A SiteSell Site?
  Solo Build It! An Investment In You

 A SiteSell Site Is The Gateway To A Proven Process

A SiteSell site is the gateway to Solo Build It! which in turn is the specialized platform dedicated, from the ground up, to building a solid income generating e-business. Most importantly, Solo Build It! or SBI! to use it's chic acronym, is a Proven Process.

This page reflects on the direct relationship between implementing a Proven Process and accomplishing one's goals 

Once this relationship is understood - it can be applied fruitfully to any area of one's life

Missing Factor  . . .

Except for one important, determinative factor, SBI! provides everything you need to build that business. Supplied in one healthy package attracting a single monthly or yearly subscription, and housed in an appealing website of your design, this package becomes your shop-front to the World.

A practical vehicle for attaining goals.

That one missing determinative element that completes this potential for reaching your goals, cannot be purchased. It is this factor that will make you unique in cyberspace. As it already does in real life.

Yes, the missing element is you! . . . You are investing in yourself.

Expertise Rules

Expertise rules when you establish a partnership with SiteSell. You employ the expertise she offers to showcase the expertise you possess.

A partnership you utilize to transport yourself to a future of your determination.

By combining these sets of expertise to help others, who are searching for the answers you can provide, you accomplish the goals that are important to you.

Lets take stock of the significance of these actions . . .

Your first move as a Solopreneur is a cogent example of sharing producing a situation where all involved have their needs met.

You have created the embryo of a bullet proof Enterprise. Can you feel the excitement?

Ironically though, it is just about now, that you sense you no longer have a SiteSell site.

No Longer A SiteSell Site

The concept of a SiteSell site fades into oblivion as the driving force of the Solopreneur, that is, you, executing the step by step proven process that is Solo Build It! - constructs an influential Brand Of One.

You no longer have a SiteSell site, you have the foundations of a vibrant SBI! e-business.

It is the keen understanding and implementation of that step by step process - by you - that produces an influential Brand Of One

A process that transforms any site - not just a SiteSell site - into a vibrant e-business

Understanding A Proven Process Means No Guesswork

Guesswork comes under the heading of experimentation, and is perfectly appropriate in that context. In fact guesswork is the precursor to trial and error. Trial and error is the precursor to building a process that delivers predetermined results.

 It is predetermined results that we want to achieve.

Solo Build It! is a proven process that delivers the predetermined result of the above mentioned vibrant e-business. All the guesswork and trial and error has been accomplished for us.

How you approach learning and implementing any process determines the final outcome. That is, success, or failure.

That is why you are the determinative factor in your success and why you are investing in yourself

Solo Build It! is the vehicle, you are the pilot. As the pilot, it is best to know how your ship functions.

Incidentally, Pilots are a group of Humans who collectively demonstrate - via their consummate abilities to safely land distressed aircraft - a high incidence of truly comprehending the crucial nature of understanding a process. Thank goodness.

Arresting Example

Emphasizing the importance and pivotal nature of having in place, and following, an effective process, involves a stalwart Human, and an arresting story.

William Edwards Deming, (1900-1993) an American Authority on quality control methods, was instrumental in guiding Japan to industrial prominence after the devastation of WW2.

Before Deming's acquaintance with the people in that country, anything made in Japan was treated with derision.

In less than five years after Deming’s involvement, the Japanese people’s desire to learn, and ability to comprehend and implement the logical when understood insights Deming offered, produced an astounding turnaround. To where the term ‘Made in Japan’ elicited an immediate mental image of reliable excellence.

A fact we all accept today, because, from experience, we know it to be accurate.

Powerful Insight

W. Edwards Deming, as he was more commonly known, made the provocative, yet true, statement -

“If you can’t define what you do as a process, you don’t know what your job is”

Deming’s statement should not be considered a criticism. It is a powerful insight. An insight, when rectified to the affirmative, holds the promise of success, whatever activity one may be engaged in.

The Japanese people were the determinative factor in the resounding success of the Deming approach to manufacturing.

As a Nation of Individuals, to whom collective action is second nature, they comprehended, and responded positively, to the exhortation to cooperate and collaborate. With overarching excellence a prime goal.
Outside of Japan, Deming’s know-how was, and still is influential. However, perhaps because he was, and still is, misinterpreted, his method tends to be, mostly, delivered from a top down perspective, as opposed to the egalitarian, consensual approach that appealed so much to the Japanese People, that it earned total personal involvement and loyalty.

The results are History.

Familiarity Breeds Success

Almost three quarters of a century later, this is still a little known concept, and accounts for the bumbling around of otherwise genuine folk, in every field of endeavor, who just can’t “Get it Right” and make one mistake after another. In the vague belief that this time it will be different.

Everything - art, invention, composing music, building the large hadron collider, space travel, business, you name it – is based in proven processes. Processes that began with guesswork, evolving via trial and error, and maturing as written instructions that when implemented, consistently produce a desired outcome.

When one truly understands a proven process, the realization dawns, that back of it’s workability are immutable Natural Laws

Recognizing these Laws preempts any temptation to find a “shortcut”

Not withstanding innate abilities which we all possess, but don’t necessarily share – I can invent, but will never be able to compose an overture, you will be similar in other fields – there are many useful, well established, proven processes we can learn.

Well Earned Reward

Making the initial demanding effort required to master a process bestows upon the achiever a never ending reward . . .

Familiarity with how one proven process works, helps us to recognize and ascertain others. It becomes progressively easier, accentuating the immense value of this reward. A fact that helps to explain the well known phenomenon that success breeds success.

From the viewpoint of the subject matter of this page, building an e-business that delivers the outcomes we desire, is the process we should be vitally interested in. Doing so necessitates forgetting about our SiteSell site and concentrating on learning and applying Solo Build It! - the means to our ends.

Inexorable Evolution

Even with a proven process there is plenty to engage the intellect, imagination, and emotions. A process provides the tools to lock in place what we know works. Nevertheless, processes are always evolving for the better. That is why Solo Build it! is state of the art. And regularly updated in accordance with best practice.

 Practical Advice From A Practical Philosophy Of Personal Development

“If you can define what you do as a process, you know what your job is”

Take this practical advice to heart and you will pilot your SiteSell site to the prominent position of thriving e-business.

 Best Practice and Pilots Rock!

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