Solopreneur Freedom
 Choosing Freedom With Confidence

Solopreneur Options

Freedom is essential to the Solopreneur. Liberty is essential to Humans flourishing, and, combined with responsibility, is the bedrock of Civilization.

Taking that statement for granted, in this instance we are merely investigating the autonomy available to an interested party, in the real world business environment.

Options to practice Solopreneur-ship in various degrees of autonomy abound

Below - a selection of alternatives are compared . . .

In relation to each other -  and to Solo build It!  - the e-business building platform that I personally use and promote

Minimum Freedom

A sound one person Franchise offers  – usually - a proven business plan and back-office support that enables one to engage in commerce and reap the rewards that following that proven plan deliver.

The trade-off is a lack of freedom to call your own shots. One is locked into a restrictive formula that the Franchiser owns, and one must adhere to it.

This is perfectly OK, it works, and it suits a number of folk who simply want to go to work each day, performing mostly repetitive activities unsupervised, with the opportunity to earn above average income. Earning in direct proportion to effort. The harder they work the more income they produce.

One normally pays a generous upfront purchase fee for the privilege of being a franchisee, and ongoing monthly or yearly administrative charges are generally levied. This type of Solopreneur-ship opportunity is most common in the off-line world.

Maximum Freedom

Maximum freedom is available when one is capable of and prepared to assemble everything required to establish a profitable business, online or off.

Maximum freedom equals maximum demand, in every aspect, on the would be Solopreneur. No need to go into details to get this point across. One can readily see that it is bordering on Entrepreneur territory and calls for the most resilient of mindsets.

Online, in between these two extremes exists a flock of compromises, offered by Host companies involved in the burgeoning e-business arena.

Tiered Freedom

Online e-business Hosts generally offer services in a tiered structure. Ranging from free websites, where, as in the one person franchise example above, you are severely restricted in what you can do, to a premium service where the least restrictions exist.

As more tools or processes are required, it is necessary to move higher up the structure. Each move from a lower tier to a higher tier involves additional fees and charges.

Understanding tiered structures - what you can do, with what you get, for your money - should be a priority in your diligent research.

Other alternatives include subcontracting one’s talents and abilities to a related industry Company, or even another Individual.

Best Of All Worlds

If after investigating these Solopreneur-ship opportunities, they make freedom look like a captive and hence not for you, then you will breathe a sigh of relief, and rejoice in appreciation when you focus your research on Solo Build It! - a unique e-business building platform that furnishes everything that you need to succeed.

All in one place. Right at your fingertips.

Yet does not interfere with your freedom to run your business, your way.

Solo Build It! even facilitates unleashing a touch of your deep down Entrepreneurial Spirit, in the most stable of ways.

Major Risk

Once one’s choice is made . . .

The major risk a Solopreneur faces is his or her ability . . .

To persist - to go the distance - to follow through . . .

- To accomplish -

Hence the crucial nature of understanding the desirability of Personal Development and the essential nature of possessing a sound  plan of action

 That Feeling Of Confidence

In our focus on building an e-business, you can be much more conservative than an entrepreneur, yet still run the show on your terms.

By employing the knowledge and wisdom of pioneers that have not only tread the path of e-commerce, but helped carve it, one knows, and feels, that necessary sensation of confidence required to accomplish a goal.

That feeling of confidence is a necessary factor to the success of any endeavor we Humans undertake.

Instead of taking unnecessary risks, where much guesswork and experimenting is involved, spreading yourself thin assembling technology and creating a plan that by necessity must evolve as you gain experience, you concentrate on backing yourself and your expertise, to the hilt.

Confident that you have what it takes to build a web business around your expertise and ability to help others, via imparting your knowledge.

Confidence boosted by using a proprietary method that has proven itself in practice. Solo build It! provides irrefutable proof that building a thriving e-business is a partnership between Method and Creativity.

Starting Point

Neither entrepreneur nor solopreneur need work alone. It is merely a starting point, both can be scaled to any degree required or desired. Solo means that you can do this by yourself, it is your show.

That does not mean you are alone.

Engaging those close to you can induce inspiration of the highest order

This is so important -

There is no substitute for the genuine involvement and support of others who care about you

It is the wind beneath your wings

Because . . .

Sharing inevitably creates and compounds value

Freedom And Confidence Rock!

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