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 About pdThinker and You and Me

As the title of this Website indicates, an inquiry into Thought is the predominate subject. Everything else in Life, despite its importance, is subservient to Thought. Analyze the actions of another Human and it is possible to decipher and evaluate the Thoughts employed to plan and execute that action.


pdThinker.com is about the Power of Thought and how Thought is the defining factor of the Reality we experience.

Good or evil. Success or failure. Our Thinking initiates, directs, and underpins every action.

Some folk make succeeding look like an easy task. These Human Beings are resilient Minds that investigate and employ Natural Law, in a Positive, competent manner.

Success oriented individuals are prepared to pay the price, in effort, that Nature demands to understand and execute Her Law. It is their Positive Attitude towards Reality that allows them to seek, and find, paths to success that do not exist for negative, or indeed neutral, Minds.

Whether a problem is simple or complex matters not

Exalted Position

We Humans occupy an exalted position on this Planet, and perhaps, in the Universe. We are privileged to be privy to the inner most secrets of Nature. Nevertheless, as a species, in our ignorance of the limitless potential for Good, this exalted position offers us, we abuse Her Laws in tragic attempts to force our way. The consequences of this myopic approach to Life is the Reality of the chaotic condition the World is in, that we are experiencing in the present.

The realization, appreciation, and acceptance, that this current State Of Reality is caused by Humanities collective misunderstanding of how the Human Mind functions, is the launching pad that allows us, as an individual, and as a species, to change. For the better.

Awareness Is Increasing

This author has noted with more than some delight that many young people in the modern era possess insightful approaches to problem solving, emanating from critical investigation of our forebears Thoughtless behavior. Bluntly exposing and isolating the paucity of discernment amongst previous generations.

They recognize that behavior is of equal priority with technical and artistic achievement, if we Humans are to construct Cohesive Societies. Cohesive Society is composed of well balanced individuals purposely pursuing Mind Expansion. Each functioning in a benign environment of Sound Relationships.

It is these vibrant young Minds, building on the gains of the relatively few deep Thinkers who have led Humanity out of the darkness of ignorance, that will spell the death-knell to the icky activities of depraved entities, who, with their restricted Brains, narrow Minds, and big guns, are controlling the lives of intelligent people who possess a repressed Desire to live in Peace, but have no comprehension as to how to go about achieving Freedom.

Freedom emanates from crystal clear Thinking. Crystal clear Thinking emanates from a Mind that is in charge of itself. A Mind that is in charge of itself, is the Mind that purposely chooses the Thoughts that it allows to predominate.

Hence the abiding exhortation by this author to take charge of your Thoughts

Life Is A Physical And Spiritual Journey Of Discovery

As an individual Human Being it is your privilege to take charge of this journey and create an itinerary that reflects, and synchronizes, your heartfelt Desires, Skills and Abilities. You do this via your Mind, executing Natural Law via the Power of Thought.

Know the rules and the game becomes fun to play

We are playing the game of Life. Games have rules. Know the rules and the game is fun to play.

One's knowledge of the rules of this game of Life, expressed by our response to situations, is on display as obviously, as the clothes we are wearing, can be readily recognized.

Time is an intrinsic element of understanding and assimilating the rules of Life to the point where they become habitual. Quick fixes and short cuts are non existent.

pdThinker.com shares the traditional Eastern philosophical approach to living. So true is it, - Events take time - It takes time to boil water. It takes time to fly to the Moon. For Sunlight to reach Earth. It takes time to make permanent improvements to one's Mind.

 Your Brain And Your Mind

Your Brain delights in being exercised. Its ultimate objective is to attain your predominant Desires. Your Brain interprets passionate, repetitive, heartfelt Desires as calls for action. Your Mind immediately begins to act on the strongest, most intense feelings. It is your prerogative to decide what Thoughts you entertain are pertinent, and then direct appropriate action.

Your Mind and Brain are constructed to comprehend and communicate with Nature. However, paradoxically, an individual must proactively instruct, and direct, this compound Powerhouse.

Allow and encourage your Mind to comprehend Nature, by deciding that understanding Her is your priority. Listen to Nature, She will welcome your attention. Listening to Nature is gained via Reflection.

In the spirit of an insightful observation that happened to be the Maxim of a menswear outlet from his boyhood - No-one ever regretted buying quality - this author firmly believes no-one ever regretted working hand in hand with Nature.

It is with this insightful observation guiding his Thinking, in conjunction with the fact that one can never predict what event, or events, will trigger an aha moment, that he confides major experiences that influenced the direction he took in Life.

One Never Knows What Will Trigger An Aha Moment

The understandable requirement of a Website having an about page presented a unique opportunity to this deeply introverted author who loves people, yet feels quite uncomfortable being the center of attention for more than a moment or two.

Aha Moment

The solution to this quandary was to write an about page that calls attention to fundamentals that lead to proficient Mind Expansion.

This then could be used as a a reference to correlate your personal comprehension of how an individual can acquire and build competency by following a path of learning that recognizes and understands the elements that not merely underpin, but imperatively substantiate, and influence, all genuine Educational endeavors.

Deep Education is composed of aha moments. One never knows what will trigger a crystal clear moment of lucidity. A seemingly insignificant event can often be the catalyst to comprehending the significant.

It is in a modest, yet determined, spirit of sustaining and maintaining a profound Desire to Know, that this about pdThinker, and you, and me, page, is presented.

Food For Thought

Following the careful consideration of the inherent demands of Personal Development, the commonsense benefits of vicarious experience, and the relevance of his own Life experiences to the theme of this Website, this author has revealed a little about those experiences.

It is my earnest Desire that you will find this whirlwind tour of my inclinations, and pertinent crossroads, leading to the birth of pdThinker.com, to be of some use to you.

This page too, is intended to provide nourishment, for Thought, on the path to understanding life. You may see yourself reflected in these words, somewhere along the way.

This is the road I traveled - - -

While this story is ostensibly about me and my journey to comprehending Nature and the Human Spirit, and the path leading to the existence of pdThinker.com, you may sense some situations as hauntingly familiar.

It is also about you Human Beings share much in common

The Search Begins

As a naive child when I initiated my search for Spiritual Enlightenment, I did not appreciate that that was what I was searching for. I simply had a deep, abiding feeling, that there was a lot more to the Human Mind than was immediately obvious.

Every living creature on this planet aspires to a long, healthy, contented, fulfilled life. How we Humans attain that, depends entirely on our Mindset. Left to run amok, our Minds take us in the direction our Thoughts are aimed. Most folk would cheerfully agree that, to some degree, discovering the Self Discipline, to intentionally influence this direction, is Humanities greatest challenge.

The overarching message this author Desires to convey by relating Life events on this page is to highlight the irrefutable fact that Nature, Nurture, and Environment, play equal influential roles in one's journey through time.

This page is intended to be read from the viewpoint of providing examples related to the content material of this Website. I am your Guinea Pig

These events are not imagined. They actually happened. In the process of retelling, we touch on the deeper reaches of Spiritual Intelligence, indicating how Humans are vitally dependent on each other, and our environment, extending dependence to the Universe per se. Spiritual, in the context of Mind Expansion, simply means Non Physical or Mental.

It is helpful to remember that achieving, anything, takes a certain amount of time and effort. Things can and will go awry. Obstacles are par for the course. Our response to obstacles will determine whether or not we succeed. 

In effect we are serving an apprenticeship. Time and effort must be invested in learning and understanding.

conclusively, this page is about Thought and the role Thinking plays in everything we do

Country Boy

Raised on a mixed farm on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, that was also home to fifteen hundred White Leghorn laying Hens, I shared my Life with Animals.


With around twenty odd cream producing Hereford Cows, two house Cows, several Horses, including race Horses, two Dogs, a number of wool Sheep, and a couple of Muscovy Ducks, all to be taken care of, I had an early, and excellent, introduction to working closely with Nature.

I found myself being immersed in a huge world of absolute fascination, where one learns that Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. And that Truth is all that matters.

I learned suitably early in Life that if one Desires something to work effectively, then one simply works closely with Nature and obeys Her immutable Law.

Close Friends

Two of my most inseparable friends, and allies, were my Horse and Dog. Where I went, my four footed friends went.

Best of friends

Adventure became the name of the game. We shared the excitement of exploring our World and doing things, together. A truly wonderful experience to share with other species. An experience I still consider as a privilege.

Whilst we always had more than adequate Human contact, living in one's imagination was my status quo.

Imagination grows and expands relative to one's Thinking ability. One's Imagination is an asset of irreplaceable value.

During those early years of interplay, a customary imaginative scenario was being my Comic Book hero, the Phantom.

A team of three, working together to save the World, from the bad guys. A dream that every Good guy dreams.

No Nonsense Responsibilities

Around the age of seven I was introduced to serious responsibility. Becoming responsible for the coal fired range in the kitchen and the open fireplace in the sitting room, the modern day lounge room.

This involved finding and cutting kindling and firewood on a daily basis. Trees trembled when I approached with my axe and chainsaw, a machine my Father had no idea I had borrowed.

Fortunately for the trees, my young Mind was grasping the absolute value of the common for the time axiom, Waste Not Want Not. There was adequate dead wood within reach to render destroying living trees unnecessary. With the added benefit of tidying the landscape.

Following this waste not want not policy, I learned that Pine Cones, readily found at the foot of pine trees, burned fiercer, and provided more heat, for longer, than any other combustible matter. Pine cones became a staple in my inventory, and a source of pocket money, when in surplus.


Next to our dwelling, near the kitchen door, stood a concrete box capable of containing two ton of coal.

A monthly delivery of coal would arrive. It was my responsibility to break it up, with a sledge hammer, and shovel it into the concrete box where it would stay dry. The coal could then be easily accessed via a smallish opening, near the kitchen door.

Whilst completing my fuel management system, it did not complete my boyhood Responsibilities.

My Dog and Horse needed to be nourished, washed, and groomed. My Father's large, one thousand plus square meter, vegetable garden, had to be kept free of weeds, watered, and organically fertilized, using by-products generated by the activities of Farming.

Inside our dwelling, I shared kitchen duties with my elder sister.

Responsibilities were part of making our existence a series of enjoyable experiences. And while this author stuffed up on occasions, he will forever be grateful for the Work Ethic he accepted as normal, and that permitted him to contribute to the greater cause of Family Harmony.

This understanding proved invaluable towards building a Healthy Attitude. My responsibilities were about to increase.

Change is life's companion

By the time I had reached the age of nine the White Leghorns and the Hereford cows were gone, replaced by two milking cows and two dozen hens, but I could not figure out why. Bad economics probably. A business out the door, just like that.

In addition to my rapidly developing skills as a fuel manager, weeder, friend carer, and keen kitchen hand, I found I was responsible for milking the Cows, and looking after the Hens. A twice daily event.

Before walking two miles to, ostensibly, school each day I started out by finding the Cows in company with my Dog. Only one was in milk at one time, the other usually being pregnant, herd the milker into the bail and hand milk her. Five minutes produced in excess of a gallon of warm frothy vivid white liquid.

After delivering the milk to the house the Hens were fed with wheat, mash and table scraps, and allowed to free range forage.

I made friends with these animals and birds, we worked together in Harmony. It was not long before, morning and evening, the milking Cow and her companion would be be waiting near the house, and allowed me to milk her on the spot.

The laying Hens would fuss for my attention at breakfast, and greet me again as the sun bid farewell in the evening. Cackling and leaping into the air, barely supported by their clipped wings, which prevented them from flying. Willingly following me inside their hen-house to be bedded down for the night. After collecting their eggs, with a quiet thank you, I would leave them to roost.

Burgeoning Career

As I proved myself adept at executing these duties, more were added. As well as mucking out the hen house, I was privileged to muck out the race Horse stables, conserving the muck to mature, for use in the vegetable garden.

 Horses were my Father's passion. We shared a common love of animals, but my passion was mechanics, in particular, at that time, go carts and motorcycles. Regardless, I was drafted as his assistant general, replacing bedding, washing, grooming, and feeding his horses.

Other tasks included holding these magnificent creatures with a 50 million year history, while he forged and fitted metal shoes.

Around this period he considered me the perfect candidate for trimming hedges and mowing lawns.To a young mechanical Mind, a petrol powered lawnmower was another World.

In my spare time I fashioned a workshop in one of the abandoned fowl sheds, a haven where I could safely store my rapidly growing collection of treasured tools, and indulge and nurture an intense interest in things mechanical. And reflect on the profound potential of the Human Mind.

Natural Law And Learning

Natural Law caught and held my attention at an early age. Immediately winning me over as a ardent fan. Here was the source, and resource, to solving every problem a Human Being had the intense Desire to solve. Learning beckoned enticingly. Yet a disturbing shock awaited me.

Schooling in my day did not seem to share this fervor.  Not being suited to the rigid formality of the classroom of the era, where punishment was considered encouragement, I felt totally lost.

Arrant punishment did indeed encourage me, not to capitulate and conform, or rebel, but to question and inquire, on my own terms, what Reality actually is, as in, what the hell is going on here? An intolerable problem was demanding a solution. The answer was simple.

Nature Rules

At that same early period I eschewed school and became my own teacher.

School and bad tempered instructors offered little attraction. Nevertheless, from that day, learning and acquiring knowledge, has always remained my highest priority.

Mother Nature, and Her indefeasible Law, became my classroom, She was a willing teacher and I a most willing student. We got along splendidly. My Desire to learn came alive under Her impartial tutelage. A Desire that has never slackened or abated.

Supernatural And Superstitious

Deep Thinking Humans, oriented towards a practical, no nonsense What Is is what matters perception of the Universe, have always attracted me. Although today, I have a library full of these Deep Thinkers, they were not exactly readily accessible household names when I was a youngster.

Initially, with my limited understanding, and knowledge, it was easy to be drawn towards the supernatural and superstitious. These Mind debilitating concepts, eagerly embraced by many folk, offered little in the way of Intellectual Satisfaction, and absolutely nothing in the way of Self Reliance, and useful Education.

These doctrines, composed of supernatural, and superstitious, Beliefs, offered the opposite.

Instead of delivering Enlightenment, they demanded relinquishment of my Will, and adoption of theirs. Investigation into various branches of these beliefs left me quite discontented, but determined to find what is termed Truth. Otherwise known as Natural Reality.

Like Thomas Edison with his light-bulb, I was discovering numerous ways of how things don't work. Without entering a formal classroom, my education was well under way. Knowing what does not work is valuable knowledge when searching for the real thing, of any description.

It seemed to me during that intense, deep, soul searching period, that the only alternative to the captivating promises of secret societies, advertising in respected journals of the day, was mainstream religion. I have the greatest respect for bona fide religions, but they did not offer the freedom of Mind and Spirit I was seeking . . .

There had to be something else - and there was

The Real Thing

When I eventually found the real thing, it happened in the most delightfully unexpected manner, and at that moment of discovery I experienced a startling insight. By possessing an understanding of wrong, I could effortlessly, and immediately, recognize right.

I had learned how to discern. Discernment, intrinsic to understanding, is perhaps one of the greatest and most useful skills a Human Being can develop. 

It all came together one day around my sixteenth year when I was given a radio. It did not work. This was way back when transistor radios had barely made their expensive debut, so any radio, working or not was a welcome, valuable gift.

A little trouble shooting, a new valve, and connection to an external antenna and “my” radio burst into squawky life. Without twisting the dial, I found myself listening to the dulcet voice of Earl Nightingale (1921 – 1989). Earl was a widely syndicated radio motivational speaker, heard in many Countries.

He made so much sense to me I felt like Columbus must have felt when he finally discovered the New World that Intelligent Minds of his period insisted existed. I was enraptured.

Earl Nightingale introduced me to the fact that our Mind can be purposely expanded. Humans become what we Think about.

This insight provided a solid foundation on which to construct a reliable, useful, Philosophy of problem solving. Setting me soundly on the path of Personal Development.

Missing Link – And More

Here was the missing link I had been searching for. But as exciting and encouraging as this cognitive discovery was, and is, an infinitely more exhilarating, and potent adjunct to the positive influence an individual can wield over his or her self, was enduringly expecting to be recognized.

Something that, in conjunction with a comprehensive familiarity with Natural Law, makes the most valuable article of knowledge a Human Being can possess

Without being quite able at that early period of purposeful Mind Expansion, to articulate what I had set about searching for, this invaluable article of knowledge was it. But I was not ready for, had not yet paid the price, for access to -

- The Ultimate Secret Of The Mind -

The reason being . . .

My education had only just begun

On My Own

This author is sorry to say that all those years ago, there was little support to be found beyond the radio, and books, for the Mind Expanding nourishment of the style offered by Earl Nightingale. It seemed the topic did not exist in the World of my contemporaries.

I contained my bitter a disappointment as contemporaries parried my newfound Wisdom with their own favored version of superstition.

The only person who can change your mind is you

However, my ability to discern came to my aid and I could see both sides of the argument. It taught me a valuable insight into the functioning of the Human Mind.

I was learning another major life lesson . . . 

The only person who can change your Mind, is you.

Even though I had grasped the deep significance of this insight, it took some time for the aha moment to arrive, where I truly understood the implications it held for Sound Relationships. Or otherwise.

This Mind change insight now forms a pivotal plank in this author's approach to Communication.

A fact that will jump off the page if you are familiar with pdThinker.com.

Faced with friendly, but determined, opposition and no-one to share my enthusiasm for Mind Expansion, I reluctantly allowed the subject to acquiesce.

Conformity Strikes

In my youthful naivety, akin to the Frog in the pot of hot water, being gradually cooked, I was unwittingly conforming to homogeneous societies demands. The later realization of this, too, was to become another valuable life lesson.

Conforming blindly extended to allowing my Father to choose an occupation for me. “Being an electrician is a fine way for a man to earn a living”. He told me. Believing, quite correctly, that Sparkies would always be in demand.

With my best interests at heart, but with no input from me, he went ahead and arranged an interview for that rare occurrence in our small town, a job opening. An interview that held no appeal to me.

At my Father's behest I sat a written examination, and not being devious enough to flunk it, I passed it with flying colors, finding myself in the employ of the NZ Government as a freshly minted Junior Telephone Linesman.

Not the electrician my Father envisaged, but, something that achieved the same end, that is, a “secure” job. On the plus side, the range of disciplines I was about to experience was quite breathtaking.

Suppressing the faint inner voice that reminded me this was not what I wanted to do, helped along by recalling words of wisdom from Earl, I applied myself willingly and diligently, to my new occupation, developing useful skills.

But my heart and soul remained in my mechanical workshop in the abandoned fowl-shed

Running With The Crowd

A vivacious social life beckoned and this author responded in kind. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, was my mantra. The euphoria of youth unleashed, was exhilarating, tempered only by an enduring sense of disquiet.

That sense of disquiet emanated from a vague awareness that I had put aside my search for Spiritual Enlightenment and Mind Expansion, in favor of running with the crowd. It was not a Conscious Decision, and years later, reflection provided yet another insight into raw Human behavior, vindicating Earl Nightingale, and others who understood that you become what you Think. Consciously or otherwise.

Expanding one's Mind sets you apart from the crowd. It takes courage to make a Conscious Decision to follow through and purposely stay on the path leading to Enlightenment, with or without support, no matter what.

Is it worth it? Emphatically, Yes!

More lessons were to be learned before this sank in and I regained my footing on the path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

 Here We Come

With Mary Hopkins singing Those Were The Days My Friend, in the background, ambitious plans were made to travel the World. Although the sense of disquiet was ever present, Mind Expansion found itself on the back burner.


Landing in Australia, finding a great job in a traditionally minded Company that paid me to travel the country and overseas, meeting many wonderful people, provided balm for the disquiet.

Even though this seemed to be the perfect occupation, I was part of a carefree group of friends who sought adventure, and plans were made for further travel together. This time London was in our sights.

However - -

Fate intervened and I conformed once again to the expectations of others.

Fate Offers A Choice

Falling in love with a beautiful woman who spoke passionately about establishing a truly independent, sustainable lifestyle on a rural block of land totally seduced me. The engineer in me immediately saw the possibilities in such a lifestyle, and the solutions to obvious, and not so obvious obstacles. The mechanic, the myriad ways of implementing those solutions.

Inspired by this vision which held the promise of not only helping ourselves, but also helping broader Humanity by developing environmentally friendly systems that could be replicated by others, the desire to travel rapidly faded.

We waved our friends goodbye at the airport, got married, and purchased a rural acreage on the outskirts of Sydney. Rolling up my sleeves in anticipation of the joys of problem solving, I had no inkling of the rude awakening awaiting me.

I was about to learn the hard way, that successful Relationships are reciprocal. The Desire to reach Equitable outcomes by all parties involved, must not only be evident, but it must be of the highest priority. And act accordingly.

This did not happen.

After a tumultuous seven year marriage, where few of the Prosperity Principles espoused in the philosophy of Personal Development were followed, predictably ended in divorce, I licked my wounds and set about restructuring my life.

These principles exist on a razor edge of Goodwill, and Understanding. All parties involved in any transaction must appreciate this fact, for that transaction to truly succeed.

The details of this all too common tragedy are merely of titillating interest. The cause and the prevention, of such tragedies, can be found in the above two sentences.

Now is an appropriate time to recall that Nature Rules

No Regrets

Not believing in regrets, feeling sorry for myself was a time wasting option not about to be indulged. That did not mean that I was emotionally intact, far from it. I was devastated.

Brush Turkey

Everything we had achieved evaporated. A few miserable dollars shared from the sale of assets no compensation for the needless trauma and destruction we had wrought within our own World.

The ramifications of a collapse of such a relationship are manifestly wide ranging and supply adequate subject material to build a Website.

The trauma imposed on innocent parties such as Children is an ill-considered and intolerable by-product. At the top of the list of fallout. Despite what should have been a pivotal point to enable recovery and stabilize our relationship, this author was compelled to accept defeat. For the simple reason, we could not Cooperate.

Even in defeat, my knowledge of Natural Law indicated there was an upside to the disastrous consequences of our incompetency.

Considering the absence of a reciprocative Desire to resolve and rebuild our situation, I took a cue from gifted Songwriters and Artists who transmute personal upheaval and trauma into creative, and memorable, works of art.

I would use this reckless experience to stimulate and nurture, the Desire to fathom why such disasters come about. pdThinker.com is the consequence of that Desire to know.

Not suffering Alone

Coincidental to my downhill trajectory, the remarkable old company that had treated me so well, was in terminal decline. Reminiscent in many respects of an East India Company of a not too earlier period, and the largest of her type in the Southern Hemisphere at that time, she was being battered to death by the winds of change, and proved to be quite incapable of responding effectively.

Studying this decline, I was fascinated how closely it resembled mine. The parallel of failure between individuals and gigantic corporations is, to say the least, striking

The Field Engineering Division I had considered to be home for more than thirteen years, was abruptly shut down. Every member involved in our engineering division was offered a choice of positions in other remaining departments. But being no substitute for the type of work we were engaged in, and recalling allowing my Father to arrange my first job, I politely declined and resigned. Preferring to seek my own fortune.

This was during a devastating economic downturn, laying waste to Human dreams. And lives. Employment was scarce, interest rates peaking at 17%.

Disparately feeling serene, my faint inner voice was growing stronger, igniting anew my early ardor in pursuing knowledge of the Human Mind.

I reinforced my vow to Understand where and why I had gone wrong and what could be done to prevent it's repetition. Never again would I stray from the way of Spiritual Enlightenment. 

Analyzing my recent marriage disintegration, in the context of the big picture, provided acute awareness that I was not alone in experiencing the destructive forces that I had permitted to bring me undone. There was much evidence others were being buffeted and mauled by these forces. From a deteriorating economy, to divorcing film stars, to incohesive political parties at each other's throat. World wide.

Why so much turmoil?  So much anguish?

The more I studied Nature and the Human Mind the clearer the answer became

Seek And You Shall Find

A two month respite performing odd jobs for beer money, and engaging in much reflection to settle my Mind, served to rebuild my battered confidence.

Ready to face the World again on my own terms, a newspaper advertisement possessing the persuasive power to lure me to the other side of the city, found me witnessing an equally persuasive demonstration of an American domestic appliance that retailed for twice the price of it's nearest competitor.

The appliance company was seeking to employ commission sales people. Getting paid only if you produce was a truly appealing challenge.

Impressed with the quality and sheer usefulness of the machine in front of me, I decided, on the spot, to join the ranks of one of the world's most important professions, Sales.

 Silently uttering those immortal words of the uninitiated salesperson, “This'll sell itself,” I set about my new career in direct sales with vim and vigor. Three weeks later however, that bold statement was modified to “Maybe it won't sell itself."

Engineering is second nature to me. Sales, I belatedly comprehended, was just as genuine a Discipline as any other field of activity, including Personal Development. Time and effort must be applied to learning, and practicing, the necessary skills, that enable one to succeed within that field of activity.

Learning Anew

Although the appliance company provided sales training, it was ad hoc, and inadequate for a greenhorn to use as a basis for a sound education. Looking further afield I discovered Tom Hopkins, a master salesman possessing the gift to make the complex readily understood.

Listening to his audio tapes every traveling moment, reading his book every resting moment, reflecting diligently on what he espoused, produced my first sale and a new friend, in exactly three weeks. With that first sale came the insight that Selling responded to Natural Law, just as surely, and effectively, as does Mind Expansion, Engineering, Sport, and everything else a Human Being engages in.

The foregoing insight formed the foundation stone upon which I could confidently ground my search for Truth. Learn, and Comprehend, Natural Law, as it applies to a given situation and you will discover Truth. In that situation. This insight has never let me down.


Tom Hopkins opened my Mind wide to the vibrant World of Selling. Selling is the lifeblood flowing in the arteries of every Nation's Economy.

Tom also vicariously introduced me to other players, in the likewise vibrant World, of Personal Development. It is no coincident that top performing sales professionals practice Mind Expansion.

Armed with the confidence of knowing I was learning to do things the right way, significantly bolstered by the response of happy customers, I was caught up in the addictive excitement of mounting sales figures.

Positively influenced by Earl Nightingale and Tom Hopkins, beginning to really conceptualize what Mind Expansion truly meant, I enthusiastically sought out motivational authors, who, through a simple lack of Awareness were previously hidden from me.

With the mental lights gradually brightening I found a rich lode of insightful lore in the form of books. Initially at libraries, a good source for out of print material, but preferring to have my own copy as a ready reference, I made a point of purchasing pertinent books wherever it was possible.

As my selling expertise improved, opportunities to attend Sales, and Motivational Seminars, presented themselves. Sometimes described as overpriced, usually by those who have never attended one, seminars too, proved to be an invaluable source of inspiration.

The stage presence alone, of some of these speaking greats eliciting an immediate sense of capability in the Mind of the listener. Books and Tape recordings being available for purchase at the event to maintain the momentum, if one knew how to do just that. 

Developing the ability to maintain momentum is a major purpose of pdThinker.com

Heroes And Mentors

My education was advancing at a rapid clip. I felt I was learning the important stuff, but outside the field of Sales few shared my elan for Mind Expansion, as though it did not exist.

Feeling alone but not lonely, these folk were well meaning Humans who were not on the path of Spiritual Enlightenment, I ratcheted up my learning curve several notches and embraced Philosophy.

Conformity would never catch me unawares ever again

Exploring the gamut of the Human Condition, valiantly attempting to understand and explain the complex ways we behave, and the reasons why, Philosophy is often considered esoteric.

In the sense that some philosophers have arrived at theories that are more complex than the situation they are supposedly explaining, this is a well deserved perception.

Other Philosophers hit the nail squarely on the head. The aha moment arrives with delightful intensity. These Thinkers understand the integral role Nature, and Nurture, play in our lives.

The avenues leading to knowledge and aha moments that Intelligent Minds have both sought and promoted down the ages were, and still are, of the Practical and Useful. All Practical and Useful discoveries are of enduring benefit to we Humans, and this remains the message that holds my rapt attention today.

Deepening Understanding

Gravitating toward the most practical oriented authors who, advocating the same message in different ways, my understanding of what they were saying deepened substantially.

This deeper understanding in turn helped me recognize who, among the myriad Philosophers, had - or indeed has - a true grasp of how our Mind functions. A subject that now has the avid attention of Science.

Science and Philosophy have much in common - the early Philosophers indistinguishable from the early Scientists - sharing a fervent desire to uncover Truth. Wherever intelligent attention was focused.

While both Disciplines have forked and specialized, Philosophy and Science should be seen as one entity with a common goal. That goal being the search for Truth.

Truth seeking Philosophers, and Scientists, in close association with my choice of Motivational Authors, became my heroes and mentors.

Never again would my Mind suffer from malnutrition

Selling – An Integral Part Of Life

Selling played a pivotal role in my informal education. Australia was steadily becoming Multicultural. Meeting and interacting with people from all over the World, in a sales oriented environment in their respective homes, is an experience I cherish. Particularly for the reason that it offered a learning climate par excellent.

I discovered first-hand that Nationality has nothing to do with being Human. That differences between Race rests solely in our Cultures and Beliefs. That these differences are a source of Knowledge and Creativity as deep and as endless as the Universe itself, and the anguish and trauma we suffer is visited upon us because we fail to recognize that when we inflict damage on others, via our perceptions and then actions, we are damaging ourselves.

Get this right and life takes on an uplifting smoothness

Personal Development goes the extra mile in alleviating suffering caused by ignorance.

Akin to the relationship between Science and Philosophy, a non manipulative selling policy and Personal Development, also have much in common.

Both these Disciplines satisfy a deep seated requirement, existing in the bosom of every Human Being.

We all harbor a legitimate Desire to improve our Life Skills. And Brain Power. In addition we are all salespeople. Even if the only thing we sell, is ourselves, our livelihoods all depend on selling to each other.

A Practical Lesson garnered from selling, that remains within reach and reflected upon often, is the fact that the worst recession in living memory did not prevent folk, of all Nationalities, from purchasing a quality, value for money product that they recognized they had a need for.

Understanding and accepting, each other, is paramount to thriving as fulfilled Human Beings.

Get this right and life takes on an uplifting smoothness

Time For A Break

Following several years of direct selling, it was time for a change of occupation. I duly initiated this change by deciding to fulfill a long held Desire I had harbored since childhood. Drive a taxicab. It turned out to be a demanding way to take a break. Nevertheless, on the plus side it proved to be another rich lode to mine in my ongoing search for Enlightenment.

You may not be surprised who you meet in a taxicab, but I was.

Many folk are willing to open up to a taxi driver in a fashion they would never do to any other total stranger. I keenly anticipated “interviewing” these fascinating souls every day.

Even with such vibrant Mental Stimulation right there for the inquiring, the novelty of piloting a cab soon wore off. I did not possess the right constitution that enables pursuing cab driving long term.

Knocking back an offer to purchase the cab operators license, which is now worth more than a flash house, I gave the game away and instead bought a rubbish removal truck.

Rubbish removal was right up my street. For this occupation I did have the right constitution. Physical hard work, with an income to match the effort I was prepared to make, held more appeal than the tightly regulated taxi industry. The undeniable fact that owning a cab license may have been more profitable in the long term, was, for me, irrelevant. This decision again reflected the importance of independence of choice.

Psychology Plays It's Part

Ferrying fascinating people in a taxi cab, who talked so uninhibitedly with a total stranger, honed my interest to study Human Behavior in real time.

Rubbish removal offered ample opportunity to do just that. Work-spaces as diverse as banks and industrial building sites provided real time Field Trip conditions reminiscent of the period this author first became aware of the intrinsic role Nature plays in our Lives.

I dispassionately observed people interacting with each other, as I unobtrusively went about my activities. Ever grateful for this hands on Mind Expanding knowledge.

In the tradition of what we Think about grows, my observing Human Behavior expanded from the real time close up, and personal, to any and every Human interaction around the Globe. 

Psychology was becoming a growing influence in my education, as I studied the perceptions, observations, and Original Thinking of great Practical Minds down the Ages, and related their Cognitive Experiences to what I was observing in real life as it played out before my eyes. In all spheres, all over the Planet.

Simply Getting It Wrong - And Right

These real life events were more entertaining than television drama, more instructive, and too frequently, downright disturbing. History was tiresomely repeating itself in the actions of  Humans. These modern day repetitions of history had two things in common.

Who do they believe they are fooling

Firstly, so often folk, many of them leaders who we depend on to get it right, were getting it so wrong.

Secondly, these leaders, and others, appear to be determined to maintain their position when things go discordant and awry, and “save face”.

We witness Leaders resorting to squabbling and bickering, blame mongering, posturing, spin doctoring, and violence, in lieu of seeking and implementing solutions to problems. Resolving problems is the fundamental reason a leader is permitted to occupy that privileged position.

Who do they believe they are fooling?? I would ask myself. And still do

On a smaller scale other Humans were thriving and prospering, attending their business with demonstrably capable equanimity and impunity.

How could one person or group lead a calm, serene life, while another was embroiled in utter turmoil and controversy?

There are definite answers to these questions, and the more I applied myself to the study of my fellow Humans, the more the confusing complexity of life was clarifying, distilling into the simplicity of understanding.


It was around this time that the Ultimate Secret and it's import flashed into my Mind with an almost dazzling lucidity.

This was what I had spent so many years searching for.

And what I learned over those years in search of knowledge and understanding of the Human Mind, the Human Condition, Motivation, Philosophy, Psychology, and above all, Natural Law, imbued this secret with a practical value beyond measure.

Often, the attainment of a goal can be anticlimactic. Not in this case. The Ultimate Secret of the Mind is a self sustaining support system. Calling it to conscious awareness in the present has the same positive and assuring effect on my psyche, as the time it first flashed into my Mind.

Moving On

As much as I appreciated everything about rubbish removal as an occupation, the physical fitness, the people I met, the freedom of movement, and the excellent income, my body was getting too “old” for such a physically demanding lifestyle. With this sober realization another dormant desire was awakening and exerting its presence.

My Mind was yearning to produce something Creative.

With a tinge of sadness, we reluctantly sold the rubbish truck, and, expanding the scope of my workshop with additional tools I set about building a system to produce my version of an ornamental art related product. Along with some fabrication work and - sensible -  share trading for income.

With the same sense of belonging I experienced in my first workshop in the old fowl-shed on my Father's farm, I knew I had found my niche.

Happily designing and building tools and machines, doing my own thing, my Thoughts would periodically turn to the less fortunate. And the ever deteriorating state of our Environment.

 Nagging Disquiet Returns

Bordering on imperceptible, the nagging disquiet I suffered when I temporarily laid aside Personal Development all those years ago, returned. Disconcerted, I wondered why.

Had I not cracked the Ultimate Secret of the Mind?

Was I not still engrossed in expanding my Knowledge of Nature and Humanities Relationship to Her? In the process Expanding my own Mind?

In the same way that night turns to day, it gradually dawned on me, because I was listening, that I could be constructing something of much greater value to Humanity than ornamental art.

My selfish, logical side questioned this suggestion, proposing that I consider doing something of greater value after my current project is complete, on the market and bringing in the dollars. That would put me in a better position to do the greater thing.

Sensible reasoning did nothing to assuage the insistent feeling that I was on the wrong track.

Compromising, I brought to mind a dimension of Human activity that bothered me more than somewhat. What could I do to improve the conditions, of both Humans, and our beautiful life supporting Planet, in this atmosphere of Human caused degradation?

Immediately, the disquiet vanished, superseded by an Enthusiasm to fulfill that Desire to help.

 Spiritual Intelligence Responds

Tapping into Spiritual Intelligence in the same manner as when the answer is not readily at hand, I explored the options available that would achieve the outcome I envisaged.

A particularly damaging, Human caused, environmental disaster, occurring not long after my decision to do a greater thing, increased the intensity of the urgency I was now feeling to discover something that would have a beneficial impact on both Humanity and our suffering Environment.

This urgent Desire became my constant companion, and as I knew from previous experience communicating with Spiritual Intelligence in an urgent, but certainly not a desperate manner, that an answer was only a matter of time. That time was near.


Walking in the park across the street, with my best friend Neville, slipping into direct communication mode with my dependable companion Spiritual Intelligence, a kernel of an idea, a hypothesis, presented itself to my Mind.

A hypothesis's intrinsic form is to be open ended. This open condition liberates one's Imagination to embrace and explore every notion offered by Spiritual Intelligence.

“Amazing. If this idea works, it could save the World”. I whispered quietly to Neville, who responded with a knowing look, and a vigorous wag of his shapely tail.

In that moment the Phantom seemed real again the only thing missing was my Horse

Concept Killer

The hypothesis's prototype was already fleshing itself out in my imagination when Reality, uninvited, quietly joined the party.

Reality can destroy a newborn idea, with callous disregard for subject matter, or importance.

“A hypothesis has to be validated” Reality interjected, To achieve validity a machine needs to be built. Who is going to build it? Where is it going to be built? You got a couple of million to fund it? Who are you to entertain such a sublime idea?  What if it doesn't work? It could send you broke, It could take the rest of your life - - “

Looking her squarely in the eye, I replied ardently, “Hold it Reality! You are not being helpful. Introducing discouraging obstacles is your thing, overcoming obstacles is mine. This project is going to go ahead, I will build it. If it is within the Laws of Nature, it will work. Once I have proven the Principle, then I will seek help to take it to the World. Until then I will absorb the costs. Financial and otherwise.

Pausing for emphasis and breath, not in the mood for prattle I asked Reality directly "Are you on my side?”

Sensing my determination to proceed, and lack of fear of loss, to her credit Reality undertook to aid the execution of my cause.

If you recognize Reality, in this instance, as my Inner Voice, you are quite correct. You might also recognize negative Thought as the killer of newborn ideas.

This is an excellent opportunity to emphasize the actuality that we cannot afford to indulge in negative Thought.

The cost of negative Thinking is prohibitive

Irrevocable Commitment

Perceiving a concept which is beyond the realm of the common is exhilarating and at the same time intimidating. It demands one's attention with an intensity that is all but palpable.

If I were to follow through with my preciously mentioned determination to build this machine indicated by my hypothesis, every other activity would have to be curtailed or placed aside.

Including my ornamental art product system.

Discontinuing a project was alien to me. Halting progress on an undertaking so complex, and expensive as my ornamental art product system, was initially disconcerting.  and remains to this day vaguely so. More than thirty tools and machines were involved, which ran the risk of never being completed.

“It's only temporary” I consoled myself. “When you have saved the world you can get back to it.”

All I had to do was build it

With Reality on board, there was one more thing to be taken care of before I could make an irrevocable commitment.

I approached my dedicated wife of more than thirty years, whom I met in Hong Kong during my last job for the wonderful old company that lost its bearings and never recovered.

Sitting her down I told her about the feelings I had been struggling with. I told her how I wanted to do something constructive for Humanity and our only Environment. That I had come up with an idea for a machine that would be of tremendous benefit to all living creatures on the Planet.

All I had to do was build it.

She listened attentively, clearly comprehending that we would be placing a promising future on hold for an unproven idea.

I asked her to consider my seemingly outlandish, maverick proposal, adding that Reality was with me and I had Neville's enthusiastic approval.

Her response was immediate “I believe all we Humans are put on this planet to deliver useful service, whatever form that service takes.” she said Thoughtfully. 

Then, in the firmest tone of voice she has used in my presence, she offered me her answer in two words. “Do it!”

With an emotional embrace we became self funded inventors

Time To Pause This Narrative

Fast forward to the present. The machine is advancing in a gratifying manner. Predictably however, as is usual when working on the unknown, it is taking longer than anticipated, even though Reality has kept her promise and aided me encouragingly.

Recalling that this story is intended to provide examples, of the relativity that exists between Thought, Action, and Consequences, now is an appropriate time to pause this story. It is also an appropriate time to remind oneself, that a successful journey through Life, is inextricably dependent on our ability, and capacity, to solve problems.

We have hopefully adequately exposed the crucial role one's Attitude plays in the satisfactory solving of problems. In whatever circumstances of Life we may find ourselves.

We have also somewhat exposed the influence of Genetic Predisposition and the ever present consequences of Cause and Effect. Particularly the, ironically, undesired consequences arising from a lack of Cooperation which is the fundamental cause of all Human induced woes.

Life is inexorable. Every Human is swept along by the powerful current that the Universal Life Force imposes.

Every Human is privy to the equally powerful influence of Thought. The manner in which one embraces, activates, and animates, the Power of Thought, is wholly the responsibility of the individual. One can only, yet must, speak for oneself.

If this author is to complete his mission of saving the World then he must keep his Thoughts focused on that purpose.

This he will do, because . . .

He has discovered, beyond a  a shadow of a doubt, that his Life will follow the direction his Thoughts are aimed.

Where are your Thoughts Aimed?

Personal Development Rocks!

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