What Is A Solopreneur ?
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A Solopreneur is ostensibly someone who works alone. Perhaps though, a more accurate definition is someone who takes responsibility for, and performs, every aspect of operating a small business.

While there is much in common with operating any business, our focus here is on establishing an e-business. 

The usual purpose for striking out on one’s own is to produce something of substance, that by helping others, will create an income producing enterprise while enjoying as much independence as possible.

These hardy souls who work alone have been around for quite some time. Modern examples encompass the one person retail shop. Commission only sales rep. Consultants of various descriptions. Freelance writers. Mobile services of various descriptions. Solo artists . . . . the list goes on.

A trait common to all these hardy folk 

- Whatever the degree they practice it -

Is the love of freedom to do their own thing

Some of these folk are creating an online presence to reach prospective clients who otherwise would never know of their existence. A challenge many Webmasters are struggling with.

The good news is that this challenge can be met in the same way and by the same means implemented by the New Breed who successfully take advantage of the opportunities e-business offers.

New Breed 

Along with practitioners of existing off-line occupations, there is a new breed of solopreneurs who are exploiting the opportunities for independence the Internet offers.

They fit the category of being prepared - and able - to operate a business by themselves, but have no desire to assemble the ever changing technology, or figure out the process that makes a web business not merely possible, but profitable.

These folk are exploiting the Long Tail via their choice of  Theme Site


Pouring their efforts into creative pursuit

Solopreneur And Entrepreneur

Solopreneur, like it’s French root word, Entrepreneur, exudes an air of audacious confidence. Who wouldn't want to be one?

Entrepreneurs are audacious men and women who take – what they believe to be – calculated risks, then devote their very essence into proving themselves right.

To an entrepreneur, adversity is simply another word for challenge, which in turn is just another problem to be solved. Solve the problem, forge ahead, reach your goal, sell for a handy profit, bask in well earned self satisfaction for a day or two, then begin the next big venture.

Some attain this romantic view of achievement. Most don’t. 

Coherent Plan Of Action - Plus

Romantic or otherwise, more than a gung ho Attitude is needed to reach the lofty heights of success, at anything.

Entrepreneurs – and others - who reach their goals, possess the necessary attributes and understand when and how to execute them. The actual goal is not crucial, the method to reach it is.

Personal Development is the consummate platform to discover and hone the necessary attributes. I cordially invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery by studying other parts of this website.

The success oriented method takes the form of a plan of action

The initially sounder - the better

However - truly sound plans are attained via an evolutionary process


For the purpose of this discussion we need to take a closer look at the interpretation of Solopreneur and  Entrepreneur, there are distinctions.

An Entrepreneur often has a bold, sometimes brash, approach to goal reaching. This approach in itself can be beneficial. It opens avenues and exposes one to demanding situations that would not otherwise come about. Welcoming and investigating these situations can then lead to discovering new knowledge that permits a thing to work.

The entrepreneurial mind finds this stimulating and satisfying. It is a necessary part of the process of progress into the unknown, and almost entirely a product of one’s intuition.

An entrepreneur relishes intellectual challenge and financial risk. Failure is not usually a consideration.

Something can either be done or it cannot.

The test is to prove one's hypothesis right or wrong - at that point in time - Either result is success, and one moves forward again from that point.

Apart from innovation, an entrepreneur is not particularly attracted to something that already exists or has already been done. The unknown beckons, the entrepreneurial mind responds . . .

On the other hand a Solopreneur is more likely looking for almost the opposite

Not so much security but rather stability while exercising self reliance

- The way must be seen to be clear and doable -

Succeeding . . .

In an environment where he or she clearly sees the way And calls the shots Is the Solopreneur's  priority

This calls for a well thought out Plan of Action


While the entrepreneurial mind seeks risky challenges and the solopreneur seeks a stable environment, both seek intellectual stimulation, and the freedom which is so essential to producing worthwhile works.

Freedom Rocks!

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