Behavioral Attitude May Be Complex
 But It Is Not Incomprehensible

Behavioral Attitude

The Behavioral Attitude Component, and the Affective Attitude Component of the Human Mind, are two sides of the same coin. And just as inextricably linked.

Little has changed

This author has previously noted that the Affective Attitude component of most Humans approach to Life has changed little over the course of recorded History.

Because of it’s close, yet universally unsupervised, affinity, to the Affective component of attitude, our behavioral attitude component has likewise gained little progressive change during the long course of this observable period.

For a number of reasons

These reasons Include . . .

  • Undeveloped Foggy Thinking

  • Emotions And Desires Overwhelm Cognition

  • Deficient Conscious Self Awareness

  • Insufficient Knowledge

  • Lack Of Comprehension

  • Undeveloped Values And Principles

  • Encumbering Limiting Beliefs

 Foggy Thinking

The actual cause of this lack of supervision of our behavioral attitude component can be found primarily in the indistinct mental landscape that comprises an individual’s undeveloped thinking process.

We are way more aware of our feelings and moods

In this foggy state, we are way more aware of our feelings and moods, without necessarily understanding the flow of these persistent, demanding Emotions, than we are of the Cognitive Capabilities we possess.

Capabilities, offered by our massive Cerebrum, that allow us to take charge of, and master, those same moods and feelings.

Our massive Cerebrum is host facility to our Cognitive Attitude Component. Here within dwell Intellectual Abilities, that when recognized, acknowledged, and we familiarize ourselves with, enable us to take charge of our Thoughts, hence Mind, hence Life.

The emphasis here, is on undeveloped Thinking.

Competent Thinking, in common with other skills, mental and physical, is entirely dependent on the practitioner, and can can only be enhanced with an individual's total involvement.

Accordingly, this author's abiding exhortation, to do your own Reasoning. To do so, one must become a seeker, and discerner, of Truth, Morality, and Knowledge.

Emotions And Desires Overwhelm Cognition

Under the circumstances of a lack of influential involvement of our Cognitive component, Rational Reflection plays little part in the transition of Thought into action.

We allow our Emotions to overwhelm our Cognition

This critical to success - in any endeavor - process of Rational Thinking is relegated, by default, well nigh entirely to the Emotions. With little or no reference to or input from, the Cognitive attitude component.

An age old discouragement to Rational Thought is that we Humans allow our Emotional Desires to overwhelm our Cognition. In other words, we stifle our Reasoning and Learning capability. Irrational actions are only too often justified with platitudes.

History, and your current wider environment, wherever in the World you may reside, bears testimony to wider Humanities enduring difficulty to harness the awesome latent Powerfulness inherent in the Cognitive Attitude Component of every Human Being.

When we utilize Rational Thought, grounded in our values and principles, in conjunction with directing our Emotions to positive ends to drive Good action, we make harmonious, practical, satisfying progress.

 When we allow our Emotions to dominate our Thoughts, with little or no Cognitive input, our actions tend to generate chaos.

Deficient Conscious Self Awareness

Conscious self awareness is a state of mind where one sees him or herself as a separate identity. Closely related to Mindfulness, this state provides real-time feedback on your mood, thoughts, and feelings. Real-time feedback allows you to maintain a positive attitude founded in a positive state of mind. A positive state of mind allows you to moderate your Emotions in order to arrive at the most appropriate decisions for any set of given circumstances.

Conscious self awareness is an essential element of taking charge of your Thoughts. It is also an essential element in the intelligent execution of the ultimate secret of the Human Mind.

Thought powers your Mind.

The one and only way to attain conscious self awareness is to practice focusing on each and every Thought you allow yourself to think.

See, a word of caution below . . .

Insufficient Knowledge

Insufficient Knowledge is a key driver of allowing our Emotions to destabilize and rule our lives. Under these circumstances it is perfectly normal to act on our feelings and moods. One know no better. Our feelings and moods drive our perceptions, and vice versa, in a perpetual cycle of self justifying confusion.
When we allow our moods and feelings to drive our actions, we merely compound that above mentioned indistinct mental landscape, generated by foggy Thinking. Problem solving cannot function in such a resource-less environment.

Nevertheless, insufficient knowledge should not be considered in a derogatory context. A lack of knowledge in the sphere of Human behavior is the same as lack of knowledge in any other discipline.

Until one decides to learn about a given thing, that thing may as well not exist. Yet once that decision to learn is made, one can go about garnering the appropriate information. Studying the content on this Website is an excellent starting point to learn about your latent potential.

Lack Of Comprehension

A lack Of Comprehension, in common with insufficient knowledge, is a clear indication that more intellectual effort is required. There is no way to avoid this conclusion. With inadequate fuel in the tank, a vehicle will stop short of it’s destination.

Hot on the heels of this insight should be the deep realization that comprehending knowledge is the fuel, that is, catalyst, that facilitates an individual to advance his or her circumstances.

Comprehension of knowledge can only be attained by individual effort

Encumbering Beliefs 

Every individual on this Planet holds Inner Beliefs. Ideally, our beliefs should align closely with our values and principles. If our beliefs are limiting our Thinking, our Thinking will limit our ability to achieve.

Our beliefs should align closely with our values and principles

One's Beliefs can, and do, have an inordinate influence on our behavioral attitude.

Conscious Awareness should be fully alert when forming one’s beliefs. Caution and vigilance are the watchwords.

A qualifying question to ask for every belief one may entertain, should be . . . Is It True?

Following through, and answering, this cognitive request, each and every time we adopt a new belief, will inevitably culminate in consistently reliable Knowledge, adequate Comprehension of that knowledge, and ultimately, Wisdom.

When one has attained the highly desirable State Of Mind that encompasses Wisdom, he or she is operating on higher planes of Thought. And is now equipped to make unbiased, unprejudiced, equitable decisions. With equanimity.

Values And Principles

Every person on the Planet is endowed with fundamental values and principles. No matter the Culture, these values and principles are strikingly – and comfortingly - similar.

The further we Humans advance these innate Values and Principles, by assigning their places of residence in our Conscious Awareness, the more harmonious we can become. Harmony, in turn, encourages tolerance and acceptance of others, who, on first sight, appear  different. In a virtuous cycle, Friendship blossoms and flourishes.

Differences are recognized as the valuable assets they immanently represent.

When Humans cultivate Harmony as a Habit we are effortlessly contributing to a Good World.

Our Behavioral Attitude is responding favorably, to our Cognitive Input. We are taking charge of our Thoughts and directing our mind on purpose.

Behavioral Attitude Is A Phenomenon

A Bad, wrong, or intentionally abhorrent behavioral attitude is a covert admission by the holder that he or she has neglected to develop their innate thinking skills - via their Cognitive Attitude Component - that enables one to conduct a wholesome, harmonious, and satisfying life.

Behavior is the product of our thoughts and beliefs

When utilized for Good, this phenomenon can produce prosperity and equality for all Humans. When ignored or neglected, for whatever reason, or it is intentionally misused for evil, chaos ensues.

You and I have no need to refer to History for proof or evidence of the detrimental consequences of ignorant use of this phenomenon. We can witness it playing out in real time, right before our eyes.

Behavior is the product of what we allow ourselves to Think and Believe.

Prudent Use

Patience and tolerance with oneself is paramount if one is to master their Cognitive Attitude. An Emotional reaction tends to formulate faster than does a rational response.

It is our Conscious Self Awareness and prudent use of our Cognitive Attitude Component in order to properly supervise our Behavioral Attitude, that facilitates an individual to moderate his or her intrinsically volatile Emotions.

 Then, via Intelligent Thought, employing our Mind as a force for Good, we can intentionally direct – as opposed to Control - those Emotions, to productive, beneficially equitable ends.

Moderating one's Emotions encompasses the complete gamut of intelligent Human behavior. Ranging from holding our tongue instead of a sharp reaction when another is less than civil, on an individual basis, to preventing war between Nations on a collective basis.

And every other disturbance in between these two extremes.

Be Very Wary

By it’s precise nature, a negative attitude diminishes the holder’s ability to engage with the Cognitive component of Conscious Self Awareness. A negative attitude always justifies lower plane Thinking, and encourages deleterious Thoughts to not merely remain dominant, but to run rampant.

Conscious Self Awareness is an essential element for the construction, and maintenance, of a Positive State Of Mind.

A Word Of Caution

Attaining a working state of Conscious Self Awareness is no mean feat. Protecting this investment of effort and time is paramount.

Preservation is accomplished by maintaining one's heightened awareness in conjunction with developing a Positive Attitude and Positive State of Mind. While awareness is an element of your positive state of mind, it is vulnerable to complacency.

It is easy to be complacent

It is too easy to be complacent. Maintaining one's Conscious Self Awareness is a full time job.

Humility is a prerequisite to counter the ever present menaces to overall Mind Expansion that a Complacent Attitude attract.

Physical skills, such as driving motor vehicles or playing musical instruments once learned, can confidently be left on auto-pilot. Unless one is actively practicing enhancements.

Mental skills, such as maintaining a positive state of mind, are not set and forget. Conscious Self Awareness means that you are vitally aware of every Thought that you allow yourself to Think.

Conscious Self Awareness is a potent habit, and a potent Tool. An integrated element of one's Mind that precedes and guides your every action, including verbal intercourse.

Conscious Self Awareness is not limited to behavioral responses. With dedicated practice you can expand this powerful tool’s depth and reach to any field of activity you have the innate potential for, and possess the desire to undertake.

Applying this efficacious Mind Tool whilst problem solving allows you to filter out the majority of possible mistakes, via your imagination, before committing resources to any endeavor. You gain a vastly superior image of the goal you intend to achieve.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

 Powerful it may be, yet conscious self awareness it is also fragile. Leaving our behavioral attitude on auto-pilot, confident in the same manner one executes any learned physical skill, invites progressive deterioration of this potent habit.

While there are substantial resources available to strengthen and enhance our Positive State Of Mind, Conscious Self Awareness is the only line of defense between positive and negative.

In other words, between Good and evil.

When Conscious Self Awareness is breached, beginning with intolerant disagreement, chaos descends, and we find ourselves in an awry environment of psychological or physical warfare of some degree.

Chaos Exacts A Heavy Toll

The toll chaos exacts should be cause for reflection. We make the same mistake over and over again. To alleviate the burden the common tendency to repeat this universal mistake imposes, comprehending Attitude Components is everything.

Domination is a fool’s game

In consternation - in an almost nescient manner - insufficient knowledge concealing the power it possesses, we Humans blindly refuse to recognize our Cognitive Attitude Component

We allow our Affective attitude component to reign supreme. Then cower amidst the mayhem created by allowing our Behavioral Attitude Component to attempt to force its will on each other.

All the time wondering why our World is in such a mess.

 Ignoring the lesson History tirelessly repeats, that - domination is a fool’s game - we prefer to believe if we had bigger guns we could prevail and win. Factual Reflection informs us that this uneducated belief is misleading, whether between two or more Individuals, or between Nations.

Whatever we may believe . . .

We Are Our Behavioral Attitude

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