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Power Of Altruism

Human Intelligence, a deep Passion for helping others, a working knowledge of Electricity and Speech Therapy, a  Desire to Learn, Encouragement and Support . . . sundry ingredients that helped to produce the Telephone.

Lifelong Passion The Stimulus

The Telephone, that ubiquitous device we take for granted, was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Albeit amid controversial circumstances.

Alexander Graham Bell

Scottish born Bell, (1847-1922) a refined, altruistic, individual was a practicing Elocutionist and Speech Therapist with three generations of family involvement.

Bell's grandfather, father, uncle, and his two brothers, shared the same passion. An abiding intense interest in speech.

Alexander's lifelong, consuming devotion, was to enable deaf people to speak correctly. He was also a dedicated student of Electricity.
Bell, as did contemporary, Thomas Edison, enjoyed the mind focusing and confidence inspiring encouragement of a gentle, supportive spouse, who took a keen interest in everything he worked on.

Bell's father in law, Gardiner G. Hubbard, a man of considerable achievement in his own right and who was generally supportive of his son in law, including financially, scorned him when he confided that he dreamed of transmitting multiple sounds along a wire simultaneously. To be heard at the far end.

Hubbard advised Bell to forget the idea. Instead, Hubbard insisted he should focus his efforts on discovering an invention that would make money. Fortunately, Bell possessed the requisite self belief and tenacity to follow through with his intentions, to the point where . . . .

Gardiner G. would later become Bell's greatest commercial promoter. Without whose help his telephone may have languished. An Intelligent change of Mind.

Human Intelligence - Mind Of An Inventor

 To get a feel for the Mind of an Inventor at the beginning of an Invention, Bell is a great example.


Alexander knew what he wanted. However, the intellectual fog accompanying inventive Thought can be quite intimidating.

One must persist, and follow through, with self confidence and an absolute belief that one's intentions can be realized. At this fragile point of infancy, Ideas can be destroyed or killed stone dead.

Bell's conception was to place a harp at one end of a length of wire, and an amplifying trumpet at the other. Human speaking frequencies would be improvised by plucking the appropriate strings of the harp, and reproduced by the trumpet at the far end.

Bell was experimenting with visual images of sound vibrations produced by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville's invention the Phonautograph, a predecessor of  the Edison Phonograph.

The Phonautograph traced visual images of sound waves on a soot covered sheet of paper by means of a bristle, or filament. Much like an EEG machine traces out electric impulses today.

At this time he was searching for ways to improve the output of both the Phonautograph and another device, the Manometric Capsule, which also rendered sound waves visible, via a gas sourced flame and revolving mirror.

Ghoulish Set-Up

Bell's altruistic aspiration was to enable and facilitate teaching deaf Humans to speak by sight. Students of this system would learn to recognize the alphabet, with each letter being composed of individual vibrations, made visible by the particular function of one or the other machine.


Discussing his ideas and experiments with a buddy who was a hearing specialist and surgeon, the good doctor described the functioning of the Human Ear and suggested Bell use a Human Ear to conduct future inquiry.

Alexander Bell instantly grasped the advantages of utilizing his friend's suggestion, and accepted the surgeon's offer to supply a complete ear, including drum, anvil, hammer and stirrup.

The stirrup is the smallest bone in the Human body, being less than half a millimeter in length.
With his friend's ghoulish set-up in place, Bell could reproduce and trace vibrations of the Human voice in real time.

Speak Up

Speaking loudly into his ear set-up would elicit a perfectly normal response. As if the ear were alive.

Bell observed that the thin, delicate membrane of the ear drum vibrated in harmony with the sound of his voice. Which caused the three bones, anvil, hammer and stirrup, to also vibrate.

This harmonious vibration, that is, audio frequency, with all it's nuances, is transmitted to the Cochlea, within the inner ear, where it is converted into electrical impulses which can then be deciphered by the brain.

Image by - Inductiveload - Reproduced under  CC BY-SA 2.5

Click to enlarge Anatomy Of Human Ear

Alexander Graham Bell now had a clear vision of how to convert sound waves into electric waves and back again into sound waves.

What he needed to do now, was convert the lucid Thoughts composing his conception, into physical counterparts.

Easier said than done, but we know Bell achieved just that.

Now with the rock solid foundation of Natural Law underpinning his efforts, from this point on Bell made steady progress to achieving his Desire of sending multiple sounds along a copper wire.

In modern times, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell's altruistic Attitude, individuals transport the means of transmitting not only Sound, but also Video, around the World, in our pockets.

Without wires.

Such is the power of following through with Good Intentions

The Future Of Human Intelligence Is Us

This is where we leave our past discoverers and their pioneering discoveries. We are back in real time. Consciously immersed in a Technical World that offers benefits that improve our lives, while not necessarily comprehending the intricacies of how such a Technical World is possible.

We modern Humans owe a debt of some magnitude for the illumination our wise, audacious, intrepid, dauntless, resolute predecessors who applied their Intelligence to shed light on this amazing Universe we are all part of.

We are now in real time. The future is us. All of us

A Universe that is now familiar territory in many respects. And becoming ever more so. Due to our own investigative efforts, building on the faithful endeavors of trailblazers.

Hardy souls who refused to submit to the violent, ignorant, undesirable demands of the brain dead dominators who practiced the dark side of Human nature.

Disturbingly the dark side of Human nature is still very much with us, incorporating . . .

The ignorance, prejudice, greed. And the violence and upheaval practicing this dark side we all have access to, inevitably breeds.

Communication Will Shape The Future

Perhaps on the cusp of the possibility of Mass Communication is a fitting place to take our leave of these inspiring entities who laid the sound foundations of our Future by insisting on accepting nothing less than Truth.

Alexander Graham Bell may, or may not, have realized, that his altruistic Intentions to enable deaf people to speak, would spark the possibility for Humans Beings, wherever they might be on our Planet, to Communicate.

Technology has provided an unprecedented opportunity to communicate to really get to know each other.

When two or more Humans communicate on purpose, with the express intention to genuinely understand each other, we learn how much we have in common.

With this invigorating knowledge we readily comprehend that our one and only enemy, is the evil intentions of the disturbed Minds who seek to eliminate Free Thinking and Dominate their fellows.

Disturbed Minds execute evil Intentions via a negative attitude that arrests progress for the victims and drags them back into the pitch black darkness before Homo Habilis had the first creative Thought.

Contempt for Human Dignity can only happen if we permit it by submitting our Will to lesser intellects. As individuals, we innately possess the means to subvert evil. That means is the power of your Mind.

Evil shrivels, it's power to intimidate diminishes, and evaporates, when countered by Human Intelligence affiliated to Personal Development and genuine altruistic Communication.

The future is us. All of us. Every individual has the same access to Spiritual Intelligence. Now is the time to build the Mental Muscle that is so essential to counter and emasculate evil.

Human Intelligence Is An Endless Journey

This albeit brief passage through time has provided a foundation on which to build and grow a thorough understanding of how our Mind functions. An understanding that becomes deeper as we apply new-found knowledge and seek ever greater Mind expansion. A journey that never ends.


Beginning with Humanities initial Creative Thought, producing Homo Habilis's Axe, to modern day Space exploration, and on to Prostheses that are thought controlled . . .

We Humans are inexorably learning to apply our Minds to the challenges of Life the way Nature intended. Truth is dawning. The possibilities awaiting discovery appear infinite.

Classical Greece Philosopher Plato, one of the Human species greatest Thinkers, sensed this two and a half thousand years ago, when he determined . . .

What we call results are beginnings

The time is ripe for you, me, and every other person on this planet, to take complete charge of our Human Intelligence.

And convert the ghastly forces of ignorance, greed and violence that dominates and rules our species, into the euphoric freedom of shared practical knowledge and understanding.

That then allows and permits each one of us to maximize our potential in complete Harmony.

All the while contributing to the Common Good

Human Intelligence Rocks!

Part 25 - Part 24

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