What Is A Theme Site?
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A Theme Site is a Niche Content Website that focuses on one Subject. Theme sites are usually operated by an individual - the trendy title being Solopreneur - whose primary objective is to build a Profitable Web Business, based on imparting in demand knowledge and how to, via one's expertise in a given subject.

The general concept is to prove yourself as an authority on your chosen topic, all the while building Trust and Rapport with your Visitors, who become your Loyal Audience. A loyal audience will allow you to monetize your content in a number of appropriate ways.

Theme sites as the platform for an income producing web business are somewhat more involved than you might expect . . .

For instance The Long Tail trend is of utmost importance to a Solopreneur . . .


There is nothing you cannot master

Subject Focus Can Range From Broad To Narrow

As an example, my subject is Personal Development and my site, pdThinker.com is at the broadest end of the scale.

To deliver the message I want to convey, I need to utilize this breadth of coverage, eventually weaving a comprehensive image of how our mind functions, in a practical sense, and how to use that knowledge to benefit one’s self, and create a better World.

This demands that a lot more time and effort be invested to achieve my aim.
At the other, narrow, end of the scale, I could have chosen and focused on as my site theme, any one of the many elements constituting personal development, for instance Self Esteem, or Personal Initiative. Even here, one can go narrower still, and choose to focus on any of a myriad subsets, say,  self esteem and school age children, or personal initiative in the workplace.

Each subject can be dissected ad infinitum. If you choose to go narrow and your passion is financially viable, you will exert your influence as an expert, and generate income sooner, than a broad site like mine.

On the other hand the broader you go, the greater the eventual monetization potential.

Just A Fragment?? Yes - But

A theme site can be considered a fragment of a subject, topic, discipline, or thing. Fragment is a powerful word, suggesting total disintegration, but it’s use here is perfectly proper. Each fragment is a viable income producing opportunity for a person with relevant knowledge, skill, and desire, to exploit that opportunity.

Experiment a little by choosing a favorite subject or two and applying the Long Tail Concept to it. Is it not fascinating, and inspiring, how many - potentially profitable - themes it contains? 

Sport, Science, Music, Health, Craft-work - any subject - can be dissected over and over, and published, ad infinitum.

This is truly the Information Age.

The magical thing about all this fragmentation is the fact all those fragments coalesce to form a medium wherein everyone can find satisfaction . . .

Fragments reunited by enthusiastic Humans who care about each other and are passionate about their chosen subject

It is from this platform of satisfaction that one launches and maintains a rewarding Web Business

A Theme Site Is Inextricably Linked To The Long Tail

Possibly the best way to describe the long tail phenomenon and it’s relevance to  theme sites, is to say that . . . .

The Long Tail is a genuine increase in business activity which by it’s very nature can only be executed by Solopreneurs, who in turn cooperate with big businesses that, by their very nature, are restricted to operating in the Short Head.

These two entities, big and small, by working together in harmony, make it possible for not only this model to work, but to expand and increase that activity exponentially into perpetuity.

The success of this business model removes beyond all doubt the impression that conducting business has to be a zero sum game.

Cause And Effect

The Theme Content Site is more than just the perfect vehicle well suited to engage and partake in this increase in business activity, it is the cause and effect.

In other words without it, we would be confined to the old world of mega-hits, where limited choices were made for us. And the opportunity of who knows how many million riveting new opportunities the theme site is now generating, would not come to pass.
If your intention is to make your theme site a Business, as opposed to making it a Hobby site, then a copy of the Long Tail at your elbow is most desirable. This book is as relevant today as the day it was first published. No one says it quite as well as Chris Anderson.

You will notice the long tail effect exercising it’s influence as any given subject is diced and sliced. A subject's destination, to coin an oxymoron, being infinity. Once you are familiar with the long tail effect, you will find it where ever you look!! . . .

The Long Tail effect may well be the greatest long term employment and profit creation mechanism Humanity will ever experience

The Real Thing

Canadian marketing company, SiteSell, dating back to the pioneering dawn of the Commercial Internet, is at the forefront of Web Small Business development.

Their leading product, Solo Build It! is the original theme site business building system, and remains unique.

Commonly referred to by it's acronym SBI! - it is deliberately constructed, from the ground up, to take full advantage of this rapidly unfolding long term employment and profit creation phenomenon.

 Something not well known, is the fact that ninety percent of the effort required to build a theme related web business is necessarily devoted to the business of business building.

Business building is SBI!'s 'Niche'.

The physical site with all it’s bells and whistles is merely a, albeit attractive, shell, that houses your business building effort and acts as your World Wide Shop-front, allowing you to exercise your business acumen.

Shared Effort

Solo Build It! will take you from “Idea to Income” in a shared journey where SiteSell gives you not only the attractive shell, but a complete suite of Tools, an Action Guide that covers every facet of developing your idea to income, and Support that is quite uncommon.

You provide the idea, effort, tenacity, and willingness to follow the Action Guide to the letter. You lend your personality to your content and maintain a desire and belief that together, you and SBI! can make it work . . .

This then - is a Theme Site

Just For The Record

Solo Build It! is not restricted to Theme Sites. It is as equally suited as a host system to present any type of business that can utilize it’s innovative, effective, and to date, unique, C  T  P  M process.

Theme Sites Rock!

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