not set or heed boundaries. These are the responsibility of the individual. Genuine success demands knowledge and understanding.

Human Intelligence Goes It Alone To Launch Flight   Onward and upwards, Human intelligence is on an unstoppable march. Even if the field of flight was temporarily deserted.

Human Intelligence Conceives Alternative Motive Power   Human intelligence recognizes the power inherent in explosion, harnesses it and produces rotary motion.

Human Intelligence In Action - Another Glimpse   Human intelligence and the thinking process is approached in countless ways. But the only approach that works is the clear accurate thinking approach.

Human Intelligence Unlocks Nature's Secrets   Human intelligence recognizes Natural Law must be understood and complied with to be privy to Nature's secrets. Otto's four stroke cycle is a good example.

Human Intelligence – The mind Of An Inventor   One more peek at Human intelligence at work before we move on to learning to be inventors and discovers in our own right.

Human Intelligence Can Make It Happen   Human intelligence and curiosity are a powerful combination. The need to focus on living up to our biological label is imperative to survival.

Major Themes

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence is the Fundamental core of the fabric of the Universe. Everything in the Universe emanates from this fundamental core. Science is baffled by this intelligence. But the evidence that it exists is ubiquitous and cannot be denied.

All Humans possess a Brain. A Brain that while built on the same platform as many of our animal cousins, is more powerful to an unfathomable order of magnitude. To put this into perspective, can you imagine that beautiful animal, the Horse, designing and supervising the construction of a stable? How about Horses landing a Horse on the Moon?

Our Brain produces our most valuable asset, by any and all measures. That asset is our Mind.

Our Mind Has Direct Access To Spiritual Intelligence

Intelligent Use Of Spiritual Intelligence   Humanities progress and growth is twofold, Material and Spiritual. The moral use of our Spiritual Intelligence is far and away the most important.

Spiritual Intelligence - Nature's Driving Force   Spiritual intelligence is the underlying power that operates the Universe. How we use and apply this Spiritual Energy determines our future.

Seeking Spiritual Intelligence Truth   Spiritual intelligence is very much a mystery and may forever remain so. That should encourage us to investigate and learn. We have much to gain.

Spiritual Intelligence And Evolution   Spiritual intelligence appears to be intricately involved in the evolution of Human intellect.

Seeking The Absolute Truth About The Universe   The absolute Truth is hopefully the winner in one of the biggest battles in the history of science.

The Absolute Truth Permits Intelligent Minds To Change   Searching for the absolute truth plays a crucial role in building a reliable knowledge base. It should be the sole goal of science. Nothing else matters.

The Truth Seeker Shall Find The Truth   If it be Truth, it stands to reason that it must exist. This means the Truth seeker need “only” devote the time to the requisite effort to uncover it.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - Foresight and Insight   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has provided much to consider about Evolution, Thought, and Humanities advancement.

Omega Point - Final Destination Of The Human Mind    The Omega Point is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's well thought out conclusion of the final state of Evolution. It should interest every intelligent Human.

Evolution Of Consciousness Needs Humanities Help   For the evolution of consciousness to progress to the next stage, that of Universal Harmony, Nature requires our consciously aware involvement.

Major Themes


Where would we Humans be, with our potentially ever so powerful Minds, if we did not have Tools?

That's right, more than likely keeping company with the Horses mentioned above.

As passionate as this author is about physical tools  - he builds them - on this site our focus is on mind tools.

For progress to take place, tools and mind are inseparable. In equal measure, physical and mental tools are inseparable.

In Keeping With The Construction Of The Universe Everything Is Related

Personal Development Tools – Equip Yourself For Life   Life is a challenge for sure. Personal Development Tools equip us to rise to this challenge with aplomb. Cool assuredness no matter the situation.

Mind Development Tools - The Path To Genuine Freedom   Our minds are the sum total of who we are – mind development tools help empower ourselves, discover the secrets of Nature, and reclaim our declining freedom.

Tools And Mind - An Exquisite Combination   Tools and mind are inseparable. No matter the activity one is engaged in, these two are super effective when applied with intelligent forethought.

Major Themes

Natural Law

If Spiritual Intelligence is the Fundamental Core of the fabric of the Universe, then Natural Laws are the instructions required to implement that intelligence.

The more intimately we comprehend Nature's Laws, the more precise will be our constructions. Constructions of every description, but of particular interest to we on the path of Personal Development, our Relationships.

Natural Law And Human Nature Were Made For Each Other

Musing About Natural Law   One of the most profitable endeavors in life is learning about Natural Law.

The Laws Of Nature – And Human Behavior   The Laws Of Nature and Human response form the driving force of our very existence and are of vital interest to Personal Development.

Deepening The Definition of Natural Law   An academic definition of Natural Law does not suffice to sustain a philosophy of Personal Development based in the Laws of Nature.

Natural Law And Human Nature   Natural law and Human nature are as much a part of the Cosmos as is Natural Law and any physical phenomena we are conscious of and accept as reality.

An Example Of Natural law - Our Ally   Witnessing an example of Natural Law quietly at work on our behalf can help acquaint us with an awesome power at our disposal, ready to do our bidding.

Major Themes

Our Future

It is beginning to dawn on our collective conscious awareness that all is not well with our World. From the beginning of recorded History, continuing into the present Age, a pitched battle between Good and evil has been waged.

For centuries our early forebears suffered unsuppressed brutality inflicted by mindless tyrants who wielded unbounded power provided to them by the ignorance of  those they dominated.

Through the haze of crushed bones and blood letting a dim spark of  Good wavered. Enlightenment was emerging. It would take many more centuries of subjugated horrors to build to a flame. But build it did. Good Humans championed this flame against unimaginable atrocities.

Every institution invented by Humans has, at some time, been hijacked and misappropriated by evil doers seeking advantage over their honest Brothers and Sisters. It is the honest men and women who build the institutions and create genuine wealth that spreads throughout the community.

The battle between Good and evil still rages. It will be Good Humans who develop the power of their minds who will resolve this battle and deliver freedom, peace and prosperity.

This Is Something We All Should Be Vitally Interested In

Intellectual Property Rights And Personal Development   What have intellectual property rights got to do with Personal Development? In a word, everything.

Intellectual Property Rights Legislation   We, and our economies, are dependent on our understanding intellectual property rights legislation that elicits respect and fidelity.

Intellectual Property Rights And Creative Freedom   Intellectual property rights are meant to champion creative freedom but also make provision to copy others.

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement   Intellectual Property Rights infringement poses a mortal threat to our creative freedom. But this threat comes from where one might not suspect.

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Danger   Effectively dealing with intellectual property rights infringement requires enlightenment, not draconian legislation.

Copyright Protection Law And Moral Integrity   The next few pages feature useful copyright protection information, but first allow me a little outburst.

Useful Copyright Information   Useful copyright information required to build a sound working knowledge of copyright law.

What Is Copyright Infringement   What is copyright infringement and how to avoid this serious offence.

Useful Patents Trademarks And Copyright Information   Patents trademarks and copyright information. Trade secrets, confidentiality agreements, design, circuit layouts, plant breeders rights.

What Does Open Source Mean   What does Open Source mean? Technically speaking, Open Source means freedom of knowledge. In practice, it means a secure future.

Open Source Is The Epitome Of Genuine Sharing   Open Source can best be described as Genuine Sharing. It addresses and offers solutions to the increasingly intractable system of competition.

Open Source Sharing Promises A Bright Future   The propagation and implementation of knowledge has been anything but a dream run. Until Open Source Sharing hit the scene.

An Open Source World Offers Freedom And Security   The Open Source World, in contrast to Competition, provides the perfect platform for Cooperation leading to genuine Creative Collaboration.

Open Source Licenses Are For Everybody   Open Source knowledge underpins the WWW. Underpinning the integrity and viability of Open Source knowledge are Open Source licenses.

Open Source Licensing Offers Choice And Fair Play   Open Source licensing is concerned with the hassle free dissemination of knowledge within the bounds of copyright protection.

What Does The Public Domain Mean To You?  What does the public domain mean to you? This essay attempts to express what the Public Domain means to me.

Major Themes

Cooperation And Collaboration

Plain and simple, Cooperation is the means to achieve an equitable and safe future. It is the lifeblood of all achievement.

When Cooperation is combined with Collaboration the Human Mind becomes one with Nature.

When One With Nature The Human Mind Can Be Considered Boundless

To Define Cooperation Is Not A Simple Matter   How do you define Cooperation? A real life example serves to call attention to the efficacy, and complexity, of this state of mind.

What Does Cooperation Mean?   Asking what does Cooperation mean focuses attention on a power that permeates our existence and helps us understand it's relevance to progress and survival.

Cooperation Not Conflict, Develops Personal Power   Our approach to strife determines the outcome. “Cooperation not conflict” could be, and should be, the slogan of every individual.

Command And Control Has Little In Common With Cooperation   Command and control has influenced Humanities direction for long enough. Surely it is time this serious impediment to progress was retired?

Workplace Cooperation Delivers The Goods   Workplace Cooperation can transform a climate of fear into a hive of profitable productivity.

The Importance Of Cooperation   The Importance of Cooperation can be measured by the fact that the future of Humanity hinges on our collective understanding of how to work together.

Willing Cooperation Can, And Should Be, A Conscious Decision   Willing Cooperation provides an unbreakable alternative to relying on emotionally charged survival instinct tactics.

Lack Of Cooperation Has A Simple Solution   Lack of cooperation is a serious hindrance to humanities progress. The solution is simple, but is reliant on self implementation.

New Era Of Cooperation Made Possible By Good People   A new era of Cooperation is with us. Ignorance is well and truly on the back-foot as it's adherents lose the battle to ever more enlightened minds.

The Importance Of Children's Cooperation   The earlier in life parents develop their Children's Cooperation, the greater the chances of their offspring's future fulfillment and success.

Greatest Example Of Cooperation   In a spectacular example of Cooperation, Nature spotlights a path of Harmony for her fellow Creators to follow. Providing a how to lesson for wise minds to follow.

Planet Saving Example Of Cooperation   In an example of Cooperation that clearly demonstrates the crucial role this Law of Nature plays in Human affairs, we still find selfish resistance.

Non-Cooperation - A Route To Freedom   Non-violence is implicit within Non-cooperation, where intelligent thought and action is key to success.

Non-cooperation with evil – A force for Good   With so much attention being paid to Cooperation on this site, it is worth taking a look at the value of it's first cousin, Non-cooperation with evil.

Collaboration Definition – Sensational Perception   This Collaboration definition attempts to provide insight into the true nature of a Human phenomenon

Collaboration And Cooperation – A Lesson From Nature   Collaboration and Cooperation in the context of this philosophy is about understanding the principle itself. Mother Nature tells us all we need to know.

Cooperation and Collaboration – The Essential Requirements   Cooperation and Collaboration allows we Humans to Create not merely to survive, but to to dramatically improve and enhance our quality of life.

Examples Of Collaboration   Examples of Collaboration confidently predict that Collaboration is the future.

Collaboration And Democracy Were Made For Each Other   Security is a political catchword today. Why are we not pursuing Collaboration and democracy with our hearts and souls (and brains) to achieve it?

Collaboration And Democracy – Opportunity For Peace Collaboration and democracy, Open Minds, and Open Source knowledge, offers a recipe for a peaceful world.

Cooperation And Competition – The Good Bad and Ugly   Cooperation and Competition are powers that permeate our everyday lives. How we apply these influences determines the quality of our existence.

Competition And Cooperation Imbue Diverse Effects On Humans

   Competition and Cooperation affect us all. It is imperative to achieve a balance between these two forces, if we are to realize a prosperous future.

Creativity Versus Competition Is A No Brainer   Creativity versus Competition is a red herring. Creative thinking frees the mind to communicate with the Storehouse of Knowledge. Not so Competition.

Is Coopetition A Solution To Business Woes?   Coopetition is a buzzword - but it just may be the first step to profits and personal satisfaction.

Major Themes

The Importance Of Listening

Everybody wants to be heard, yet in our day to day dealings with each other, listening appears to be talking’s lesser cousin. Perhaps you agree with me that this common perception is not quite correct.

While listening is not as popular as is talking with most folk, an attempt is made here to make the case that listening is actually more influential than talking.

In a seven part series we take a critical look at the art and skill of listening. Beginning with a page appropriately entitled The Importance Of Listening . . .

followed by the fundamentals of listening, the different types of listening skills, improving our listening skills, and concluding with the listening skill that produces that elusive dream everyone is chasing - aka success.

When We Listen - We Learn

The Importance Of Listening  One can gauge the importance of listening by taking stock of the Human Condition and the quality of our lives.

The Fundamentals Of Listening  The fundamentals of listening presented here, are guidelines to improving listening skills.

Types Of Listening  The different types of listening are tools and aids on our never ending quest to understand our fellows.

Types Of Listening Part Two   More different types of listening insights to deepen our understanding of our fellows.

Types Of Listening Insights - Part Three  Mastering the different types of listening enables effective communication - entitling one to all the benefits that follow such effort.

Improving Listening skills  Improving listening skills by learning and applying the fundamentals of listening places one in a position of considerable power - and responsibility.

Effective Listening  From the contents of this page alone, we can see that effective listening, inextricably allied to thought, can change the world.

Major Themes

Solo Build It! Review

Solo Build It! - aka SBI! - is an e-business building platform that guides and mentors you from Idea to Income.

Analogous to a sound, reliable vehicle, this platform is designed from the ground up to transport you to a future where you call the shots. In other words you are in charge.

SBI! comes complete, but like most vehicles, it requires a capable pilot.

If learning by doing appeals to you, and you are determined to secure your future by dint of your own creative efforts – then piloting your own profitable e-business can be your ticket to independence.

To achieve genuine independence however . . .

Only Definite Results Will Do.

Independence is close to the heart of most Humans. The heart, metaphorically speaking, is where independence and freedom reside.

This may well be true. The heart possesses neurons, as do many organs of the body.

Nevertheless, it is early days in our scientific understanding of the relationship between Neurons in the Brain and other body organs.

Considering the flimsy evidence, to date, that any organ has the discretionary power to influence our actions, it is a good idea to stick with the fundamentals that we do have evidence of.

To exploit these fundamentals it is necessary to proceed methodically in the practical manner that achieves definite results, using our greatest asset . . .

Our Brain’s fascinating product – Mind – is our greatest asset.

It is in our mind’s eye that we recall dreams of independence. It is in our imagination that we create new visions of what we perceive to be freedom.

It is our mind that enables one to muster the courage necessary to take the risks that freedom and independence demand. Freedom, ironically, does not come free.

It is in our mind that we construct practical plans of action to execute that courage and liberate the freedom that is restrained in our dreams and visions.

We utilize our mind to create the desire to focus on learning knowledge that equips, inspires, and underpins our efforts to take the action that is so essential to attaining independence . . .

And we use it to employ the Law of Attraction to define, refine, and pull together the various elements that compose the definite results we expect. Locking our accomplishments in place.

It is with these parameters foremost in my mind, that I have conducted this Solo Build It! review.

Solo Build It! Can - And Will - Transport You Far

Solo Build It! – Power To Make Dreams Come True  Solo Build It! review. This unique e-business building platform has the power to build dreams. A story of Human nature at it's best that you can be part of.

Solo Build It! A Website Is Not A Web Business  A misconception has grown in Internet Marketing circles that a website is a web business. Solo build It! Demolishes this misconception.

The Birth Of  The Solo Build It Process That Leads To Success  The solo build it process is founded on sound business principles that when applied with a can do attitude lead to success.

You Are The Soul Of SiteSell SBI!  You are the Soul of SiteSell SBI! The Solo Build It! process enables you to take charge of your own future and succeed at what you are most passionate about.

Why Should You Invest In A SiteSell Site?  A SiteSell site is the gateway to Solo Build It! - The state of the art business builder - But the factor that determines it’s success is not included.

A Business Mindset Is Key To Reaching Business Goals  Possessing a business mindset and a well thought out plan of action, one must come face to face with success.

Business Goodwill Is The Invisible Value Builder  Establishing and maintaining Business Goodwill from the outset can bullet proof an enterprise.

Solo Build It Tools  To the person who achieves, there is no mystery to a given achievement when one has access to the appropriate tools. Solo Build It Tools are appropriate.   

A Solo Build It Tools Review  This Solo Build It Tools review appraises some of the components that blend into a system that allows you to turn an idea into income.

Solo Build It Tools Review - Action Guide  This segment of our Solo Build It! Tools Review discusses SiteSell’s Action Guide. That consummate masterpiece of how to build a thriving e-business.

Solo Build It Tools Review - Search Engine Optimization   Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to listing and ranking. This Solo Build It Tools Review on SEO shows just how easy it is to comply.

What Is A Solopreneur?  A Solopreneur ostensibly works alone. Taking responsibility for and performing all aspects of operating a small business is a more accurate definition.  

Solopreneur - Choosing Freedom With Confidence  Options available to the Solopreneur, in various degrees of autonomy, abound. Choosing with confidence is what matters.   

What Is A Theme Site?  A theme site is a niche content website that focuses on a given subject. With the primary objective of building a profitable web business.    

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Attitude is the make or break mechanism that underpins one’s Mind Power. No matter the capacity of  an individual’s innate Intelligence, it is our attitude that calls the shots. Akin to all things related to Mind, attitude is comprehensive. But not incomprehensible.

Simply put, cognitive effort is essential to grasping the intrinsic influence one’s approach to life has on the outcomes we experience. We are after all, dealing with the most complex mechanism in the Universe, our Brain.

Attitude does not stand alone however. The desire to comprehend our selves, generated by a Positive Attitude, invokes other Principles necessary to the construction of a powerful mind. Our attitude enables us to create the intense Desire necessary to apply ourselves to learning these other principles, otherwise known as composite elements of Natural Law. Then, of absolute significance, apply any Law Of Nature appropriate to achieving ends worthy of our efforts and innate abilities.

It is from this perspective that pdThinker has analyzed this influential principle, that, if we allow it, will dominate our life as readily and easily as does an addictive drug.

If you want to achieve something – anything - you and your approach to Life are your own best  guarantee. In common with all Mind Principles, nothing can take the place of a Good Attitude.

We begin this series with that necessary to success approach to life – A Healthy Attitude.

Our Attitude Is The Mirror Of Our Character

A Healthy Attitude -   is the composition of one’s nuanced approach to life based in knowledge, wisdom and truth

An Attitude Change -  is often necessary to get one’s life on track. Knowing how to change your attitude is the key to succeeding in this seemingly difficult task

A Can Do Attitudeis not a snappy cliché. It is a product utilized by a highly disciplined mind. It is time to restore this essential to success tool’s true perception.

A Positive Thinking Attitude -  Developing a positive mindset is a journey towards self reliance, the pinnacle of self actualization. Building a positive thinking attitude is the first step

Developing A Positive Attitude - Developing a positive attitude is the single most important measure a Human being can engage in. How we do this must be our personal choice

Attitude Building -   Attitude Building is the process we use to construct a Positive State Of Mind. A Positive Mindset is the greatest asset of every individual

Attitude And Behavior - Attitude and behavior tell the World who we are and where we stand. The more we comprehend these influential giants, the easier it becomes to navigate Life

Attitude Components - Composed of three hugely influential attitude components your approach to life defines who you are and where you are going

Behavioral Attitude - To our detriment, the Behavioral Attitude of Humans has changed little over the course of History. We examine the possible reasons and solutions

Affective Attitude - Coming to grips with the possibly most misunderstood element of Human Nature - the much disparaged Affective Attitude Component

Negative Mental Attitude - The effects of a negative mental attitude are purely destructive. Knowledge and respect are the keys to overcoming this persistent adversary to success

How To Develop A Positive Attitude - How to develop a positive attitude is an all too common entreaty. This brief prelude sets the stage for your ongoing attitude building efforts

  Maintaining A Positive Attitude - Maintaining a positive attitude is equivalent in importance to developing this highly prized Mental State, and surprisingly easy to do when one knows how

Effective Ways Of Maintaining A Positive Attitude - Effective ways of maintaining a positive attitude are essential to attaining a positive state of mind. The most enlightening ways are shared here

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Major Themes


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