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 Open Source Sharing

Open Source Sharing contains the promise of, and is the key to, resolving many Human woes.

Open source sharing holds the promise of, and the key to, resolving many human woes

Knowledge possession per se, and Humanities practical application to improving our species collective Material and Spiritual Well-being, is the sole reason we are not still residing in caves.

Sadly, the dissemination, and use of this knowledge has been anything but a dream run.

The avaricious, disturbingly ignorant Mindset of a small number of our fellows, saw Power and material gains in taking advantage of their brothers and sisters.

These narrow, greedy minds domination of others lives, enslaving them, both physically and mentally, placed an inordinate burden on the rapid, effective propagation of knowledge.  

The lack of knowledge places any individual in the same situation as a working animal. That is, easily controlled by and at the mercy of any tyrannical personality.  

This has been the disturbing and disquieting psychological state of Human existence since we developed the aptitude to travel in a bipedal fashion. Freeing our arms and hands to perform useful work.

From the beginning of Human history, non thinking tyrants have capitalized on this sorrowful psychological state.

Spell Breaking

Almost six hundred years ago, around the same time that money began flexing it's to be considerable muscle, Johann Gutenberg's printing press shattered this spell, liberating pent up Human Spirit and sense of enterprise in much the same way as does Open Source sharing today.

The Printing Press challenged the legitimacy of the iron fist and authenticity of the established authorities

Gutenberg's Printing Press challenged the legitimacy of that iron fist, and the authenticity of, established authority. No longer could tyrants force nonsense upon the minds of inquisitive individuals who rightly suspected that superstition was not comprehension.

A sound logical mind may reason that this freeing of the Human Spirit, amidst an explosion of knowledge sharing would lead to Peace and Prosperity.

That same rational Mind may reason that a distinct potential for Peace and Prosperity would encourage and inspire people to function together in Harmony. Basking in the restful glow of contentment derived from the quiet satisfaction of utilizing the effectiveness of cooperation and collaboration.


The sound rational mind of the day was set to be, and remain, profoundly disappointed.

Whilst, along with bitter disappointment, the Intuitive Mind experienced an intense degree of consternation, at the mentally feeble behavior that caused a missed opportunity for Humans to free themselves from the shackles of ignorance.

Temptation Rules

The Human Spirit may have ostensibly been freed, but parallel with this freedom came the temptation and opportunity for the individual to mimic the authorities repressive avarice and lust for power over their fellows.

Squabbling, bickering, rapacity, deception, and violence accompanying a hairy chested desire to dominate, ensued. All bad behavior, born of ignorance, the dark side of Human Nature was going mainstream.

This is the World of unthinking, unaware, unrestrained Human desire.

Non Thinking

In a concerted effort to arrest and contain rampant counter productive and frequent capricious behavior, fledgling Copyright and Patent Laws were enacted and soon were taking full flight. Seriously dampening and checking the use, if not the possession, of knowledge. It could be argued that is one and the same.

Closed Source Knowledge had initiated it's dubious impact on Humanities already precarious and unsteady intellectual advancement.

Reflecting the above mentioned sadly avaricious attitude, and so often non thinking approach to life, the Patent system in particular was, and still is, abused. Abuse can come about either mischievously or corruptly. Abuse puts at a distinct disadvantage all honest Patent applicants seeking protection of intellectual property, in a spirit of faith, and goodwill, in, and for, their selves and fellow Humans.

The difference between closed and open source knowledge is essentially an issue of freedom.

Inexorable Change Of Open Source Sharing

The generosity of Open Source Sharing will throw them a lifeline

Prescient leaders in all walks of life, recognizing the Harmony inducing benefits of Unity,  Amity, and Open Source Sharing, are gradually shifting support and attention away from the cold, callously divisive practices of corruption inclined closed source knowledge.

Countering this intelligent move, reminiscent of the repressive efforts to control knowledge throughout history, modern day supporters of closed source are tightening their grasp on whatever information they can lock up.

Closed source supporters foggily misunderstand that as new ways to do and achieve things, discovered by open minds and placed under the generous auspices of Open Source will eventually overhaul and sideline their relevance.

Leaving them floundering in the wake of the inexorable power of Open Source Sharing.

Nonetheless the generous nature of open source sharing will throw them a lifeline which they will be able to grab, and hold, with a change of attitude and mindset.

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