Collaboration And Democracy 
An Opportunity For Peace

Collaboration and Democracy

Collaboration and Democracy are waiting patiently in the wings, on the stage we call life, for us to recognize the opportunity they present to Humanity. To build the Planetary Utopia that genuine sharing across all Peoples and Nations makes tangible and achievable.

Collaboration and Democracy are waiting patiently

It has taken around ten thousand years of practicing to be civilized to reach a point in our evolution whereby the opportunity presents itself to establish true equality for the Human Race.

Ten thousand tumultuous years.

 An excruciatingly long time. But a Brobdingnagian (big) shift in the conscious awareness of our Human Intelligence compared with our early forebears.

Forebears who squandered two million years from the initial glimpse of the power at their disposal.

If we accept this opportunity to free our Minds and Spirits, modern Humans will be able to claim we are two hundred times quicker witted than our Stone Tool using predecessors.

That opportunity, for freedom, and equality, while here with us now, will be fleeting. Appearing in the guise of technology that can be used for Good, to forever free ourselves. Or used for evil, to ensnare and eternally enslave ourselves.

At the pleasure of a few despots.

It's All About Knowledge

Knowledge is the antecedent of Technology and comes in two flavors. Open Source, and Closed Source.

Open source, like the truly honest person, is impervious to corruption

On the side of Good, aligned with Collaboration and Democracy, is Open Source. Gaining traction and widespread acceptance as the enormous practical benefits and self regulating aspect have become better understood.

Open source, like the truly honest person is impervious to corruption.

If damaged, it is self healing. For the very reason that no individual can wield undue influence.

If a contributor makes a mistake, or a malicious mind purposely attempts to inflict impairment, it is soon noticed and rooted out by other knowledgeable individuals.

No legal shenanigans or mischief making at play here. Just Truth exerting it's existence.

Attempts at malicious impairment will prove to have nuisance value only. Now that is genuine security. We can be our own providers of freedom from anxiety and the unnecessary fear of our estranged fellows.

No Match

While not inherently evil, Closed Source knowledge readily lends itself to practices that are evil.

Closed source was an aggressive effort to advance Humanity that probably created as many problems as it solved. Perhaps closed source has outlived it's usefulness.

The fleeting opportunity mentioned above abides latent in the positive hope that ready acceptance of open source knowledge can race ahead of closed source. Accelerating the demise of this once useful, if flawed, institution. Closed Source, with it's many disadvantages to the majority, is no match for it's magnanimity inspiring counterpart.

World Changing Potential

Collaboration and Democracy, shoulder to shoulder with Open Source and Personal Development, has the potential to change the world to the way we, the majority, want it.

Money and Power lose their influence to corrupt when Minds are operating at higher frequencies and focused on Good. Particularly the Common Good.

Collaboration and democracy have the potential to change the world

Open Minds and Open Knowledge harnesses and guides intelligence from every source imaginable.

Imposing no restrictions on input or output.

From great great grandparents to preschoolers. Everyone can share or contribute information gleaned by empirical or Intuitive means.

Everybody can play an important role in helping to build a culture of collaboration in Human affairs. Otherwise known as a culture of sharing. A World wide democracy. Sharing interest between collaborators is both a motivator, in the form of mind stimulation, and reward for effort.

The evidence for what can be achieved when we pool our Mind-Power is not merely breathtaking, it is ubiquitous. We can take strength and inspiration from each other and those who preceded us.

Those, relatively speaking, few, individuals who do not believe in promoting Collaboration and Democracy - believing instead that they can obtain and retain control - Whether over people, resources, or process, will be the greatest retrogressive drag on the bright future Open Source knowledge offers Humanity. And, eventually, if they insist on selfishness, the biggest personal losers


I invite you to purposely and consciously focus on harmony and enthusiastic cooperation.

Embrace and enjoy

 No matter what is happening around you. And if a collaborative opportunity comes your way, embrace and enjoy it with the same healthy attitude. You will be adding to your own joy and to the joy of the world.

Collaboration and Democracy, Open source, and Personal Development, are some of the Tools we can use to genuinely secure our future.

A far cry, indeed, from stone implements. And violent behavior.

Collaboration and Democracy Rocks!

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