Defining Words Is The First Step To Productive Relations

Perceived Definition

Defining words is perhaps the most important aspect of communicating with our fellow Humans.

Words are powerful

The perceived definition of a word dictates our response to it.

In direct proportion to our level of understanding in the context of a given language.

Including a word's colloquial use.

The extent of our response to any word can range from merely blank incomprehension, through various stages of amusement, gentle to enthusiastic agreement, or from mild disagreement to complete outrage.

From these responses, further actions, including physical, are derived. There is no doubt, words are genuinely powerful.

Commerce has cottoned onto this fact. Take note of how many commercial enterprises vigorously guard words associated with their business or trade. Spending vast sums of money preventing words from becoming generic.

Not always successfully.

Smart businesses are vitally aware of the impact that these words have on their clients. Who are the source of their income and profits.

Defining Words Establishes Understanding

In this bustling, fast moving world, it is easy to misunderstand what we hear and read, with little recourse to repetition as a measure to redress and consolidate our comprehension.

Yet, as we well know, repetition is a most effective and necessary factor of successful learning.

Commerce has this covered. Blanketing audiences with repeated messages. The less professional often overdoing it.


These pages present an opportunity for you and I to slow down, back up, and even have a bit of fun while making a determined effort to truly understand our subject.

Repetition is a most effective and necessary factor of successful learning

And just as importantly - each other.

We achieve this desirable outcome by defining words in the context of what we mean.

Using Natural Law as our basis, and opinion as a sounding board on the path to determining fact.

Natural Law may be set in stone, that is, irrefutable. Opinion most certainly is not.

Nevertheless, opinion is valuable, it promotes discussion and can lead to the discovery of facts, as long as we don't treat opinion itself as fact.
The ultimate purpose of this site is to establish an incontrovertible cutting edge comprehension of Natural Law and fact.

An edge that will sweep aside the clutter of superstition and preconceived twaddle. Leaving a pristine intellectual landscape on which to build a future where ignorance plays no part.

Creating an ideal playground in which to implement the Greatest Secret of the Mind.                          

Predicting The Future

An irony of life noted by Charles Darwin can be found in his observation that “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge” Scary observation to be sure, but none the less true.

One does not have to look very far to find evidence of this truism.

There is tremendous value in having a clear idea of the consequences of our actions before we embark upon them. Clearly defining words plays a crucial role.

Attaining a clearly defined understanding of the Natural Laws pertaining to any premeditated action is as close to accurately predicting the future as we can get.

This commonly contrasts conspicuously with situations driven by desire and determination alone. Which are by far the more common.

First Step To Productive Relations

Being Human means being fallible and vulnerable to temptation if we allow ourselves to be ruled by whatever takes our fancy at a given moment.

This is the first step leading to progress in Human Relations

Employing Personal Development to strengthen our mind is the antidote to the deadly poison of weakness and ignorance.

Strengthening the mind begins with a healthy, balanced, vocabulary. Incorporating an unquenchable desire to understand what another means. This without a doubt entails a dictionary at one's elbow, or keyboard.

Making this effort Lays the foundation stone of true understanding and equally true communication.

When all parties involved in a given discussion or negotiation recognize, and comprehend, spoken or written symbols presented to each other in the way intended by the presenter, individuals can agree.

Or indeed, disagree, with complete confidence. This is the first step leading to progress in Human Relations.

Reassigning contentious words

From time to time I intend to add words to these pages I find contentious when used out of context, intimating erroneous conclusions as to what it means to be Human.

I cordially invite you to join me. Together, by defining words in their correct context, we can confine out of place words to their rightful residence. And engender more suitable terms to describe our subject.

My first word? Control.

Defining Words - correctly - Rocks!

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Amongst men who confound their ideas with words, there must be endless disputes.

                          John Locke