To Define Cooperation Is No Simple Matter

How Do You Define Cooperation?

To define cooperation requires one to explore, study, and comprehend the complicated structure of this beneficial state of mind in its myriad possible expressions.

Doing so is is an exercise of immense value.

Intelligent thought and cooperative action. an unbeatable combination

The Law of Cooperation is the bedrock upon which all Human accomplishment is founded and built. As ably demonstrated by patient, intelligent minds. Thinking Minds such as these two outstanding men possessed. Otto and Langen.

Cooperation is integrated into modern lives as never before. Becoming ever more significant and important as Societies grow closer and interdependent.

Both physically and spiritually. 

Situational Hero

To highlight the significance of this phenomenon of Cooperation, we can create a situation as an example, to get our head around this significance, and refresh our awareness of how we are only a part of a much bigger picture. This author has generously cast himself in the role of Hero of this example.

It is worth mentioning that whatever part one may be playing at any given time is always an essential part. Missing teeth on a gear wheel renders it useless.

Appropriate Mindset

As an inventor, I am working on a hypothesis. To prove whether or not it works, a machine must be built. I am working alone until I have produced a functioning prototype.

While functioning in this manner is neither a struggle nor burden, it is a definite challenge. I possess the tools, machines, Thinking ability, and expertise to produce such a prototype. And of equal importance, delivered, courtesy of a lifelong adherence to the philosophy of Personal Development, the appropriate Mindset.

The downside of accepting such a challenge is the fact that it demands one devotes full time attention to inventing, resulting in forgoing income over extended time.

Decision Time

The alternative of outsourcing the manufacturing and coordinating the numerous and various components, necessary to complete said invention, would place me in the position of an overseer, which requires a different skill-set to the skill-set I know I possess and have total confidence in.

I could see myself readily filling the former role designing and building, but not so readily the latter role, coordinating and supervising. An added complication of the latter course would be the necessary seeking of finance to fund an unproven idea to fruition.

Choosing the former alternative was an entirely intuitive decision.

An intuitive decision confirmed by a strong sense of confidence which continues to be steady and encouraging. And proven correct by the existence of a machine which is promising to be a winner.

 An Illusion

The foregoing situational outline may give the impression that as an operator I am an independent entity.

Such an impression is an illusion.

Cooperation is the indefatigable engine room of problem solving

Independence is applicable only to my Thoughts, and my capability of transmuting those same Thoughts into their Physical Equivalent. Without outside help.

An important, even crucial, part, being the whole point of this exercise, but a mere part none the less. To exploit the potential of my independent Thought, Cooperation is paramount.

To initiate the flow of integration of cooperation, the first requirement to embark on such an adventure, and yes, it is indeed an exhilarating adventure, is to procure the willing long term approval of those who are affected by such lifestyle changing decisions.

Obtaining, and of equal significance, retaining, this type of committed approval, requires an acute understanding of the situation, and abiding, regular communication, of a depth not normally practiced by the majority of Humans. Maintaining communication is a responsibility of every individual involved.

The necessary Enthusiasm, and the Determination to follow through, is strengthened for all involved, by in-depth communication. A point well worthy of contemplation when admiring “overnight successes”. Or, on the other hand, when promising propositions are seen to crash and burn.

Elements not usually considered when we define cooperation.

It Doesn't Stop There

So far, I have gained the requisite intellectual support from people close to me, and together with a suitable workshop and mindset, established an environment conducive to achieving the first physical step of my goal. Build a working model.

Cooperation is working together for mutual benefit

Here too, I find myself depending on the actions of my fellows.

Such dependence is reliant on a network of interrelated endeavors from folk who produce essentials as diverse as materials to build my machine - to food that powers my brain.

Getting Complex

If and when my machine proves to work, to proceed further demands, and calls into play, the cooperation of a number of disparate entities.

To identify a few, manufacturing, sales, distribution, installation, maintenance, and machine operators, come to mind.

Analogous to the Human body's dependence on Arteries and Veins that deliver life sustaining blood, each of these entities require internal channels of communication that permit them to not merely function, but function fluidly.

To create a seamless operation, each entity requires and depends on establishing an external channel of communication between each other.

Generated by the desire of an individual, this complex scenario is only a drop in the ocean of Human activity in a suburb, let alone worldwide.

Every activity is dependent in some measure on other Humans.

State Of Mind

When we define cooperation in this manner, the relevance to success, of developing this power as a steady state of mind, becomes obvious.

As does the importance of an individual's comprehension, of the consequential nature, of the role they play in today's complex society.

Individuals are most important

The above outline may present the ultimate course of action, however, we know that it rarely unfolds in that fashion in reality.

We also know, deep in our heart, that this ideal course of action is the correct and right course, and we hold the power, as individuals, to collectively make it happen.

The complexity of a situation is of little relevance apart from acknowledging such complexity, when all parties involved, adopt an Open Mind, tuned in to the frequency of Nature's Law of Cooperation. Developing an agreeable, cooperative State Of Mind is the take to heart lesson.

To Define Cooperation In Depth Rocks!

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