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It's Not All In The Mind

Complex Condition

Healthy self esteem germinates in the Sound Relationship formed between a newborn and parents. His or her Mental World growing, and expanding, incrementally, as siblings, if any, and others, enter. Over time creating interactions and experiences unique to that individual.

If we are treated with respect from the earliest age healthy self esteem is placed on the soundest of footings

It is these early impressions on one's Mind that constructs our sense and perception of our Self Worth that remain with us. Unless, or, until, one Consciously and Purposely influences it.

  • If we are treated with respect from the earliest age
  • Given appropriate attention and discipline 
  • Valued as moral, independent, deserving, entities
  • Provided with unlimited scope to cultivate our potential in our own way
  • Being gently guided, supported, and encouraged, by wise mentors, without meddlesome interference


Healthy self esteem is placed on the soundest of footings.

If an individual is deprived of some, or all, of this early soul nourishing nurture, he or she is destined to mentally flounder, and struggle with a confusing sense of lack of importance and significance.

Leaving him or her wide open to any influence that will fill the void.

Nature And Nurture

In the same manner that we are genetically a product of Humanities collective past, what we have to work with now, in the present, are the effects of our environment since birth.

Whether beneficial, or adverse, these past effects on our psyche, must be taken into account when building high self esteem. We Humans far too often allow our self esteem to hinge on some attribute or other. When that attribute suffers a setback, as often happens, so too does our sense of Self Worth.

 Nevertheless, if an individual behaves immorally, his or her Conscience intervenes, and that individual's healthy self esteem can take a deserved hit. And stays off balance until he or she makes amends.

This condition you will recognize as the sensation of guilt. Guilt is what an emotionmally well adjusted Human suffers when one transgresses the bounds of decency. This is as it should be. Guilt is an indication that our attitude is in need of attention.

Healthy Self Esteem Builder

Genuinely high Self Esteem is knowing and believing that you are a worthy Human Being.

To build and sustain healthy self esteem positive moral thinking is not an option

This Knowledge and Belief is now manifest in, and confirmed by, your exemplary conduct.

You are worthy not because you are a wizard rocket scientist. You are both a wizard rocket scientist - and a worthy Human Being.

In order to build, and maintain healthy self esteem, Positive Moral Thinking is not an option. You are only as Good as your Mindset, so . . .

Consistent and coherent Positive moral reasoning is an essential component of one's healthy Thinking process. Forming the foundation stone of a Positive Mindset.

Every Thought we process, every action one takes, either bolsters or detracts from this Mindset.

As demanding as volatile Human Relationships can be, doing the right moral thing elevates one's self image in our own eyes. And in the eyes of wise observers. Consistently doing the right thing is the most effective of ways to boost one's self esteem. Even in the absence of immediate observers. However, it is not just even in the absence of immediate observers that is important.

It is . .

Especially, in the absence of immediate observers. We must be able to live, foremost, with ourselves.

Low Self Esteem Equates To Self Doubt

Low self esteem is a common problem, in every society on the Planet. A sad condition that can carry the burden of responsibility for much of Humanities woes. Avoidable, self inflicted woes.

When we arouse, and elevate, our innate Sense Of Value, of being Human, we automatically resolve the root cause of those woes. Easier said than done. Yet, to this end, we can all play an equal part. An individual of adequate Self Esteem ever seeks equitable resolution to every problem.

Low self esteem sufferers paradoxically seek solace in recrimination and vindictiveness.

If not established purposely in our formative years, each and every one of us, must bear the responsibility for restructuring our understanding, of what being Worthy, means. Widespread as this problem of low self esteem is, the only Self Esteem we have total direction over is our own.

Nevertheless, we can, and should, animate, and inspire, others, with kind encouraging words and deeds. Taking a genuine interest in them and what occupies their mind.

Helping others, when they are ready to help themselves, holds the power to change society. For the better.

Individual Decision

Ultimately, it is an individual decision how each of us view and respond to our environment. The perception one has at any given moment, depends entirely on an individual's knowledge, and understanding, of how this response influences his or her actions.

A person of adequate self esteem seeks an equitable solution to every problem

If an individual allows themself to suffer deficient self esteem, perverted reactions to their environment can cripple and devitalize their mind. Such reactions tend to undermine their ability to Think clearly, destroying his or her ability to innovate . . .

And freeze that individual in immobility.

Or conversely, it can initiate and perpetuate an abject cycle of obstruction. Often leading to violent mindless destructive rebellion.

Negative feelings originating in Negative Thought, are a source of wretched unhappiness that impact deeply and sharply on healthy Self Esteem, to the point where an individual's real Self Image is fully distorted.

Clarity Of  Mind

Conversely, by carefully cultivating and maintaining a positive self image, particularly in the face of opposition and obstacles, no matter the source, you will not only retain your clarity of Thought, your clarity of Thought will be enhanced.

Enhanced clarity of Thought manifests in equitable solutions to problems. Equitable solutions to problems bolsters self esteem. Establishing a desirable self sustaining cycle.

Clearly a magnificent demonstration of applied intelligence.

Priceless Pay-off

Any Human Being who comprehends, sustains, and maintains, an adequate sense of self worth lives a fulfilling life, and is an indispensable asset to a liberal, functional society. He or she is the essence of true freedom.

This heightened perception of responsibility is inherent in the understanding and practicing of worthiness.

When the practice of Worthiness is accompanied by a working knowledge of the Principles of Personal Development, and adopted by the majority of citizens in a Nation, it eliminates the need for authoritarian rule. Not only does it eliminate the need to micro manage others lives, it eliminates the opportunity for any would be tyrant or despot to secure power.

By any means.

Liberated Minds snuff nefarious opportunity out, like a candle in the wind. It simply does not exist.  Liberated Minds attain a non-violent, righteous ascendancy of true freedom. From the unbeatable combination of a healthy self esteem and the precision force of moral Thinking.

Healthy Self Esteem Rocks!

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