Command And Control Has Little In Common
With Cooperation

 In the Dim Past

Command and control began with the atavistic mindset distinctive of the psychopathic bully.

Killing To “Solve” Problems

Militant dictators headed vast armies of conscripted subservient men along with mercenary vagabonds. Who, holding the same mindset as the hiring dictators, felt wasting others was worth a bellyful of food. With perhaps the bonus of a coin or two.

Holding absolute power over their fellow Humans was the intent and purpose of these megalomaniacal dictators. Empire building was the means used to achieve it.

The unrestrained actions of these empire seekers is not suitable subject matter for a Personal Development website.

Suffice to say History reliably informs us there was overwhelming destruction and Human suffering. This dim past lingers still. Recognizable in the activities of lower plane thinkers. In all avenues of life.

The remediation for this deficient behavior lies within the grasp of everyone who adopts the higher plane thinking provided by Nature. In the guise of Personal Development.


Paradoxically it is the subjugated victims who provide these despotic monsters with their heinously used power to control the minds and actions of their fellows.

Wearing their submissive conformity like a badge of honor, perhaps because that is the only way they could justify their inability to alter or modify their circumstances, these poor souls accepted their lot as fate.

Permitting fear to drive the submission that generated the power to abuse. In an unceasing cycle of violent horror.

No Leadership Here

In order to maintain a semblance of discipline amongst the ranks of the sad and sorry rabble that constituted these early armies, harsh measures were implemented.

Conforming to the intellectual ineptitude typical of Non Thinkers, incentives not to turn tail and run in the opposite direction to the “enemy”, consisted entirely of punishment. Including losing one's life at the hands of a "superior".

Or the psychologically devastating practice of decimation.

Here, at the end of a battle when soldiers refused to fight, every tenth man would be murdered at the whim of the force's commander.

Mindless domination was the name of the game and the unequivocally most violent determined the pecking order of authority.

This is where we find the genesis of command and control.

Unsound Foundation For Society

While the hierarchical system of command and control has been refined somewhat over thousands of years and today's version is possibly the most efficient way to operate modern democratic military forces, it does not lend itself readily to either the freedom, or expression, of thought.

Violence seized the benefits of creative thought

Particularly in the realm of creative thought.

And the freedom of action necessary to give birth to the physical equivalent of creative thought.

Early commerce being founded on invasion, colonization, and  slavery, this same military hierarchy served as a business model.

Command and control has infiltrated and been adopted by Religion, Politics, and Education. Bulldozing it's cumbersome, expensive way to whatever forced outcome.

Dampening and suppressing Creative Thought wherever domination was to be found.

concurrently, violence, whether physical or psychological, arbitrarily seized the benefits and fruits of creative thought wherever the higher reaches of thought was exercised.

Leaving behavioral progress floundering in it's wake.

This unattractive political model, based in bondage, in various guises, is still employed wherever it is accepted by it's unwitting victims.

The unhealthy desire to control and conduct the mind and culture of others, that is, domination, and it's close relative, avarice, are the two greatest impediments to solving Humanities daunting problems threatening our very survival.

Mindless Muggers

Inheriting a clumsy oppressive legacy such as command and control should not surprise us by the trouble it has spawned.

As in the past, continuing to the present day, despotic types insist on doing the same things the same way. Emphasizing their lack of creative thought.

We as individuals can educate and enable ourselves to eradicate the unwise conduct of command and control domination.

We Are All One and All Equal

We can accomplish this by joining the Growing Move toward Open Minded Sharing. Recognition and acceptance that we are all one. And as Human Beings, all equal.

A Growing movement whose core belief is that while Leadership is the optional right of every Man, Women, and yes, Child, domination of others is the right of no one.

When we, as Individuals, or Groups, or Institutions, attempt to dominate others, whether in domestic affairs, business, politics, or elsewhere, we are condoning the methods of these Mindless Muggers of Human freedom, dignity, and creativity.

We are stalling progress. And admitting we are destitute of Progressive Imagination and persuasive ideas.

Deficiency of progressive imagination is the reason psychological fear, brute force, and weapons capable of physical harm, are the tools of Muggers.

Hope On The Horizon

Fortunately, via the persistent endeavors of many wise and dedicated thinkers over time, we have finally entered an era of enlightenment where megalomania is recognized as a mental illness.

There is a solution, and that solution is you and me

But it's legacy is proving everywhere difficult to eradicate. Including the business world. Where, often, it's short lived advantages are embraced as economic heroism. 

However, there is a solution, and that solution is you and me.

As increasing numbers of individuals educate themselves in mind expansion - in so doing, developing their Personal Power - it will then become progressively easier to solve the ills Society has created through it's ignorance of the consequences of Natural Law, and passive acceptance of domination.

Today, we have access to knowledge of the Philosophy of Personal Development. A philosophy accessible to all. Guiding and aiding us to purposely resolve society's ills. And - obviating that ever more obvious destination of self destruction if we don't.

Recalling that everything evolves, and we can influence that Evolution, we can accept the progress we have made and knowingly accelerate further progress with like minds.

Where ever in our travels we may encounter them. By applying thought to the positive. Cooperating to the benefit of all. Purposely suffocating conflict by refusing to allow it to dictate our every action.

Command And Control - - -

Doesn't make it easy to obtain another's cooperation, particularly when it appears to hold no immediate individual benefit.

Willing cooperation encourages and develops an intrepid, invincible spirit in all who share it as a matter of course

To gain another's wiling cooperation, first and foremost you require their undivided attention.

Then you need his or her desire to listen.

Your proposition must be understood and consent obtained. 

Last, but not least, his or her willingness to put their heart and soul into action should be evident.

Conflict has no intellectual requirements.

Command and control typifies this lack of intellectual effort, engendering strife and ambivalence.

Imposing emotional burdens on everyone involved. Including the "Do as I say" boss.

Conflict causes suffering, pain and losses. In every avenue. Including deteriorated relationships, loss of time and profits, and losses in the intellectual realm of progressive ideas and imagination. Shattering confidence and shredding dignity. And that is in civilised societies not at war.

Alternatively, Willing Cooperation encourages an intrepid, invincible spirit in all who share it. As a matter of course. Opening ever more new vistas of opportunity. All the while strengthening trust.

It Is Easy - - -

To cooperate when we conclude that conflict has so little going for it. Cooperation not conflict, becomes an easy policy for Intelligent Minds in possession of Personal Power, to adopt.

When, as individuals, we master the principle of cooperation in our place of work, helping collectively to transform it into profitable congregations of harmoniously productive activity, we will be adding to the joy of the world. And making it ever more difficult for those who would dominate, to ply their non thinking obnoxious trade.

Banishing the icky temptation to command and control to the dustbin of the dim past.

Let's Not Forget

The doctrine of cooperation, not conflict, begins in an individual's own mind and radiates outward to encompass all other Beings that cross one's path. It's essence, strength, and ability to solve any and all problems is inextricably bound in sharing. Rendering Command and Control redundant.

Command And Control Does Not Rock!

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