Developing A Positive Attitude

The Significance Of  A Positive Attitude

 Developing a Positive Attitude is the single most important activity a Human Being can engage in. It is a process executed entirely on purpose. When combined with Autonomy, the two form the wellspring of - personal hence collective - Human progress. Opening doors that remain forever closed to the negative Thinker. Or indeed, the neutral non Thinker.

A Positive Attitude, and Autonomy, are inseparable from genuine Freedom. If any element is missing, the others are impoverished.

 Autonomy should be sought not merely in the political sense but also in that sense of total freedom of mind to discover one’s M'etier, and follow one’s Destiny, for the best of reasons - Self fulfillment. A self fulfilled Human is the most useful Human.

Your M'etier

Your M'etier is whatsoever occupation you are passionate about, and you are particularly suited to perform. This is one situation where thinking about  and pleasing yourself is entirely legitimate. In the big picture when the real you shines forth, pleasing yourself in this manner can only be beneficial to all the other lives you do, and will, touch.

Doing so is neither self centered nor selfish.

A self fulfilled Human is the most useful Human

As an individual, pursuing your Life passion is your prerogative, and your responsibility. Encouragement and support are invaluable, but we must construct our own skills. 

A Positive Mindset will equip you with the capability to locate the resources – within and without your mind - necessary to accomplish a given project - or a lifework - and overcome, inevitable, obstacles you will encounter along the way.

 Developing a Positive Attitude and following your passion are complimentary to each other.

Following your passion with a Positive Mindset will bathe your soul with the Enthusiasm that is the life-force of achievement.

Age Is Irrelevant

When taking the leap to engage in one’s M'etier, age is quite irrelevant. It may be difficult, it may be demanding, but it is never too late. Albeit, the earlier one begins, the better!!

Developing A Positive Attitude

Autonomy - the desire to attain genuine liberty - germinates in the mind of the seeker. The stimulus initiating the desire for freedom may have been from an external source, but that stimulus must be welcomed and nurtured by the recipient. Recognizing this, one accepts the responsibility of fostering a Can Do Attitude. Coaxing it to grow and take it’s rightful place at the forefront of one’s Conscious Awareness.
 Conscious Awareness is intrinsic to cultivating a Positive Attitude. Likewise, a sound Positive Attitude is intrinsic to constructing a Positive State Of Mind. Attitude Building is the process we use to construct a Positive State Of Mind.

You Are Not Alone

Mind expansion is not every Human Being's priority. The majority of folk are still cheerfully unaware of the powerhouse cradled between their ears. 

Nonetheless, you are not alone in your quest to build a powerful mind. There is much help to be had when one is determined to follow through and reject mediocrity in it’s entirety. Determination to follow through on any worthy goal is self perpetuating, and a hallmark of one developing a Positive Attitude.

However, a word of caution is in order. Truth seeking should be paramount when establishing a Positive Mindset. A reliable, broad rule of thumb, to work by, when seeking knowledge and inspiration is to remember that a Positive State Of Mind is cosmopolitan in outlook, extending Goodwill to all.

A Positive Mindset Is Built Upon Philosophy

A Positive Mindset is a Life Philosophy. It is not merely a collection of random Thoughts. Philosophy is built on Wisdom. Becoming familiar with Reality is the best place to start when developing a Positive Attitude that will stand you in Good stead for the rest of your life.

Listening to how others see Reality is also instructive.

A positive mindset is not a collection of random thoughts

When you Listen to another person you get a feel for their Mindset. The manner they Think. As you get to know them, you become familiar with their dominant Thoughts. Predominant Thoughts are the Thoughts that drive their Attitudes, and create their Reality.

If someone is insensitive to a given situation, that's it! Another's insensitive attitude will not change until their understanding does. Attitude Change must be executed on purpose.

True Understanding emanates from an intense Desire to understand. A person, no matter who, is always at the outer limit of their understanding. An individual's current Understanding, then, is what renders their Attitude.

External assistance to provide better comprehension of a situation cannot be given, unless it is sought. One must be familiar with Attitude Change, to exact that change.

The foregoing is useful knowledge to refer to when evaluating and interacting with others, it also applies to you and me, and is of inestimable value when constructing a philosophy to live by.

In other words, when we are developing a Positive Attitude, on the extraordinary journey to Enlightenment and Positive State Of Mind.

Shaping The Real You Via Positive Attitude Development

You already possess the fundamentals of a Philosophy to live by – composed of your inner beliefs - that can be nurtured and encouraged into vibrant life. Closely examining - and then reflecting upon - your Inner Beliefs will reveal these fundamentals.

One must be free to Learn – anything - in his or her own way.

Seeking and confirming the Truth of your inner beliefs, and discarding any which prove false or misleading, powers that vibrant life, and shapes the real you.

You are now on the path of Consciously Aware Knowing.

This is the beginning of Enlightenment, which is the foundation rock of genuine Self Confidence. Knowing the Truth of your Beliefs supports and underpins your Positive State Of Mind, and sustains the Enthusiasm created by your believing in the distinct value – to you and others - of your Passion that you are following.

How you attain this somewhat difficult enlightenment – initially it can be demanding - must be a process of your own choosing. The outcome your enlightenment - is the same, but the manner in which you learn is personal.

This is the most profound reason for maintaining Freedom as a basic Human Right. One must be free to Learn – anything - in his or her own way.

Sources Of Knowledge And Inspiration

This author has mentioned many Great Minds on this site. You may find these folk to be influential in establishing, and giving substance to your own thoughts and feelings. When you resonate with another's viewpoint, there is a meeting of minds. An understanding happens.

This resonance is perhaps the best indication that you are learning your way. However, there is a proviso of extreme importance that must be adhered to when Learning. Particularly when learning from others. A developing mind seeks Truth, not justification of a biased viewpoint.

Kowtowing to our biased view is a common Human trait. A key goal of personal development is to eradicate bias and prejudice from one's considerations. A positive State Of Mind seeks Understanding, not mere agreement.


Many Wise Minds down through the Ages, including the present, have put their considered Thoughts on paper. Even in our Digital Age, books remain an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration. One cannot read too many books.

A positive mindset seeks understanding, not mere agreement

 Building and developing a Positive Attitude is a complex undertaking.

Approaching this undertaking from diverse perspectives, particularly initially, deepens comprehension and guides one towards inescapable conclusion that a Positive State Of Mind is accomplished via a thorough understanding and implementation of Natural Law for the benefit of all.

As a way of life.

Another word of caution is in order here, too. It is worth repeating that we are seeking Truth. Anything else is of little significance. Diverse perspectives provide grist, for the mill of Truth.


Websites also, play a vital role in disseminating knowledge. Personal Development websites are a timely expanding segment of the World Wide Web, where search engines are becoming smart enough to deliver information that is highly relevant to a given query.

Additionally, many websites have a search bar at the top of each page, dedicated to that site. Searching a given website can be more satisfying than searching a given book index.

Seminars And Courses

Seminars and courses offer many worthwhile insights. The impression an accomplished orator can have on an individual can last a lifetime. An impression that can be recalled and relied on for reinforcement of one’s determination to follow through. Doing so is an effective use of Affirmations, when you are developing a positive attitude, and at those times when you may feel overwhelmed. Or simply as routine maintenance.

Real People

Real people we meet in real time should be our greatest - reciprocal - source of Inspiration and Support. Unhappily, the knowledge and comprehension of the problem solving power of a purposely Positive State Of Mind is not widespread.

The condition of Human Relations, from interpersonal, to international, is stark testimony, to this chaos generating fact.

Wisdom To The Rescue

Despite the sad foregoing statement, dauntless positive mindsets exist in sufficient numbers to produce the amazing technical world we see unfolding as if we were watching a movie.

Wisdom and Support that money cannot buy.

Behavior has not fared so well. If our technical progress paralleled behavior, Humanity would still be eking out a bare subsistence, as in the Dark Ages.

Active Positive Mindsets, advocating Self Fulfillment, Self Empowerment, Well-being, Goodwill, Autonomy, and all important Spiritual Satisfaction, also exist in encouraging numbers.

Nevertheless, when embarking on the path of developing a Positive Attitude these already powerful mindsets must be sought out with dedicated purpose.

Because . . .

We Are Not Missionaries

Our fellow Humans who purposely practice Positive Thinking are not loudmouths. Neither are these worthy men and women Missionaries. Rarely will they attempt to impress you with, or convert you to, their Philosophy.

Except by setting Good example.

Conversely, if you show a genuine desire to learn from a Thinker who has already established a Positive State Of Mind, he or she will prove to be a vital source of Assurance, Wisdom, and Support, that money cannot buy.

 Developing A Positive Attitude Rocks!

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