Whence art thou Human Machine?

Part 1

We Are Humans - Not Machines!!

Being called a Human machine elicits this indignant exclamation from some folk who object strongly to any reference beyond flesh and blood. Others call the Human body the ultimate machine.

Our mind is our inner machine

Revealing his stance on this sensitive debate, this author advocates that in practical terms and for all practical purposes we Humans are biological flesh and blood machines. Actually, a machine with an inner machine.

Our under appreciated, Mind plays the role of our inner machine.

The concise definition of the term machine is - a unit that can produce work.

Human Beings are quite brilliant at generating work. Made possible by their administration of the software that influences their Inner Machine – our often disparaged Emotions. Mastering our Emotions is a key component of mastering our-self.

Another way of perceiving that phenomenon that is ourself, is, we are Humans that posses a Machine.

Useful Analogy

Comprehending how Humans function by using the analogy of a machine, consolidates and confines our learning to parameters that are more readily grasped.

Encouragingly as we comprehend ourselves as machines understanding psychology follows almost effortlessly

In the case of the our Mind, so much more readily than the seemingly esoteric world of psychology.
Encouragingly, as we come to visualize ourselves as machines, comprehending psychology follows almost effortlessly.

Visualizing living Beings, as Working Mechanisms, assists professionals, from various Disciplines, to understand how particular creatures function. And how they relate to Nature's overall scheme.

An example of following this line of Thought is the symbiotic relationship of Bees collecting nectar to make honey, to be used as food, and in return for the nectar, the Bees pollinate Plants.

For the purposes of our discussion here, we make no clear distinction between work and play or any output, including Thought. Work is a generic description and simply means output.

This by the way, is a lifestyle this author follows. Everything he does, including Thinking, is to him, play.

Nature Provides A Sound Platform

To accomplish output that is of any use, a machine should be designed and assembled in such manner that permits the whole to operate in Total Harmony with each, and every, part. The Human machine fulfills this prerequisite perfectly. As this concise overview of the Human nervous system indicates.

Competent Engineers will happily remind you that producing such a functioning device rarely, if ever, happens on the first construction attempt. Everything evolves. Including our efforts to fine tune our own Mind.

They will also tell you that they begin with a sound platform capable of being developed into an effectively functioning device that fulfills the anticipated demands to be made of it. In the case of Mind expansion, that platform is you.

Taking Charge

When we take charge of our own sound platform, that is, our inner Human machine, we are the competent Engineer that decides how effectively that device will function.

Competent practitioners in every walk of life aspire to the higher reaches of excellence

Competency is key. Competent practitioners in all walks of life, aspire to the higher reaches of wise excellence.

Attaining competency raises standards, to exceed the boundaries of that most common malady of society, mediocrity.

It is an aspiration to excellence that provides and perpetuates the momentum that propels Human endeavor forward.

Ever expanding our Mind as we go.

Nature has provided Human Beings with a sound platform to enhance. Humans are the developers whose collective environmental interactions, from the time we split, from a common ancestor, have molded and directed our destiny. Today's World is is the manifestation of that destiny.

If we don’t like it, we can change it. change can be admittedly difficult, but possible, as we can gather from the prodigious evidence found in this strand of History of Human Intelligence.

We can change things, because, as individuals, possessing so called Free Will, we can choose how we respond to our surroundings. Whether or not we execute this option we contribute to the constituents Nature uses in our evolution.

Embracing the option to choose, and doing so thoughtfully, especially in conjunction with our fellows, helps Nature develop a better Human machine.

History, though, suggests we have a poor track record of making Thoughtful Responses.

Enhancing The Human Machine Platform

At conception a Human embryo is entirely reliant on the genetically accumulative physical and mental health attributes and advances, of all it's predecessors. Who, in turn, were reliant on prevailing conditions, and their predecessors responses, to those conditions, establishing our Biological Heritage. This evolving heritage is coded into our DNA.

From the moment of conception a Human Being - and every living thing - is subjected to it's environment.                                     

Excluding multiple pregnancies each and every one of us is a unique product of our biological heritage at birth. A heritage we can influence for the better in future generations, by working in partnership with Nature to purposely develop the character attributes that contribute to an enhanced existence.

Evolution works with the medium at hand. By communicating our common desires to Nature, we can decide what sort of Society we want to live in, and attain that Society.

Thought Before Action

Every creature on this planet exhibit sobering Survival Skills and capabilities. Awesome is an appropriate description for such fascinating phenomena.

Dogs use cooperation to hunt, and share proceeds. Birds fly in formation, and navigate to far off lands at the  change of Season.

Ants demonstrate a productive working hierarchy, that the Business World, so far, appears to be incapable of emulating.

Wherever there are Neurons there is potential intelligence

Spiders weave webs that would leave most of we Humans scratching their head if requested to perform such a task.

Reflect on a living creature and we will find an accompanying ability that stimulates our sense of wonderment.

Science designate survival skills and capability as instinct.

A true consensus of interpretations of the term instinct could be summed up thus . . . 

Actions accomplished with ignorant obedience in the absence of intelligence, knowledge, and reasoning.

This definition begs questioning.

This author's personal view is that wherever there are Neurons there is potential intelligence, implying potential Thinking ability.

Elephants, for example, appear to mourn their dead, and working animals, such as Dogs and Horses display initiative. Vervet Monkeys warn each other of impending danger.

Have you ever studied the structured manner a Bird hunts for food in your own environment?

Striking Difference

If other creatures do indeed Think before doing, and it is a well established fact that before every action there is a Thought, we must acknowledge this albeit limited, prescience of Mind.

We can design our own future

Even though the original Thought may well be lost in the pattern of Habit, we are compelled to conclude that we share the capability to Think and Reason with our fellow travelers on this Planet.

Nonetheless, an exacting dividing line exists between every other creature and Human Beings.

Far from mere survival abilities, as impressive though they be, our inner Human machine is also equipped with faculties that empowers and permits each and every one of us to design our own satisfying future.

We can achieve a satisfying future, without recourse to the negative emotions - and suffering the devastating trauma choosing a negative  path entails.

The Human Machine Rocks!

Part 1

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