Collaboration And Cooperation
A Lesson From Nature

Collaboration And Cooperation Are Not The Same

Collaboration and Cooperation in the context of this philosophy is not so much about me persuading you, or you persuading others, to do a thing one may not normally do.

The power inherent in cooperation and collaboration speaks for itself

Instead, it is about understanding Principles. A principle’s utility, and the benefits and mutual rewards consistently purposeful practice of principles offer.

While it may be feasible to procure another’s cooperation on an ad-hoc basis, the best rewards are to be secured when one connects with others who also practice principles on purpose.

If you meet another who practices cooperation consistently and on purpose, there is every chance he or she is on the path of Personal Development. Rejoice. You will find much in common.

Our intention should be consistent purposeful practice, wherever we may be, whatever we may be doing, who ever we may be with.

When two or more Humans purposely practice cooperation, the possibility of unforeseen reward is maximized. This is but one benefit in addition to maximizing the possibility of achieving mutually desired outcomes.

An important distinction to keep in mind, is, Humans can cooperate without collaborating. But collaborating without cooperating is simply not possible.

Purposeful Act

Collaboration is the purposeful act of working with others to create a thing that did not exist before. And in all likelihood would not and could not exist without the combined output of a fusing of two or more minds under particular and peculiar conditions.

For Successful Collaboration, whatsoever those conditions need to be, they must be permitted to come about.

This of course becomes more demanding the more complex the project and the more minds involved. Notwithstanding this complexity, we can look upon Collaboration and Cooperation as a process.

Epitomized by this arresting example of outstanding National achievement, understanding a given process is paramount to accomplishing a given endeavor.

Here, as always, we can take our cues from Nature. She is the ultimate processor.

Universal Building Blocks

Nature created the Universe from Hydrogen using energy, pressure, heat, and time. In a process of Nucleosynthesis to effect nuclear fusion and fission to build the Elements the Cosmos, and everything in it, is composed of.

These Elements were . . .

Discovered - predicted in many instances by their necessary relationship to each other - by dedicated Scientists and painstakingly catalogued by Atomic Weight in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Developed by Russian Chemist and Scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. (1834-1907)

Every Element independently requires the existence of Unique, and Precise circumstances to come into being.

Nature commences the process with the lightest Element Hydrogen. Fusing four Hydrogen atoms into one Helium atom.

The bulk of Helium was formed in the Big Bang. But is a product of Nuclear Reaction during the normal lifespan of every Star. And the first step on the path to Nature building Her heavier Elements.

And Human Intelligence.

Except for the very heaviest, all the other naturally occurring Elements are manufactured in the slow, convoluted death throes of small to medium sized stars.

Exact Conditions

The mass of a star and each stage of it's death throes provide the exact conditions for the atomic weight of the Element being born.

This particular Element is then whipped off the surface of it's dying mother and distributed throughout the Cosmos via Cosmic Winds.

Beginning the procedure of Star and Planet and Galaxy construction all over again.

Our Galaxy center

Heavy Elements

The Heaviest Elements are produced and distributed in spectacular Death Explosions of the most massive stars.

  Designated Supernovae, these mind shattering mini big bangs spew their contents into Space at a tenth the speed of light.

Under these necessarily ideal conditions, Nature has been perpetuating the Universe for billions of years. With ample evidence of billions of Galaxies in every direction of Space, one is compelled to conclude that this method works.

These Elements are the Universal building blocks which lead all the way up to Nature's greatest achievement, our Brain.

That brain, meaning yours and mine, can emulate the methods used by it's Creator. Especially to collaborate.

Take Nature's Hint

I am not suggesting that we Human Creators lay down our lives in the pursuit of creation, as do the Stars. But it should perhaps be reasoned that Collaborative Groups take their lead from Nature.

Encouraging and permitting unique, and precise, circumstances to prevail in all their endeavors.

Doing this may involve experimenting, which should be considered a part of the basic requirements conducive to Productive Collaboration and cooperation.

Our Future - Collaboration And Cooperation 

The intellectual groundwork for our knowledge of Nuclear Processes and Astrophysics was laid out in accurate detail by a group of four keen collaborators.

Collaboration And Cooperation will determine our future

An able, determined group who had only best guesses of leading scientists on which to launch their investigation into how Nature produced the Elements with which She built the Universe.

And you and me.

In a sterling demonstration of intuitive thinking, sound empirical logic, dogged determination and with input from various scientific colleagues, these four collaborators crafted and consolidated a Theory that has advanced and solidly reinforced Modern Science.

Doing so in a manner that must excite and encourage every true Thinker on the Planet.

Purposeful Collaboration and Cooperation, in this manner, could, and should determine our future.

The vivid details, of this impressive collaborative effort, can be found within 'Synthesis of the Elements in Stars'. Popularly known as the B2FH Paper. So named after the initials of this enlightening document's authors.

The power inherent in cooperation and collaboration speaks for itself.

Collaboration And Cooperation Rocks!

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