Dealing With A Negative Mental Attitude

Negativity Is A State Of Mind Best Not Trifled With

A negative mental attitude is A prime cause of chaos. If not treated and dealt with knowledgeable respect, this enemy of Human Progress will drag one to the bottom. Dealing with negativity is definitely one element of Life where Ignorance is not bliss.

A negative mental attitude has Zilch going for it

Before we begin to deal with a negative mental attitude, the distinction must be made between evil purpose and negative Thought.

As similar as they appear - sharing the common ground of chaos - negative Thought should not be confused with evil intention. These two are not the same. But one can lead to the other, and frequently does.

However paradoxical it may sound - in the same manner as required with Good minds and Good intention - evil minds must believe they can achieve their parasitic goals.

Here we are dealing with the belief system of an individual, and how one’s beliefs underpin one’s actions, or as is often the case with a negative individual, inaction. The same principles apply whether one has Good or evil intentions.

Whether intentions are Good or evil, the consequences of negative Thought are identical.

Indulging in persistent negative Thought will inevitably lead to Hebetude, a condition characterized by mental lethargy or dullness. 

Persistent Hebetude inevitably leads to a negative personality. Verily, a negative mental attitude has zilch going for it.

Sharp Words

In his usual forthright manner Napoleon Hill succinctly nails why one should never entertain negative thought . . .

There is no hope of success for the person who repels people through a negative personality. Success comes through the application of Power, and Power is attained through the cooperative efforts of other people. A negative personality will not induce Cooperation.

Whilst acknowledging the truth of Napoleon Hill's astute observation, it is well worth bearing in mind that an individual inclined towards negativity can halt, reverse, and transform, a negative approach to Life, into a Positive Mental Attitude, thence a Positive State of Mind.

This - albeit initially intellectually difficult - course of action is motivated by an individual choosing to change his or her Mind. Otherwise known as an Attitude Change.

To be truly effective, and accomplish the end goal of a Positive State Of Mind - with confident ease - a Mind Change must be steeped in knowledge and comprehension of Natural Law and Human Nature.

The Content of offers a wealth of information to facilitate that same confident ease that allows Human Beings to reach the highly desirable state of Self Reliance.

Banishing A Negative Mental Attitude

The first step in banishing a negative mental attitude is to recognize it as such. Often, this gloomy state of internal affairs is adopted indeliberately. A sense of helplessness can be imposed upon a susceptible mind by the very environment that mind exists in.

Negative thought - Stomp on this mongrel immediately it raises it's ugly head

Challenging the endless stream of pessimistic broadcasts, from any source, is an excellent place to start. Allowing oneself to be influenced by perverse opinion not only feeds and reinforces that sense of helplessness, it eliminates the possibility of one’s mind becoming positive.

Paradoxically . . .

A Purposely Positive, Developing Mind, is capable of entertaining opposing Thoughts. Be they positive, negative, or both, at the one time, for evaluation.

If you accept the premise that you are what you think, then you will apprehend the value of the realization that you cannot afford to indulge in negative Thought.

Recognizing a negative mental attitude and comprehending the counterproductive consequences inherent in such an approach to one's existence, places an individual firmly on the path to begin mastering and implementing the enormous Power available to the Human mind. Power that is liberated via the counter force of Positive Thinking.

Until that stage is reached whereby you can evaluate a given Thought on it's own merits, the best way to treat Negative thought is to . . . 

Stomp on this mongrel immediately it raises its ugly head.

Consciously refusing to entertain negative Thought, by coherently directing one's focus towards equitable outcomes, provides the space necessary to build the Mind Change that allows one to adopt and develop a mindset where Rational Thought predominates.

Where Rational Thought predominates, negativity is seen as the dangerous predator it is, and possesses no attraction, or influence. Whatsoever.

A Poor Attitude Can Be Complex

Displaying a negative mental attitude indicates a lack of Conscious Self Awareness, of State Of Mind, on the part of the individual demonstrating a poor attitude. It also indicates a real sense of Fear.

Fear and negative thinking are bedfellows. Where we find one, the other is close by. Aggravated by low Self Esteem, a poor attitude inevitably renders the holder victim to the deleterious influences of his, or her, environment.

All the while, the coexisting, equally copious, spiritually nourishing aspects of Life pass by, sadly unheeded.
In a sorry repetition of incompetence, negative attitudes exacerbate negative environments. These negative environments are as toxic to the functioning of one's mind, as consuming poison would be to one’s body. As a not uncommon example, have you ever experienced a pessimistic workplace culture?

How did it make you feel?

Negative Attitude Definition

Before we accuse our-self or another of possessing a negative attitude, we first need to define what is negative Thinking.

As is the case with evil doing and negative Thinking, a distinction should be made between Depression and negative Thinking. Depression is an illness. negative Thinking is an attitude.

There is nothing good to say about negative thought

For the purpose of this discussion we are dealing with Attitude - an individual's approach to Life - not illness.

Although there is good reason to believe that negative Thinking can contribute to, and exacerbate depression, it is quite separate from that of despondency. A state that can be fleeting, or seemingly intractably permanent.

Despondency can strike an individual anytime. Leaving one with a difficult to brush off sensation of feeling down.

A positive Thinker, being well aware of this fact, and recognizing the difference between negative Thinking and occasional despondency, allows it to pass.

A negative thinker will use the same situation to consolidate and justify his dismal outlook.

Negative thinking is a mindset that refuses to accept progress. Meaning moving forward, improving a given situation or thing. Progress is made by resolving problems. The individual who practices this dismal mindset, by insisting on holding a negative mental attitude, makes no attempt to help himself, and resists all efforts by others to resolve issues.

An intellectual burden to all who encounter him, he is a source of – sometimes violent - disruption whenever his thoughts turn vindictive and propel him to action. A condition that applies equally to both males and females.

There is nothing good to say about negative Thought.

 Acknowledging Negative Situations Is Not Negative Thinking

 We should differentiate between the hardcore negative thinker, who habitually accepts and promotes his losing posture, and everyday life.

Persistent dwelling on the problem, at the expense of seeking a solution is negative thinking

Everyday life consists of Problems. No one is exempt from dealing with what many folk see as difficulties. Solving these difficulties is how we progress through Life. Some problems appear to favor us, many do not. Much effort must be applied to resolve unfavorable problems to one’s benefit. Nature provides the means. We simply need to learn the skills she offers.

In that context, acknowledging a negative situation is exactly the same as acknowledging a positive situation. However, persistent dwelling on the problem, at the expense of seeking a solution is negative thinking.

Both situations usually require resolution, that is, action. Once a problem is understood, it is not necessary to dwell on it. Instead, employing Positive Thinking, one dwells on arriving at an appropriate – meaning equitable - solution.

This happy state of affairs is achieved by maintaining a Positive Attitude.

Recognizing Negative Thinking

Feeling down on occasion is a normal, if apparently inexplicable, element of the Human Condition. Waking at 3am and one’s World appears impossibly contradictory, or sometimes feeling overwhelmed, are also normal events, and should not be classed as a negative mental attitude.

These three conditions can be lessened dramatically by adequate Support.

Even without appropriate Support in place, a Positive Thinker understands these conditions are transient and allows them to pass. However, to expedite the process, one can deal with them in the same way as when wrong thinking is the culprit.  From experience, this author finds this self administered cure for wrong thinking effective indeed.

Negative thinking can be recognized by the expression of negative Emotions and Undesirable Traits. These negative emotions, and their derivatives, of which there are many, can only hinder you, keeping you in an unbalanced state.

Achieving life enhancing Good, in this unstable condition, verges on the not possible. This mental status is analogous to a leaking bucket’s ability to hold water.

Nothing To Be Gained

If there is any gain from negative behavior, the cost is almost always way too high. Not just material cost, but also relationship and psychological cost. Much of the anguish and material loss Humans suffer, can be traced back to, and find their roots in the practice of the following undesirable traits.

Squabbling And Bickering

An all too common scenario of Human relations - and surefire cultivator of a negative mental attitude - is the tedious, time wasting, and destructive tradition of Squabbling and Bickering.

If any leader, or any individual, wishes to spawn negativity, and turmoil, this is the way to go.

Bewilderingly, we witness this common Undesirable Trait being demonstrated by leaders of all persuasions. This type of leader, in an unwitting yet inexcusable manner, set a bad example for impressionable minds to imitate. These leaders behave in this manner in the misguided belief that squabbling and bickering is what tough guys engage in.

If any leader, or any individual, wishes to spawn negativity, and turmoil, this is the way to go.

The rest of us can purposely decide to avoid this black-hole of counter-productiveness. By recalling Napoleon Hill’s sharp words, we can prompt conscious awareness of our Behavioral Attitude.

Conscious Self Awareness creates a state of Mindfulness which then allows one to see the futility of negativity and retain, or if necessary, regain, a Positive approach to life.

Propensity To Be Contrary

Actively contributing to the fuzzy, Foggy Thinking condition that constitutes a negative mental attitude, and, of equal importance, a negative State Of Mind, is the fact that Human beings can be contrary fellows.

On a personal level, this mental stance has ever intrigued me over the decades I have observed and studied it, and has led me to a disturbing but plausible conclusion . . .

People who are most prone to contrary behavior do not possess a great stock of knowledge, and so have no way of telling if their opinions and perceptions are right or wrong. By adopting and expressing the opposing viewpoint, and even sometimes acting on it, makes them feel Intelligent, and or Important.

That said, insufficient knowledge should not be seen in a derogatory context.

Verily – Banishing A Negative Mental Attitude Rocks!

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