Affiliate Disclosure
Buying With Confidence

The Affiliate Disclosure And The Customer

This precis is my Affiliate Disclosure statement. A summary of the main points that demonstrate my attitude to you as a fellow Human, as a customer, and life in general. If I have it right you won't spot any inconsistencies in these three modes.

If not - you can tell so via this contact form.

What Is An Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is an efficient, effective, economical way to inform prospective customers of the availability of Goods and Services.

Perfectly suited to the Internet, affiliate marketing enables the producers of quality Products and Services to keep the lid on the cost of their offerings not possible in any other manner. When any transaction is executed with the major goal being to satisfy the customer, everyone involved is a winner.

An affiliate is a representative of the producer, who, as such, is entitled to any remuneration generated by the competent delivery of Goods and Services. Placing him or her squarely in the realm of business.

Despite romantic notions to the contrary, business can only exist, and even more to the point, flourish, if the operator is consciously aware of the reason that makes it possible.

That reason is the Customer - No Customers - No business

This unambiguous fact makes the Customer the most important element of commerce. It matters not whether an enterprise is a conglomerate, or a Solopreneur operated e-business. is a Solopreneur operated e-business.


Commerce is the lifeblood of every Nation on the Planet, we buy and sell not merely to survive, but also to make the most of life, sustaining ourselves in an agreeably adequate manner. Some folk even do it to accumulate wealth. The fact that we buy and sell is not the issue. We all buy and sell.

It is how we buy and sell that is all important

- How is the point of this affiliate disclosure -


When we sell - satisfying our potential customer should be paramount. Service comes first. We must give before we get.

Using Principles such as Honesty, Truth, Dignity, and Integrity to impart our knowledge or convey our message, we earn that most prized of Human attributes, Trust.

When we trust someone, we feel comfortable in ourselves and are prepared to listen.

When we are prepared to listen, we learn.

When we learn, our mind expands a little and we see the solution to a problem.

This is true of both Knowledge and Product.


As a buyer - when we are seeking meaning in our lives, as opposed to transient gratification, being able to trust the provider of Knowledge, and the producer and promoter of a Product, should be paramount.

Being the Author of this Website, and the promoter of the Products that sustains it’s existence, these are the principles that underpin my efforts to earn your trust. Content-wise and Product-wise.

Intention And Purpose

The intention and purpose of this Theme Content Site is to solve problems and help make living Life the wondrous journey of accomplishment every Human is entitled to.

Introducing you to Ways via Content, and Means, via Products, that lead to accomplishment, enhances and advances one's Human Spirit.

With new knowledge your choices expand


Your enthusiasm for doing grows

If these Ways and Means influence you to think on a higher plane of thought, and you see possibilities that were previously hidden from view, then I consider my efforts worthwhile.

Correspondingly, if you purchase a Product via an Affiliate Link on this Site, I will consider that purchase a compliment in the sense that your mind, and mine, have met in mutual comprehension of the subject matter.

We can both rejoice

You rejoice in your personal advancement and new knowledge, and I rejoice that I have earnt your trust, met your mind, and as mutual understanding grows, friendship develops.

When this desirable scenario comes about, I will then feel I have earned any remuneration I may receive from your decision to purchase a product recommended by this e-business.

Site Navigation

To facilitate navigating this site, and investigation of either Content or Products, in a relaxed manner, knowing beforehand where each link will take you, I use Green typeface for Affiliate Links.

Blue typeface links will confine you to Content within the borders of Occasionally, a normal blue link will take you to a content related third party site.

Again, if I am doing my job properly, I will have made that contextually obvious.

To confirm where any Hyper-link will take you, hover your Mouse Cursor over a given Link and observe the small box in the bottom left hand corner of your Screen.

The destination of that Link appears in that box.

In the best tradition of Personal Development I sincerely hope you find this affiliate disclosure - and Website - useful

A Good Affiliate Disclosure Rocks!

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