New Era Of Cooperation
Made Possible By Good People

Rejoice - This Is A Significant Time To Be Alive

A New Era of cooperation is with us. Ignorance, while by no means yet defeated, is well and truly on the back foot as it's adherents lose the battle to ever more enlightened minds.

No longer can we be treated like a mushroom and kept in the dark.

Rejoice, this is a significant time to be alive

Implementation of modern communications - in particular this medium of the world wide web - people all over the world have access to knowledge, and each other, previously accessible to a privileged few.

We live now in the hope that the ignorance reinforced by the desire to dominate will be diluted and mortally weakened by increasing numbers of Good People seeking economic security with like minds via their own effort.

In the process gaining wide ranging useful knowledge. 

Knowledgeable, self reliant, Good Humans are the easiest to govern and the most difficult to subjugate and hold in bondage. Knowledgeable Good Humans can ensure Right Thinkers only are permitted the privilege of holding power.

There must be no doubt however, that the conflict with ignorant minds that have a penchant for domination will be the most difficult engagement we Humans will participate in. The dire threat is not the power seekers who tools of trade are fear, intimidation and violence. No. It is the ignorant minds that so readily conform to the demands of those who would intimidate.

If you are contemplating along the lines that Education may be the answer to this disquieting problem, other Thinking Minds will no doubt agree with you.


As Personal Development spreads it's liberating wings over the Planet, these two facts alone will go far in encouraging capable and interested men and women offering themselves as executives in Good government as Politics gradually claims it's rightful position of Honesty and Integrity.

This rightful position being the mechanism for peace and prosperity within sovereign Nations, and an active contributor to order and Harmony worldwide.

The brightest star on the horizon of Human Progress is without a doubt our ever broadening, edifying willingness to embrace that cornerstone of Personal Growth, the evergreen Principle of Cooperation, and, by inference, each other.

 Many hands make light work

The important thing to remember is to become increasingly aware of of the abundance of opportunity being provided by this new era of cooperation.

We can contribute to this epoch which promises to be our savior by adopting a thoughtfully cooperative mindset

Working together whilst sharing everything, in particular the sharing of knowledge and material and spiritual resources, contributes immeasurable benefits to practitioners and imposes minimum downside.

But not everyone agrees.

Perhaps the most contentious hurdle we see impeding total cooperation is the sense of loss some individuals experience, and their inability to recognize the benefit of trading this loss in the present for substantial and sustainable prosperity in the future.

A closer look at this new era of cooperation emphatically suggests that this impediment is being successfully overcome as diverse groups of Humans band together, solve problems, and then disseminate those solutions to the wider community in a fashion reminiscent of the impact of the Gutenberg printing press. 

Encouraging, inspirational examples, proving the worthiness and effectiveness of the Law of cooperation abound. The open source world leads the way.

We can contribute to this epoch which promises to be our liberator by adopting a thoughtfully cooperative mindset.

Speed is of the essence here.

Humanities opportunity to repossess and restore natural order is diminishing and fading fast. This new era of cooperation is that opportunity. And it starts with our, as individuals, grasp of what cooperation means.

We will begin to make inroads when we persuade our politicians to cooperate, on a worldwide basis, in the same manner as we are committing ourselves to cooperate on an individual basis.

This will come about when our politicians, in a professional capacity, and as individuals, grasp what cooperation means.

 Challenge For New Era Of Cooperation

Conceptualize our World Environment restored to it's original pristine state of splendor and beauty.

All ecosystems functioning as Nature intended. And we Humans living salubrious, gratifying, interconnected lives.

Sustainable lifestyles provided by Nature via our technical expertise and willingness to work with Her, and each other, in absolute harmony. Shedding every trace of ignorance and desire to dominate and control either Her or each other.

New era of cooperation. Can we do it?

This is the magnanimous challenge for our new era of cooperation.

Can we do it? I believe so.

This author is eternal an optimist. His money is invested in intelligence and  magnanimity rising to the occasion and triumphing over greed and ignorance.

He believes there will be a tipping point when a sufficient number of Good People from all over the Planet are practicing the laws of Personal Development. When that comes about, then a state of Magnanimity will manifest as naturally as plants grow in the soil. He fervently hopes we Humans coalesce in time to ensure our survival as a species.

Magnanimity Rocks!

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