Can Attitude Change Your Reality?

On The Path Towards Attitude Change

There are two things we should fully comprehend about authentic attitude change. The first is that, contrary to popular opinion, it is entirely possible. The second, and of utmost importance, is this - to make it happen requires the full permission, and absolute involvement, of the holder.

Attitude change is entirely possible

This condition of permission and involvement is a product of Autonomy and applies whether one is going it alone, or is fortunate enough to have genuine support. Allowing and maintaining autonomy will be the greatest challenge to genuine supporters, and is crucial to success.

The attitude of a person resides in their mind. To change an attitude, a mind change is necessary. A mind can only be changed permanently by it’s owner.  This type of mind change – usually - requires much time, intellectual rigor, and applied intelligence.

Before One Begins

Attitude change is not easy, or simple. For permanent, regression free change to take effect, fresh, enlightened understanding is paramount.

As observed in perhaps the most public scientific battle ever, the Absolute Truth is an essential element if one is to extract value from knowledge.

The personal progress enabling value of truth, emanating from enlightened knowledge acquisition, should be appreciated to ensure one has the staying power to follow through. Otherwise the price demanded by Nature, for serious mind change, may appear to be just too high.


Analogy wise, when purchasing a desired item, one must be aware of quality pertaining to any given thing, to recognize that quality’s value.

If quality recognition is absent, price becomes the primary, and usually, the only, guideline. The moment we recognize quality, and the value for money that quality represents, we are less inclined to protest about price.

In the same manner, the enormous benefits of a Positive Attitude are invisible to a negative leaning mind. An appreciation of the rewards that a Positive State Of Mind delivers, is imperative to attaining that state.


With an enlightened understanding targeted towards building a positive mindset, the aforementioned time, effort, and intelligence expenditure, in exchange for that positive mindset, becomes the indisputable bargain of a lifetime.

The bargain of a lifetime

It is the measured cost of not only discovering the potential of the real you, but the means to both exploit and execute that potential.

Working within these parameters, one can either self administer, or seek the help and support of a knowledgeable other. Whatever path of redress is chosen, it must be a choice of the afflicted individual’s own volition.

Knowledgeable Support, offering genuine understanding, empathy, and autonomy, is highly desirable, but not essential, to effect attitude change. 

When Seeking Help

Recognizing the root cause of a wrong attitude indicates how one should approach the remedy. Is it Rebellion, or Resignation. The treatment is the same, but understanding the root cause determines the empathy extended. Both rebellion and resignation are destructive symptoms of poor Self Esteem, but render distinctly different consequences.

When a person seeks help, Empathic Listening is essential not only to define the cause of distress, but equally essential to build affinity and trust. Incidentally, this is true of  any type of help sought.

 State Of Mind

One’s state of mind is the overarching faculty wherein one’s principles and values, in other words, your Inner Beliefs, are developed as you work on shaping the real you. In the process identifying your abilities and potential.

Conversely, one can neglect to investigate, and evolve, his or her potential. leaving it to languish under the onslaught of uninvited negative thought. Compounding and entrenching an energy sapping negative state of mind, within which cowers a future destroying negative attitude.

It is here that your Attitude, be it Positive or negative, is determined and executed. Developing a positive attitude towards life is crucial to attaining a Positive State Of Mind, which in turn is crucial to maintaining a Positive Attitude. Maintaining a Positive State Of Mind, hence attitude, is the key to Self Reliance, Self Actualization, and building awesome Problem Solving Skills.

Prime Goal Of Attitude Change

The prime goal of attitude change is to attain a Positive State Of Mind. This is the umbrella under which Good Thought is maintained. Once established, this faculty is where all thought is examined, processed, justified, and when desired, sanctioned. Whatever thoughts one sanctions, are revealed by one’s words and deeds.

Thoughts are revealed by words and deeds

 A Positive State Of Mind is the faculty where negative thoughts are examined, and once recognized as destructive, or merely counter productive, discarded. Or better still, banished.

A positive state of mind can process negative thought for the purpose of evaluation before discarding such thought with deliberation and equanimity.

Conversely, a negative state of mind, whilst holding the power to execute endless chaos, has little capacity for evaluation of any worth.

In general, your values guide your attitude, that is, your response, to the vagaries of Life. In particular, your inner beliefs can be molded to form an impenetrable barrier to the temptation to indulge in evil.

When this barrier is in place, one sees evil as an entirely counter productive and undignified waste of time. Emphasizing the pivotal to success nature of understanding and purposely molding one’s inner beliefs.

Zealous - But Not Missionaries

A word of caution is appropriate at this point. A positive state of mind produces euphoria, which itself must be directed to productive ends. In the early stages of personal development one can be tempted to share their newfound enthusiasm by attempting to recruit/convert others to the cause.

Humans behave as intelligently as they see themselves

Rejection by others at this early stage can be devastating to your efforts towards building and consolidating your own mind power. It is best to simply remember the utmost important thing about attitude change, mentioned at the top of this article.

We are not out to influence others, except by Good example. We are out to develop a positive attitude, and build a powerful mind.

We do this by seeking, finding, and implementing the Laws of Nature, that allow this seriously awesome Phenomenon to take place. Others will ask questions when they observe that you consistently resolve issues and solve problems with seemingly effortless skill, and equanimity.

When you meet another person and recognize they too possess such a mind, cherish him or her. They are the pinnacle of Good, and make the very best allies.

The point here, when dealing with real people is not to feel rejected, or dejected, when your newfound enthusiasm for mind expansion is challenged by ignorant others. By definition, an ignorant mind knows no better. Humans behave as intelligently as they see themselves. This includes you and me.

Fog Free World

Comprehending and accepting that developing a positive attitude is entirely one’s own responsibility is paramount.

Beyond the mental fog generated by bad behavior rendered from wrong thinking, exists a wondrous fog free World.

Without a doubt, attitude change can change your Reality.

Following through and reaching this fog free world is the priceless reward for believing in oneself and learning to take charge of one’s mind, and hence, potential.

Whatever combination of resources one settles on to explore, examine, and adopt the lessons Nature offers, matters not. You will find your own equilibrium and happily hone your mind to a razor sharpness that will become your greatest asset and your greatest ally.

You will be truly on the path of enlightenment when the realization strikes you that you must commit the rest of your life to this wondrous journey, and you willingly, excitedly, make that commitment. Without a doubt, attitude change can change your Reality.

Welcome to the World of Truth, Freedom and Responsibility. A World where a can do attitude plays a major role.

Healthy Attitude Change Rocks

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