Long Tail
 A Synonym For opportunity

The Long Tail Equals Limitless Opportunity

When the long tail phenomenon is more widely recognized, understood, and appreciated, this term will become synonymous with the word opportunity.

Nonetheless, the long tail is nothing new, and the knowledge gleaned from Chris Anderson’s vivid description of the evolution of this actuality is worth the cover price of his book alone. While knowledge of it's evolution is important to grasp the reality of it's existence, the pivotal point he makes is that the Internet simply allows it to be exploited exponentially and infinitely. 

This is a book outlining a trend that is not merely influencing, but is compelling how Companies approach doing business. High praise for the book’s contents comes from leaders of Enterprises who are at the cutting edge of this trend and whose survival depends on an intimate understanding of this not so new, but now all pervading, phenomenon.

SiteSell founder, Ken Evoy, who knows more than a thing or two about the Internet and Business, and Humans, I might add, considers Chris Anderson’s efforts,A book for the ages”.

Benefit Of Hindsight

Any one contemplating a Web Business today has the benefit of hindsight to help them cement a decision

Insightful minds - the caliber of  Ken Evoy and owners of his creation Solo Build It! have trail-blazed their way to financial success

Proving beyond doubt to the rest of us that this is the future right here - right now

Spearheading that bright future is infinite choice

Infinite Choice

In essence, we are emerging from the depths of an era of Mega-hits and Blockbusters – in all avenues of production - where our choices were made for us by a monolithic oligopoly, who in turn were constrained by the necessity of massive budgets, limited shelf space, and expensive production and distribution systems.

The few producing the many.

Shelf space, aka product carrying capacity, is one of the most important aspects of operating any company dealing in physical goods. It is of particular importance to the solopreneur.

Products, which before the advent of the Internet, could not offer or sustain a viable income because of lack of customers in a restricted geographical area, now face no such restrictions. The whole World is their market place.

Imagine, a shop-front to the World!!

The Digital Age is delivering multitudinous opportunities in every sphere of Human activity, available to anyone who can recognize them.

Mini Mega Hits

We are transitioning to a world of 'mini mega-hits'. Each of which, when chosen and dealt with wisely - via SBI! Site Concept Finder tool - is more than capable of sustaining a Solopreneur business. A world where every product, no matter how unusual, has the opportunity to prosper - because the World can be it’s Marketplace.

Every one of those products has the potential to turn a dollar when treated with care and wisdom.

Theme Content Sites are playing a key role in exploiting this enormous potential.

This shift does not spell the demise of the mega-hit, which can, and will, live alongside niche products. However, the evidence is pointing to the fact that it is already playing second fiddle to Infinite Choice, and that will be the status quo from now on.

Today’s Solopreneurs - people like you and me - are on the ground floor of creating a world of infinite choice

Essential Partnerships

Infinite choice is made possible by the formation of multiple participants, each with an individualized offering, via companies with the resources to aggregate, yet who will never possess the resources to replicate the offerings of their small partners.

Call to mind Ali Baba, Amazon, E-Bay, Google, and a host of other biggies who bring together millions of niche web businesses. Making it easier, and convenient, for niche operators to showcase their wares, satisfy their customers, and make a handsome living for themselves.

In return, the biggies make their money taking a percentage of every dollar earned by the smaller operators. Without the massive investments required to produce, promote, and distribute mega-hits.

Purchasers of goods and services enabled by this burgeoning new way, are rewarded with products that exactly meet their tastes. Everyone wins.

With appropriate nurturing, this brilliant system has the potential to work forever, creating income opportunity for any capable person willing and determined to take advantage of the favorable conditions it offers.

Symbiotic Relationship

Current business models, founded in the Material World, are approaching their physical constraints, where huge budgets are required to stay viable and real world shelf space is limited.

The digital world, with solopreneurs providing products, and scarce shelf space in the case of physical goods, eases these burdens on big business and allows them to focus on providing ever more efficient services, as agregators to their clients, that is, we Solopreneurs.

The biggies who do this best will produce more profits than producing any combination of Mega-hits ever did.

The dependence on success of every solopreneur under their care for their own well-being, is further incentive for the biggies to provide education and tools, along with avenues and channels that make it simple – for everyone - to conduct business.

Never forgetting that the reason it works is the symbiotic nature of the relationship.

In this new Digital World of the unleashed long tail and unlimited shelf space . . .

The switched on Solopreneur . . .

With the Tools Of Production and distribution facilities at his or her fingertips . . .

Is the ascendant creator of any and all things

Following a too long hiatus - backyard inventors are once again in vogue

Gratifyingly, that limitless shelf space is being stocked with the contents of the seemingly limitless Human imagination. But . . . potential buyers must be able to readily locate even the most unusual thing.

Search Engine Role:

The ability to find a thing is as important as the ability to produce it. Search engines are becoming ever more adept at long tail discovery, with relevant search results delivered to the searcher, via search terms found only within relevant content. These often unique search terms are long tail keywords, and account for a high percentage of site visitors.

In other words a long tail keyword is actually a search term, often unique, but highly targeted to the content of a given Theme Site.

Products and demand have always existed, and always will. The Internet merely brings them together - in the most convenient of ways.

Cooling Fan - Example

Interested parties are needed to support a given activity. The Internet provides the means to bring buyer and seller together, no matter the physical distance between them.

Recently, I sought a replacement cooling fan for a high end graphics card. Surprisingly, I found but one listing for this particular fan on the entire web, on a solopreneur web business in China.

Thanks to this enthusiastic seller half way around the Planet, and this effective way of conducting business, she made a sale, an expensive piece of technology was saved from the scrapheap, and my wallet was treated kindly.

Last But Not Least

In this exciting new world of the long tail, shelf space and imagination alone, are not limitless. If one is suitably ambitious, and is competent in an appropriate niche, there is no reason why you cannot extend your influence in the same manner as big business and aggregate other websites in your field of expertise.

Although paradoxically demanding - it has never been easier to produce win win win partnerships and outcomes


A  precautionary measure we need be aware of – no more no less – is we must be able to identify fraud.

Because . . .

Wherever we find opportunity, we find the dark side of Human nature.

The Long Tail Rocks!

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