Comprehending Attitude Components Is Everything

What Is Attitude

Three attitude components define who you are and where you are going. Attitude is our moment to moment stance towards Life and our environment.

If one possesses a purposely Positive State Of Mind, and has molded his or her Inner Beliefs into a repertoire of Values and Principles to live by - and employs these values and principles at the appropriate time - this stance remains strong, stable, and reliable. Offering the best possible platform from which can be launched a problem solving mindset.

A problem solving mindset is the stance that gets things done. In an efficient, equitable, and satisfying manner.

Attitude Components

It is generally accepted that there are three indispensable attitude components. Comprised of:

Attitude components define who you are and where you are going
  • Cognitive Component

  • Affective Component 

  • Behavioral Component

The moment you grasp the gist of these three components, and the enormous influence they wield on your expression of yourself, you set the scene to becoming confident, happy, relaxed, and eventually self reliant.

It is in this state that the Human Mind produces the best results. To emphasize the absolute nature of a Positive Mindset, it is worth repeating . . .

Attitude components define who you are and where you are going. On this page we examine our Cognitive Component.

Understanding Attitude Components

Understanding the components of attitude that one needs to manipulate, in order to take charge of his or her mind, on their journey to enlightenment, and establishing a problem solving mindset, is not merely useful, it is essential.

A thorough understanding of these components is also essential if one is to discover the potential of the ultimate secret of the Human Mind.

Cognitive Attitude

It is no exaggeration to say that this Cognitive attitude component is not at all well understood. Human Behavior is mostly executed on autopilot via the Affective attitude component in response to stimuli in one's environment.

inadequate behavior inevitably results in chaos

This is analogous to a commercial Company outsourcing it’s core expertise with lax guidelines towards the goals it desires to achieve.

The relative – to population World wide - paucity of folk in general, and Leaders in particular, who exhibit a Problem solving mindset, is an indication of the widespread deficiency of  appreciation of the capacity inherent in every Human mind. 

We live in an uncertain World because we meekly accept this lack of appreciation of the potency of our minds to resolve any issue equitably. This misunderstanding leads to the consequence that inadequate behavior inevitably results in chaos, of some description.

You’ve Got It

Notwithstanding a relatively widespread inability to solve problems, this Cognitive element of one’s Attitude is an inbuilt mental faculty available to each and every one of us.

First though, we must recognize the fact that we not only possess this mechanism, but also possess the aptitude to direct it in a positive manner to achieve ends ranging from the mundane, to the seemingly impossible.
In other words, by adopting and developing a problem solving mindset, we unleash the capacity to access opportunities invisible to the negative, or indeed neutral, mind. It is the drawing out of this problem solving potential that permits us to choose our path in Life according to our innate talents and desires.  

 Cognitive Attitude Component Composition

Our Cognitive Attitude Component is composed of:

  • Positive Mindset

  • Conscious Self Awareness

  • Knowledge

  • Rational Beliefs

  • Values And Principles

Aided by . . .
The moment by moment recognition of the relationship of those components to one’s response to life in general, and to the immediate environment one is experiencing - otherwise known as Reality

Being part of the process of taking charge of one’s mind, this recognition must be pioneered in a purposeful, consciously self aware manner.

Conscious Self Awareness

Once on the path of development, and encouraged by the rewards of Mindfulness, Conscious Self Awareness grows exponentially. Eventually becoming Habit.

Readily acceptable and willingly acted upon

Once it has attained the status of habit, Conscious Self Awareness works diligently in the background, monitoring one’s behavior and providing constant feedback of exquisite value. First-hand Behavioral feedback. Unbiased feedback of our own behavior obtainable in no other way.

This type of unbiased feedback is readily acceptable and willingly acted upon. We know it is true.
Conscious Self Awareness is entirely different from, and bears no association with, the self centered, all about me, approach to Life.

A self centered approach to Life is geared solely towards a Human seeking attention and gratification. 

In practice - under the auspices of Wisdom - Conscious Self Awareness focuses on the perception, and comprehension, of your own Thought processing. This involves examination of your attitude, knowledge, beliefs, and desires, in direct relation to given circumstances.

Earnest processing and examination culminate in a crystal clear understanding of how those Thoughts can, and do, influence your mood, feelings, and subsequently, drive your behavior. With this awareness locked in place, you can now direct those thoughts to equitable ends with equanimity.

When you can repeat this process, at will, with the requisite equanimity, and follow through with the requisite equitable actions, you are in charge of you. You will be able to predict the consequences of your actions with extraordinary accuracy.

Given Time And Attention

Consciously aware Thought processing becomes most powerful and beneficially influential on behavior once one has taken charge of his or her mind. Following consistent stimulating reference to their previously established repertoire of values and principles.

The alternative is a mere display of sheer Emotion

Consistently referring to your values and principles, for guidance, enables calculated and measured, equitable decisions to be made. In other words rational, beneficial, and worthy decisions that attract the attention and admiration of other right thinking Humans.

The alternative is a mere display of sheer Emotion, Positive or negative, when the Affective attitude component is unsupervised, allowing it to dictate our responses. A common scenario we are all familiar with.

Reliably, given time and attention, Conscious Self Awareness - as with everything we Humans engage in - improves relative to practical effort. With experience, consistently sensible – meaning beneficial - behavioral decisions supported by positive enthusiasm for execution, will be the result.

Of  Immense Importance

In addition to permitting us to make and execute rational decisions, our Cognitive Attitude Component is instrumental in the exercise of Self Discipline, Personal Initiative, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

Uh Oh -

When Conscious Self Awareness is finally habit, one can then focus on problem solving with alacrity and equanimity. And in conjunction with this essential to success habit, begin making progress in whatever worthy and worthwhile endeavor is close to his or her heart.

If there were ever a guardian angel, our cognitive attitude component is it

However . . .

Reaching this elevated Thinking platform is merely the beginning of an intellectually stimulating world where success is a process.

 A word of caution is in order.

Responsibility beckons. It is easy to be complacent

In order to exploit the massive potential the Universe - that is Nature - offers, in an equitable manner that not merely avoids chaos, but eliminates the possibility of chaos occurring, we Humans need all the help we can get.

That help is inbuilt as a characteristic element of our Cognitive capabilities. We can recognize this help as another of life's delightful yet serious paradoxes, we employ our Cognitive Attitude Component to monitor itself.

If There Were Ever A Guardian Angel Our Cognitive Attitude Component Is It

When Wisely Used - Attitude Components Rock

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