The Relationship Between
Natural Law And Human Nature

Natural Law And Human Nature

The relationship between Natural Law and Human Nature is the same as between Natural Law and any other element in the Universe.

Natural Law is the Phenomenon that permeates and Governs the Universe and everything the Universe contains, including the Human Brain.

We readily accept the laws of nature in the context of physics but not so human behavior

Albert Einstein's conclusive Theory of Relativity states that E=Mc2.

Meaning Energy, and Matter, are interchangeable. Or in other words, one and the same.

Energy and Matter respond to Natural Law regardless of the guise they may present. This includes Thought, the software that prescribes Human action.

Thought is Energy.

While one ungrudgingly accepts the Laws of Nature in the context of Physics, it seems to be more difficult to comprehend that Natural Law applies as equally to Human Behavior as it does to the physical Universe.

Approached and analyzed by myriad Thinking Minds since the advent of civilization, this sorry perennial problem of not understanding ourselves, is still very much with us today.


Whenever the subject of Civil Law arises in conversation, it tends to be a tad off-putting, even in a Democracy. Bringing back bad memories of aggressive highway patrolmen, or inept Laws that are oppressive. There's a law against this or that, we complain.

Nobody likes to be told what to do.

However, apart from inadequate measures to keep riff-raff in line, all well designed laws help us to navigate that space we call Life.

In a soundly administered Democracy we can generally rely on Good Civil Laws to guide us in most of our dealings.

Rule of Law

All Human Society is based on the Rule of Law. For Society to function even adequately, let alone optimally, Laws are a prerequisite.

Getting Human made Law just right is not a job for the weak minded

The more equitable a Nation's Rule of Law, the more articulate, and civilized, commercial and social intercourse amongst it's population, and beyond, will be.

When a Nation of individual entities collectively comprehend, accept, reciprocally respect - and of utmost significance - willingly and purposely apply equitable Law, Harmony, and Confidence, will prevail throughout the Land.

Integrated into the substantial wake created by Harmony and Confidence, flows Prosperity and Peace.

Attaining this desirable state of affairs takes an intimate understanding of the underlying Natural Law and Human nature pertaining to sober, vigilant, Human designed legislation.

Getting Human Made Legislation just right, is not a job for the weak of mind or faint of heart.

Neither is Law making a vocation for the selfishly ambitious with an icky Desire to subjugate their fellows. History informs us these muddled Thinking types will for sure create conditions ripe for rebellion. And, uh, so does the present.

The deeper, and the broader, the comprehension of Natural Law, and Human nature, held by society's Legislators and Citizenry, the more intelligent the legislation that can be enacted.

Leading to a more advanced Society and expanded individual freedom

An advanced Society and expanded individual freedom, is every person's prerogative and it is a product obtained by exercising Personal responsibility in conjunction with fair and equitable Law.

Mirror Reflection

The Society we live in and the Legislation we are compelled to respect is an indication of our general comprehension, and acceptance, of both Natural and Human made Law.

It is a joyless reflection of our - currently poor - depth of comprehension, of Natural Law and Human nature that much of Human legislation is targeted at curtailing, with the vain hope of preventing corrupt, greedy, and disingenuous activity from permeating Society.

Even in so called first world Nations.

A lack of understanding does not mean that an individual is corrupt. Nevertheless, all corrupt Humans are demonstrating their ignorance of Natural Law, and the vast potential of Human nature.

It is our folly that we accept such ignorant behavior in our midst as 'normal'

Just Society

In a just society Human made Law is dependent on the spirit of that law being upheld for it to be effective.

The willingness to uphold the spirit of law comes from within the individual

The willingness to uphold this spirit comes from within an individual. Willingness to cooperate is derived from that individual's recognition of the soundness of the Human enacted Law.

Recognition is based on one's understanding of the associated Natural Law.

If that understanding is limited, or nonexistent, an offense prone individual will habitually and consistently transgress Human enacted law.

He, or she, will repeat this pattern of behavior until the cause, and effect, of such behavior is understood by that individual. This too, is Natural Law, in action.

Inflicting increasingly draconian punitive measures merely exacerbates an already untenable situation.

In an unjust society an individual will merely blindly obey bad laws to avoid further punitive measures, from both ignorance and fear of repercussions.

Neither scenario is acceptable within a Society that is seeking to enlighten and advance itself. Where, with an adequate working knowledge of Natural Law and Human nature, individuals can obtain the object of their Desire without disadvantaging another.

On the contrary - by obtaining our objectives - we benefit all

 Heart And Soul

Purposeful interaction between Natural Law, and Human nature, constitutes the heart and soul of Personal Development. Otherwise known as Mind expansion.

Practicing Personal Development encourages and enables an individual to gain, over time, an intimate, profound understanding and appreciation of Nature and Her immutable, inexorable system of Law.

A deep understanding and appreciation of Natural Law supercharges your Mind

Natural Law is identifiable by the actuality that when a phenomenon occurs ad infinitum, and cannot be falsified, we can pin it down and identify it with a label.

All Humans - well most Humans - accept that if someone steps off a cliff, he or she continues falling until they slam into an object that prevents further movement. Usually the ground.

This doesn't happen at random or sporadically, it happens every time someone missteps over the edge.

Isaac Newton labeled this phenomenon the First Law of Motion, also recognized as the law of Inertia, caused by the attractive power of the Fundamental Force of Gravity.

Reliably Repeatable

Natural laws are phenomena that are reliably repeatable. Natural Law and Human nature are as inextricably entwined as Natural Law and the Forces of the Universe. Nevertheless the interactive consequences are not always as immediate as stepping off a cliff.

We come to understand ourselves

Human Beings seeming inability to appreciate this lack of immediacy is, too, our folly.

By focusing our attention on this relationship between Natural Law and Human nature, we can reach an acute understanding of ourselves, and by extension, others.

Understanding self positions an individual in a splendid place to participate in the flow of Prosperity and Peace mentioned above.

A flow of Peace and Prosperity achieved by willingly contributing to the construction of a rock solid backbone of equitable Human made Law. Solidly anchored in a sound understanding of Natural Law and Human nature.

  Natural law and Human Nature Rocks!

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