Effective Ways Of Maintaining
A Positive Attitude

Effective Ways Of Maintaining A Positive Attitude

There are many effective ways one can adopt and employ in the ongoing quest of maintaining a positive attitude. An effective way can be defined as a particular method you experience as intellectually stimulating and satisfying. At the same time it will be enlightening, about Reality in general, and about oneself in particular.

Several major - meaning essential - ways are mentioned here on pdThinker.com. These should be explored with the intention of adoption, and tailored to suit your temperament.

With experience you will recognize other useful ways and means elsewhere, and discover or invent favored ways for yourself. 

Every experience, Spiritual or Physical, pleasant or otherwise, is an opportunity to become familiar with the workings of of one's inner self.

At the same time these opportunities can be put to valuable use to practice using, developing, and enhancing your greatest asset. Your Mind.

Nothing is wasted by a Positive Thinker.

Reflecting on the foregoing statements, the crucial point to remember about maintaining a Positive Attitude, is, the ways and means you choose should be in sync with attaining Autonomy, and coalesce with your Inner Beliefs and  Personal Values.

Self Discovery

You are continuing on a journey of self discovery initiated by a deep desire to attain a Positive State Of Mind. Which in turn is initiated by a Positive Thinking Attitude.

You are in charge of you. Being in charge of yourself means you will never be better than you allow yourself to be. This is an excellent time to consolidate your friendship with your Inner Voice. Or now establish that all important relationship if you have not already done so.

You are in the process of exploring your potential. While now is not the time to be bashful, a word of caution to oneself is wise. Self exploration should be executed with Humility. You must recognize how capable you are - this is crucial for self belief - however, others neither need, nor want, to be told.

Others notice how good another is at a given skill, whether or not they express their opinion.

Your genuine Positive Attitude will be noticed by intelligent eyes and ears. A demonstrated Can Do Attitude is way more impressive than mere talk.

Repetition of worthwhile actions is a key factor to earning the compound interest offered by developing this priceless asset that is the human Mind. Repetition molds habit. Regular self reviews, supported by reflection and contemplation, allows you to shape your new habits the way that suit you best.

We continue our journey on a familiar note.

Work Rest And Play

Work, rest, and play, are three mainstays of Human existence. Many people have diverse views on these subjects. Individually, we should get to know our self well enough to create a healthy balance that sustains a Healthy Attitude. Domiciled in a healthy State Of Mind.

Get this crucial balance right and you are constructing a sound foundation for maintaining a positive attitude. This can take a while, but is well worth the attentive effort.


Some Humans view work as drudgery. For others their occupation defines them. Sandwiched between these extremes exists a too large majority of people who are simply resigned to the perception that work is the means to survival.

One of the many Benefits a Positive State Of Mind provides, is the confidence to seek, and find, one’s M'etier. Making this animating discovery contributes immensely to delivering Autonomy and Self Fulfillment.


One of the pivotal elements in the development and maintenance of a Positive Attitude is something most of us would consider mundane. That element is adequate rest.

 A healthy state of mind is dependent on a healthy state of body. A healthy body depends on sound nutrition, adequate sleep, rest, and where possible, regular exercise.

Fatigue dissolves Enthusiasm.

Mind fitness can be maintained in the absence of physical mobility. But a nutritionally impoverished body will inevitably suffer an impoverished mind. An impoverished mind is of little use.

Duty Cycle

Rest means relief from demand. My electric welding machine has a Duty Cycle of 60%. In a ten minute period for instance, it can be used at full capacity for six minutes. Then it must be rested to cool down for four minutes. In the same manner, one’s mind must be refreshed.

Depending on what a Human is engaged in, a favored form of active recreation can be as refreshing as doing nothing.


Work comes first - however, play should be hot on work’s heels. Play is whatever refreshes and energizes the Spirit.

Being seriously introverted, this author doesn’t distinguish between much of his work and play. He considers anything intellectual to be recreational. Including any material manifestations resulting from intellectual activity.

All the same, he will never give up Sunday darts and beer with his seriously extroverted friend and neighbor. Nor relinquish riding his motorcycle in the countryside with his buddies. He also believes that variety is the spice of life.

Similarly, only you know what is play to you.


Maintaining a Positive Attitude should be done in the present moment. That simply means we are fully aware of our Thoughts and hence able to consider our intentions before we act.

Mindfulness is Conscious Awareness.

Mindfulness allows one to be consciously aware of our Thoughts and actions as we Think and execute action.

Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis tends to generate a mental state commonly known as living in the zone. A most exhilarating and productive place indeed, to live.


Meditation, via it’s intrinsic ability to retain, or restore, equanimity to one’s Inner Voice, is a standard constituent in maintaining a Positive State Of Mind. Mindfulness and mediation are related but serve different purposes.

Meditation Serves A Dual Purpose

Meditation allows one to contemplate in a - non-judgmental - focused manner. Contemplation can be used to clear your mind of all Thought. With experience and practice this method will produce a state of pure bliss.

Conversely, contemplation can be used to examine, in depth, any Thought or subject that takes your fancy. A crucial factor of successful execution of meditation is it must be non-judgmental. If one becomes critical, the process, hence purpose, is defeated.

Meditation can be utilized as the rest component of what you decide is your optimum Duty Cycle, as often as you wish.

Make Friends With Your Inner Voice

Commit to knowing your other self. Your Inner Voice is your other self, a seemingly infinite resource of inestimable value. Definitely make friends with this surprising wellspring of Wisdom, and conduit to the Storehouse Of Knowledge. Put him or her to work for you.

Doing so may or may not entail changing your perception of this wonderful resource.

Many folk see their inner voice merely as a hindrance. but when you are familiar with, and apply to productive ends, the influence your inner voice wields, you are laying another brick of a sound structure for maintaining a Positive Attitude.

Being on first name terms with your inner voice provides access to support and encouragement of a quality unavailable from any other source.

Auto Suggestion

Auto suggestion is a sound method by which to maintain a positive mental attitude. Particularly when used in conjunction with your Inner Voice. It is when communicating with your other self that Positive Affirmations can be used for definite beneficial returns.

Auto suggestion is also useful to redirect persistent negative Thoughts.

Visualize The Person You Wish To Be

Visualization is an impressive technique. Combined with ardent Desire and other principles available to the Human mind, it can be employed to imagine, and manifest, the future. It is no less powerful if one desires to develop habits and character traits he or she finds attractive and wishes to express.

Note the word develop, - Good - Habits and Character traits lay dormant within one’s psyche until activated. By you.

Activating Habit and Character in this fashion is part of educating oneself. The drawing out of the immensity of your mind.

Do Your Own Thinking

Reminiscent of Spunky Blonde and research, doing your own Thinking is not quite as common as one may expect. Again reminiscent of research, Thinking, in it’s most sincere form, is simple Truth seeking.

Possession of Truth offers the potential to enable one to analyze and solve problems. Competent Truth seeking, Problem solving, and maintaining a Positive Attitude are branches of the same tree.

Competent problem solvers have always been in high demand, and never more so than in modern times. Opportunity is knocking loud in every field of Human endeavor for pdThinkers.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is an essential element of the process of problem solving, and is indispensable when Truth seeking.

Comprehending, and demonstrating - via Positive Action - the fundamental nature of this approach to Life is the readily recognizable hallmark of a pdThinker, and places him or her prominently on the high demand plane mentioned above.

The most reliable route to this highly desirable state of affairs is to do your own Thinking.

Your Personal Attitude Determines Your Direction

Attitude is your demeanor to others in particular and to Life in general. How you approach and respond to others, and to every situation. There is no time like now to behave consistently - pleasant, approachable, Compassionate, Honest, and Empathetic.

Just like you always do.

With this attractive demeanor as Habit, maintaining a Positive Attitude becomes self sustaining and resilient. We have reached a Positive State Of Mind.

We gradually attain this Positive State Of Mind as we build and fine tune our Personal Attitude. The possibility of such a state of mind is a gift from Nature, and is a prerogative that is placed at the discretion of every Human Being on this Planet.

One More Thing

Last but not least - expressing genuine Gratitude for help received, from all sources, both Spiritual and Material, is Character building of the first order. One must be humble to express Gratitude. One must be Mentally Strong to express Humility. Mental Strength and Humility are essential elements of maintaining a Positive Attitude.

Effective Ways Of Maintaining A Positive Attitude Rock

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