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You Are Only As Good As Your Mindset

The Basics Of Attitude Building

Attitude building is one of the many truly satisfying rewards Nature offers for exploring Her depths, and making the decision to evermore work with Her by learning, understanding, and implementing Her Ways. To achieve Good.

your mindset is your greatest asset

Attitude Building is that process one uses to construct a Positive State Of Mind. A Positive Mindset is the greatest asset of every individual. Affiliated Positive Mindsets are the greatest asset of collective Humanity.

The foundation of a Healthy Attitude can be laid as soon as one has intellectually gathered the fundamentals to do so. All available on this Website.

Attitude building commences with a lucid appreciation of the immensity of your mind. Accompanied by an equally lucid appreciation of the enormous power available to you as an individual, and the inestimable power available to affiliated mindsets. Humanity’s technical progress, via our Human Intelligence, is testimony to this phenomenon that can be employed for Good. Or for evil. 

Three Elements Of A Positive State Of Mind

The following requirements are the three elements that constitute a Positive State Of Mind. These three elements have much in common, while remaining distinctly separate entities.

  • Building a Positive Attitude
  • Positive Attitude Development
  • Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Building and development enable one to reach ever higher planes of Thought. Reaching these higher levels of Thought requires considerable, comprehensive, intellectual effort. Retaining those gains in mind expansion, is accomplished by maintaining the purposely positive nature, of this worthy endeavor.

These three components, Building, Development, and Maintenance, are concomitant. That is, they are constant companions and always associated. For the perfectly Good reason that Attitude building is never finished. Once commissioned, these three overlap and intermingle for the rest of your life.


Personal Development is not an easy or simple landscape to traverse. We are hugely complex Beings.

Mind expansion is, at least initially, intellectually demanding. However, with the right mental approach, comprehension - despite this demanding nature – comes with pleasing regularity in direct proportion to effort expended in your own demands to know.

 During exploration of this not so simple landscape of your greatest asset, it is best that one recalls their appreciation of the immensity of his or her Mind. At the same time recognizing the corresponding benefits to be had, relative to the depth of exploration.

We should do this for another simple reason. No one knows the limits of the human Mind, or the limits of the the power of Thought.

The Immensity Of  Your Mind

A key component of exploiting that immensity is comprehending the fact that Nature not merely allows Humans to shape their own minds, for the better, She insists we do so.

Offering the functioning of Her Universe as a Template, to guide us, we can choose Harmony and Power, freely available via Her immutable Laws, and attained via attitude building.

An appreciation of the immensity of the Human mind can be gained by studying the contents of this pdThinker Website. And conducting further research, at your leisure. That exhortation should be taken to mean at every opportunity you can find!!

Once this immensity, that is, the sheer potential of your mind, is truly comprehended, it can then be used as a reinforcing incentive to remind oneself why attitude building is well worth the effort. This comprehension is particularly useful in the absence of intellectual support from others.

Seek every opportunity you can find

While lack of intellectual support from others can make mind expansion more difficult, it should not be condemned entirely. Being in this predicament offers a distinct and lasting benefit.

By going it alone, one is exposed to another valuable lesson. When one emerges, on the other side of adversity, he ot she is stronger in Spirit and Wisdom. Due to an individual's own unaided efforts.

We realize Persistence pays, and pays handsomely.

Building a positive attitude takes Mental Muscle, much Knowledge, keen Understanding, and consistent Practice.

In the same manner that Building, Development, and Maintenance are concomitant, so too are Mental Muscle, Knowledge, Understanding and Practice.

Similar to one building physical muscle via physical exercise, Mental Muscle is increased and compounded via mental exercise. The more you exercise your Brain and Mind, the more useful, meaning powerful, it becomes. The immensity of the Human Mind renders it limitless.

Momentous First Step

The initial step in building a Positive Mindset is to consciously commit to adopting a life-long, specific, approach to conducting your life.

That - momentous - commitment is to build that Positive Mindset, on purpose.

The mere act of making of this commitment brightens - and heightens - one’s outlook on life. You are off to an excellent start. Nevertheless, the going can get tough. When the going does get difficult, we need to recall that . . . 

Commitment Is Paramount

Attempting to achieve any worthwhile purpose in a half-hearted manner sets the scene for eventual failure, or at best, grinding mediocrity. Constructing a genuinely Positive Attitude is special, and significant, in this respect. If one neglects, or rejects wholehearted Commitment to constructing a Positive State Of Mind, that neglect will be evident in every other endeavor one undertakes.

Construction And Development

Attitude building is established on a solid foundation of Knowledge, and executed via Thought based in consistently doing the Right Thing. As difficult as being consistent is, it is a key component of building a Positive Mindset.

As one initially struggles to assimilate the Principles that eventually become second nature to a mature Positive Mindset, in is inevitable one will make Mistakes. If one stumbles, and fails to do the right thing, one must backtrack and make amends.This is character building. If one does not make amends, then one is building an unsound structure. There are no shortcuts.

Role Of Knowledge

As knowledge accumulates – and it’s requisite understanding increases, one’s propensity towards making mistakes decreases. Conscious Awareness kicks in. We begin to behave in a manner where our focus sharpens and we become acquainted with our Thoughts.

We become consciously aware of the influence those Thoughts have on our potential actions. And - most importantly - we become cognizant of the consequences of those actions before we follow through.

Powerful as this state of being may be, it is not the pinnacle, nor culmination of developing a Positive Attitude. This is the beginning. At this early stage it is easy to be impressed with our efforts and consider oneself done.

Caution is required, Humility is paramount to developing a genuine Positive Attitude.

Humility Is Paramount

Notwithstanding his or her command, of Natural Law, a Master does not know everything. Recognizing this drawback for what it is - a spur to elicit greater effort - a Master enduringly Purposely Learns.

By definition, once under construction, one's mind begins to grow. As our comprehension of the Principles we are learning increases, expansion takes place. Knowledge begins to display energizing hints of usefulness.

Knowledge begins to display energizing hints of usefulness

By synthesizing new learning with aggregate knowledge, we perceive our attitude building efforts gathering momentum. The lights on our mental landscape are beginning to glow brighter.

In a salient manner, we glimpse flashes of an Undeveloped Mind.

Recognizing that such a mind is composed of mere ignorance, we cast the ignorance aside, and envisage this immature mind as absolute Potential.

Once this watershed insight is acquired, no obstacle will prevent you from keeping your Commitment to yourself, to build a life-long Purposely Positive Mindset.

Yet . . .

One can still feel vaguely disturbed. This feeling should be seen as an ally that reminds us we are never finished. Ignorance frustrates Progress. An excellent reason to conduct our Positive Mind Building efforts, with the focus on understanding, within a bulwark of Humility.

Beneficial Ends

Utilizing the Power of compounding knowledge, one puts it into practice by consistently exploiting his or her learning to attain equitable benefits. In the context of a Positive Mindset, the terms Benefits, Results, and Consequences, are synonymous. A genuine Positive Mindset solicits Good only.

Good Humans are the primary reason Humanity makes progress in the behavioral sense.

We Can Merely Excel

 You Are Only As Good As Your Mindset, is a sobering axiom. It helps to remind us of the layered structure of Nature. When we stumble, or fail, Nature is telling us there is something missing. A Positive State Of Mind acknowledges this, and learns anew.

Attitude building is all about problem solving

When we succeed, we should humbly acknowledge that the products of our mind can be enhanced ad infinitum.

In the interest of excellence, a Positive State Of Mind is ever developing itself. The Principle of Persistence is an integral  element of such a state of mind.

The vicissitudes of Life affect every man ad woman on our Planet. Yet it is doubtful that perfection is possible. We live, we learn, we evolve . . . sometimes - mostly actually - by making mistakes.

The vicissitudes of living that we all experience, is the University Of Hard Knocks. The UHK happens to be the very best Educational Institution in the World. No other institution delivers personalized attention on the same scale as does the UHK. Nor can other institutions match the almost limitless real time opportunities to lift our game.

If we cannot be perfect, then we can most certainly excel. Excel in this Establishment of Hard Knocks, and you will graduate with honors in the Discipline of Problem Solving.

That is ultimately what Attitude Building is all about - Solving Problems.

Attitude Building Rocks!

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