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Thought Powers Your Mind

A pdThinker is vitally aware that all worthwhile achievement is a product of  Intelligent Thought and Conscious Enlightenment. Upon reflecting on your heritage as an Intelligent Conscious Being - a product of a living Intelligent Universe - you may see yourself, and your place, in that same Universe, in an inspiring light.

Thought powers your mind

If you do, then you will discover that the subject matter of this Site is committed to drawing your attention and focus to the ways and means of developing and implementing the potential you possess.

All your potential. Evident, and latent.

Intelligence, Thought, and Conscious Enlightenment, constitutes the epicenter of Mind Expansion. Intelligence is executed via Thought. Encapsulated in a Positive Thinking Attitude this epicenter offers the keystone of a way of life that benefits not only oneself, but everybody and everything, that crosses our path.

A challenging lifestyle for sure, yet a most satisfying one. Adopting the stance of a pdThinker facilitates this intellectually challenging lifestyle and makes it possible.

That stance is deep, yet simple. One does one's own Thinking. For the profound reason that Thought powers your Mind.

Is Life Intimidating Or Invigorating?

Unconscious life is astonishing enough. Conscious Life is magnitudes more astonishing. Intelligent Conscious Life is breathtaking. And elating.

Yet, even more astonishing than Intelligent Conscious Life, is the fact that we Human Beings can comprehend, and contemplate, the fact that we are Conscious Intelligent Beings.
The scintillating discovery that this comprehension and contemplation is available to us can be invigorating, exciting and energizing. Or it can be  confronting, threatening, and, sadly, bewildering.

A common default Human Condition is to be swayed and manipulated by a given individual's Environment. The most effective way to counter the enormous influences we are bombarded with in daily life is to understand these influences, and the effect they have on you, on an individual basis.

Do your own thinking

Mind expansion, aka Personal Development, takes the hit and miss out of this ability to contemplate, and places the power to comprehend firmly where it belongs. That place is under your immediate supervision and instruction.

You direct your own thinking.

A pdThinker removes the confronting, threatening, and bewildering factors of Life we are challenged by during the normal course of living.

We can accomplish this happier state of affairs by exchanging negative influences with a profound Desire to learn, via curiosity, wonder, reflection, and an immense appreciation for the gift of Thought.

Adopting and developing a purposely Positive Mindset - by way of Attitude Building, one can exert tremendous influence on their immediate environment, otherwise known as Personal Reality. Being in charge of our Personal Reality is just one benefit of mastering Life, attained by developing our innate ability to Think. Clearly.

Mastering The Momentous Event We Call Life

For the purpose of this discussion Life simply means organisms capable of independent reproduction. From single cell Bacterium to the most complex Being we are aware of.

We Humans are those complex Beings.

Nevertheless, as fascinating as Life in general is, it is Humans who will gain the lion’s share of our attention.

It is us, the Human Species, that is equiped with a Brain capacity far in excess of what is required to merely survive and procreate. As do our fellow travelers on this Planet.

Ahough many of these fellow travelers have skills and abilities Humans will never possess, these skills and abilities are limited to the aforementioned survival and procreation.

Not so Human Beings. We have been endowed with the most astonishing Intellect that allows us to Perceive, Discern, judge, Comprehend, Discover, Invent, and Create.

And distinguish between Good and evil.

Empowered by seemingly infinite authority imbued within this astonishing Intellect, we are custodians of our benevolent environment and it's inhabitants. Life abounds within this beautiful environment that sustains our every demand, and we call Home. From Alpha to Omega, Nature provides everything.

Nature crams our senses with Life's complexity, via Her three versions:

  • Unconscious

  • Conscious

  • Intelligent Conscious

Nature dares us to understand and master Life.

Master Does Not Mean Dominate

Master does not mean dominate. Master means complete competency in the execution of Nature’s Laws that allow we Humans to achieve goals, ranging from the mundane to the stupendous. Meaning achievement per se without wreaking the havoc we are so accustomed to. Havoc wrought by our ignorant approach over the past ten thousand years.

Recognizing it is time for change, a pdThinker approaches Life and Nature from a perspective of enlightenment.

Otherwise known as knowledgeable understanding.

The Most Valuable Advice A pdThinker Can Offer

It is better by far to have an understanding of Life than not. The most useful piece of advice we can share is you may as well put the effort into learning the laws that allow you to be right and enlightened, as opposed to putting the same, or more, effort into being wrong.

With the predictable consequence of confusion at least, destruction at worst.

This Author does not pull any punches. There is no time or place to offer unsound advice. However, don’t blindly take my word for everything. Or anything.

Every element of Personal Development can be proven, to your own satisfaction, by your own examination. Understanding is everything. Nature constructed your mind with the capacity to discern and apprehend Truth. Nevertheless, you must provide the determination to do so. 

Understanding Is Achieved By Conscious Awareness

Personal Development has an automatic purging effect. Truth cannot coexist alongside falsehood. As you comprehend Truth, your mind’s lights turn on with such intensity that falsehood is exposed in naked, ludicrous unattractiveness. Forever losing it’s unsavory power to influence you.

Be purposely alert to, and employ this reliable phenomenon of Truth versus falsehood, during your everyday activities, and your Mind Expansion efforts will build such momentum that they will accelerate exponentially. A pdThinker builds Mental Muscle, in preparation to meet, apprehend, understand, and resolve Problems of every description.

Challenges Will Keep Coming

On the path of Personal Development challenges to Understand will forever continue. Indeed, the challenges to Understand will grow ever deeper as the Spiritual and Material Worlds you create, grow.

Your expanding Mind however, will welcome, anticipate, and expect ever deeper intellectual engagements to comprehend.

Invigorating, exciting, and energizing Thought becomes an expectation. Everyday.

That is the desired path a pdThinker treads.

Confusion’s best efforts to mislead you will be momentary.

All your Intellectual Efforts will be founded in, and devoted to, comprehension and progress. Whatsoever your project/s may be.

Under this coveted state of an expanding mind, uncertainty is never anything more than an indication that additional effort is required to comprehend a given issue.

Mind expansion is achieved via our willingness to Learn, adopt, and apply Natural Law in the form of Principles which become our Tools for shaping our own Mind, and by extension, Society at large. The highest use of this Power is to employ it in pursuit of the Common Good.

pdThinker.com is your reliable companion

Where to begin?

Furnished with a Positive Mindset, a deep desire to learn, and the determination to follow through, the best place to start your Journey To Enlightenment is that place where you feel most comfortable.

Usually the best place to start any undertaking is where you possess a ready comprehension of the topic you are focused on.

You can then relate that subject to other themes. Gradually building an ever bigger picture where it all makes sense.

There are several best place to start suggestions throughout this site. To investigate, try plugging the word best into the search engine at the top of this, or any, page.

Practicing Reflection as a Habit will empower you to discover your own best way to assemble and collate necessary knowledge in order to examine, analyze, and comprehend the intimate workings of your Mind. Doing so indicates you are unique. Hence impervious to the seductive temptations of herd mentality. It is unique Minds who Cooperate with each other and attain Worthy aspirations.

In the process of attaining Worthy Goals you will discover that Cooperation is the essence of Moral Personal Power.

In the meantime, a budding pdThinker can treat the myriad challenges that living the Life of a capable Human Being presents . . .

Just Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

Personal Development is so intricately integrated it is difficult to isolate a theme without involving - several – related themes. For example, Trust involves:

  • Truth

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Character . . .

to name a few.

As a pdThinker, this author's prime role is to isolate, define, and delineate the manifold themes constituting Personal Development.

Your role is to comprehend and relate each isolated theme, then reassemble my dismantling efforts into a cohesive whole, in your own way. Much like one would assemble a jigsaw puzzle.

Akin to constructing a jigsaw puzzle, there are no hard and fast rules. The beginning is the most demanding, and we begin with the bits we recognize, persevering until we relate each part and complete the picture. 

If we both do this competently, you will find yourself building an awesome Human Machine. On purpose – to live a long, contented, productive life, via the explicit ability to execute a Can Do Attitude.

A pdThinker Rocks!

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