Human Intelligence Perseveres And Finds Truth

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Perseverance Pays

Exiting the Medieval Age and entering the Renaissance we find Humanity still struggling against the tyranny of ignorance. Human intelligence persevered diligently, despite irrational and violent opposition against any form of knowledge seeking or Scientific Investigation.


Not merely opposing, but countering, the sick Desire to dominate that is exhibited by power hungry individuals who would destroy lives in a belief that doing so will enhance their own, is a perennial problem still challenging the best minds today.

Power crazed individuals are not stupid in the sense of being asinine. But ignorant however, they most certainly are. These sick minds are entirely ignorant of Human Nature, of Natural Law, and of Politics in the best sense of that word. Subjugation is entirely counter productive and the paralyzing consequences of a Desire to subjugate require no explanation.

Indefensible Bad Attitude

This indefensible, bad attitude emphasizes the stark contrast between the ease with which Humans can destroy, and the Intellectual Effort required to build.

History has, for the most part, faithfully recorded Humanities battle to the death to establish Rational Thinking over ignorance. From Presocratic times to today an undeniable pattern of repetition is recognizable.

We owe the brave souls who resisted domination with their lives at stake, a debt of gratitude of inestimable magnitude for carrying the flag of perseverance for intelligence with such vigor.

The noble Attitude of Knowledge and Information Sharing our Heroes of Human Intelligence fostered, during the Islamic Golden Age, would ensure progress in the attainment of new knowledge by visually exploring, studying and mapping the Heavens.

Adding substance and light to Humanities comprehension of the World we live in, immense coordinated efforts of willing Scholars from diverse Nations, congregated in the Islamic World, were brought to bear on the works of luminaries in the West. These guys understood the power inherent in Cooperation.

Knowledge Sharing is the fast track to Prosperity for all

Human Intelligence Seeking Truth

16th century Astronomer and Alchemist, Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) employed his sound formal education in the search for Truth. Putting his Human intelligence to work to execute the Scientific Method.


With an Island to himself, where upon he constructed a castle and an Observatory, he also put to work his belief that to gain any worthwhile advancements in Astronomy, assiduous observations must be the norm, and accurate calculations established and recorded.
To accomplish this admirably necessary aim, Tycho Brahe invented the tools and instruments he required. Stopping short of the telescope.

This dedicated to Truth Scientific Intellect, was amongst the last Astronomers to use naked sight for observation of the Stars.

Tycho built upon the Heliocentric based work of earlier Mathematician and Astronomer, Polish born Nicolaus Copernicus, (1473-1543) whose clear thinking ability gave us the first modern perspective of our Solar System.

Shattering An Entrenched Belief

Copernicus's theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun seeded the thinking that would eventually shatter an almost two thousand year old belief that the Earth was at the center of the Universe.

During the centuries leading up to Copernicus's courageous deathbed announcement that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, Greek Mathematician, and Astronomer, Ptolemy's second century AD Geocentric Model of our Solar System, founded on the teachings of Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, who lived around four hundred years earlier, was accepted as fact.

We know, today, that both Ptolemy, and Aristotle, were not correct in their deductions of how our Solar System is constructed. Although both men made fine contributions to Humanities knowledge base.

Truth Is Exacting

Despite his assiduous approach Tycho was not spot on either, he believed that the earth followed a circular orbit around the Sun.


It was Johannes Kepler, (1571-1630) a German born polymath, of extraordinary abilities, who applied the final touches to Nicolaus Copernicus's Heliocentric Model by figuring out that the Earth revolved around the Sun by following an elliptical orbit.

Whilst Kepler's calculations were correct, they were not authenticated until Isaac Newton, (1643-1727) an English born polymath of extraordinary abilities, contributed the means for proof.

Isaac Newton, a Free Thinker of the first magnitude, and the discoverer of many of Nature's secrets, was encouraged by one of his closest friends and ardent supporter, Astronomer Royal, Edmund Halley, to put all his calculations and their application to the fields of Physics and Astronomy, in an ordered sequence.

This sound encouragement offered by Newton's friend and ally resulted in the unprecedented volume 'Philosophy Of Mathematical Principles'. The contents wherein providing equations proving beyond doubt that Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler were on the money.

Understanding Is Everything

This gives an indication why . . .

Understanding is everything! Thinking may seem difficult, but, with results like these, it is well worth the effort. Finally, the Truth, about how our Solar System, and the wider Universe we are part of, functions, was glimpsing the light of day.


The ignorant authorities whose priority was to control the population, denied this Heliocentric Revelation for several hundred years.

This incredulous denial of Truth, is, to Rational Minds, another reminder of the enormous debt of gratitude we all owe to the outstanding men and women preceding us.

Outstanding Minds, who, against the combined odds of ignorance, superstition, and mindless, violent, power seeking ambition, led Humanity to the brink of enlightenment.

Outstanding Humans who accomplished the highly desirable state of Knowing Truth, with the Innate Power of their Minds.

This is the exact same power you are seeking, make no mistake, the negative forces inherent in ignorance abound. There is but one antidote. And that is . . .

Personal Development

What we are really talking about here is the intellectual battle for the dissemination of knowledge. Via a repression of Human intelligence.


One of the commonest themes throughout history is the actuality that a few Humans are obsessed with the Desire to dominate their fellows.

The most effective way to control one's fellows is to control their ability to Think. This control can be achieved by fear.

The debilitating state of Fear is a mere product of a lack of knowledge. This Reality makes the sick, undeniably highly effective, practice of employing intimidation, attractive to any entity possessing a negative mindset, a penchant for violence, and a hankering for power over others.

The predictable consequence of negative behavior is disruption and eventual Chaos.

Today we are witnessing this self inflicted chaos in ever expanding proportion right now in our in our lifetime.

Have we learned anything from the past?

Shakespeare's Antidote

Countering the compounding disruptive influence the lack of relevant knowledge had on folks ability to direct their own lives, venerable English Playwright and Poet, William  Shakespeare, (1564-1616) in his many dramatic plays, made valiant attempts to popularize the message that individuals could, and should, do their own Thinking.
On the other hand Religion imposed tremendous restraints on individual Thinking. It required powerful Minds and extraordinary bravery to seek Truth, oppose, and overcome, the negative forces that held control over, and dictated how, individuals could live their lives.

It is not religion per se that is at fault here. It is the depraved individuals within the hallowed halls of religion who use it as a weapon against their fellows.

We are still witnesses to instances of this battle for mind control today. Religious and Secular.

Those with a desire to control you and your Thinking are still, today, a deadly serious threat to Humanities Freedom.

Even in so called Democracies.

Human Intelligence And Mind Strength

Strengthening our mind to become impervious to this amoral attempt to debilitate our greatest asset, and turn the tables in favor of Compassion and Decency, should be of highest priority.

 The enfeebling, parasitic State of Affairs, where - by negatively minded fellow Humans - we are encouraged to see each other as enemies, can be countered and rendered impotent via Mental Muscle, otherwise known as Personal Development.

Adopting, comprehending, and practicing Personal Development, is the single most effective antidote to counter anyone with the arrogant audacity to want to control you and your mind.

A powerful problem solving Mind is available to You via your innate Human Intelligence

When Used For Good Human Intelligence Rocks!

Part 9 - Part 8

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