Collaboration And Democracy
Were Made For Each Other

Collaboration Is Democracy

Collaboration and Democracy were made for each other. Sharing and depending on principles in the mold of transparency, honesty, decency, and trust, to work and flourish.

Freedom and fidelity coexist easily and readily

Principles that provide the lift that allows the Human spirit to rise and effortlessly soar.

Collaboration and Democracy require a climate drenched with the warmth of freedom and empathy to be completely effective.

A reciprocal climate where true freedom and responsibility coexist as easily and readily as does love and friendship.

With such a desirable environment well within reach of our capacity to achieve, one could be excused for wondering why we are not pursuing it with all our heart, soul, and intellect.

Freedom and fidelity coexist easily and readily.

Insidious Threat To Collaboration and Democracy

Instead, there is an insidious pestilence threatening to destroy what we have of Democracy. Engendered and promoted by the very custodians that we empower and entrust to guard and nurture our freedom.

This canker has infected a Big Brother who, with his defective state of mind is determined to subjugate us by invading our privacy and eliminating our choices. Passing it off as a means to keep us safe and secure.

Mirroring history this is the aggressive minority bullying the placid majority

Little will be performed to secure True Freedom by these less than astute eliminators of Liberty. It serves their purposes to have a fearful population.

An elected Government that employs stealth and deception in an effort to engineer control of our lives is serious and offensive.

This loathsome approach to life is now infecting some in the business world. And is being foisted onto a trusting and unsuspecting public as being in our best interests.

How, by accepting privacy invasion and strident, manipulating, contracts that control purchasers of some goods and services, to touch the tip of a growing unstable iceberg, can be in one's best interests, has this author flummoxed.

This type of behavior does not even come close to Democracy, the essence of which is - - -

Government by the people; a form of government in which
 the supreme power is retained and directly exercised by
 the people.

1913 Webster

Mirroring history, this is the tiresome aggressive minority bullying the placid majority.

Humans Create Their Own Future

 Power was originally derived from dominance over the vapid ignorant masses, via violence. And later, combined with power derived from money. Money leveraged the capacity of those who desired to dominate, to wage compound war on their fellow Humans.

evil is the misuse of spiritual intelligence

Positioning a privileged few to inordinately influence the direction Humanity has followed.

Methinks that as with the non thinking aggressive minority today, Humanities future was not on these warmongers agenda.

While advancing towards the optimal well-being of our species held little or no interest for them, the disturbing chaotic conditions brought about by these atrocious warmonger's control seeking activities were the deleterious circumstances Good Human beings who did care about Human progress were compelled to work in.

We can marvel at, and learn from the achievements of these heroic women and men who worked, and won, in the midst of unspeakable physical and psychologically violent evil.

Evil is the misuse of the Universal force of Spiritual Intelligence.

evil Is Still With Us

Fast forward to the present era and we find that evil is still very much with us. Somewhat abated in the physical sense, it is on the rise in the psychological sense. Disturbingly, it is on the rapid increase in the so called first world.

Histories lessons go unrecognized.

By way of the same sense of helplessness that enslaved our forebears, we are now being trussed up in the knots of privacy invading electronic surveillance. And intimidating law making.

Stunningly, criticism of this invasion is countered with a nonchalant “Ive got nothing to hide”. Maybe, but even if we do have nothing to hide - - -
The chilling, stark reality is we have nowhere to hide. Eencapsulated in the title of investigative journalist Robert O'Harrow's illuminating, if disquieting, book, 'No Place To Hide'. An excellent starting point for an overview of the Human mind's deceptive capabilities.


This is fellow Human beings, who, instead of utilizing Spiritual Intelligence, Collaboration, and Democracy, to make the world a better place, succumb to the lower plane thinking temptation of amoral gain. In an effort to take advantage of our unqualified trust born of a lack of awareness.

Temptation of amoral gain

These questionable characters are themselves unaware.

Greed blinds them.

They are unaware they can hold the same power and influence with our complete sanction.

Instead of generating fear, and contempt for them, and their actions, when their nefarious intentions are exposed - by employing the Principles of Personal Development - these questionable characters would become icons of advanced Society. And earn our undying love, respect, and gratitude.

They themselves then need not be afraid. Collaboration and Democracy are the means to this end.

Collaboration and Democracy Rocks!

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