Egotism Is Neither
The Real Person Nor Your Friend

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Putting Aside The - False - Ego

A number of people - albeit mostly inadvertently - permit egotism to cloud their judgment.

Clouded judgement usually arises from lack of Self Discipline and Understanding, as opposed to malice. The reason matters not. The heavy consequences of Egotism, those of obstructing achievement, in a cooperative manner, are the same.

This philosophy is all about putting natural law to practical use

Interrupting any cooperative endeavor disrupts Harmony, and at very best, an inferior result is realized.

At worst, a complete project, could be placed in jeopardy. This phenomenon holds true for every Human endeavor or interaction. Whether played out publicly, as on the World Stage, or privately, between two individuals.

Additionally, permanent damage to relationships is put at risk while ever a participant indulges in Egoism.

The Philosophy of Personal Development equips one with the Tools to place Life in perspective by providing rock solid guidelines, in the form of Principles, that allow practitioners to put Natural Law to practical use where every Human involved in a project or interaction, contributes, and benefits, or is otherwise adequately compensated.

Equitable outcomes, which are essential to maintain sound relations, are not possible where egotism is involved. Once this is understood, it then becomes obvious that egotism is not an asset, but an unnecessary cost incurring liability.

Transcending Self

When you recognize the necessity for the standing aside of of 'you', that is, when you take Egotism out of the equation, by leaving your immediate selfish desires and perceptions aside and perceive a problem non judgmentally, meaning free of prejudice, and then arriving at an equitable solution, you will have made great strides forward.

You are now functioning on a higher plane of thought. Moreover, you will welcome this fresh faculty at your disposal and appreciate that the composite rewards it can deliver are far and away superior to any rewards derived from selfish motives.  

You will also recognize, appreciate, and celebrate this admirable attitude when expressed by others, strengthening relationships no matter what the physical distance, or the means used to communicate.

You are employing top shelf Human Qualities. The Candid You is shining forth. Vigorous and enduring.

Unrecognized Benefit

An all but unrecognized benefit, of this Equitable Mindset, is the ease with which holders can conduct mutually profitable business with each other.

A state worth reaching for it's own sake

No matter what the subject or situation, participants possessing a developed healthy ego always steer an interaction towards mutual benefit.

Their expanded state of mind allows them to see the bigger picture and hence the consequences of their actions.

Similar to ‘flow’, or ‘being in the zone’, when you are doing a thing you are passionate about, this state is reached when Harmony is sought and we are as one with spiritual intelligence.

With practice, a threshold is reached where you realize you are immensely enjoying standing aside and watching yourself fulfill instructions previously issued to your Subconscious Mind.

Notwithstanding the enormous returns on the exertion invested, this is a State Of Mind worth the reaching for it's own sake.

Reserve Judgment

If you truly understand and appreciate that one's Ego is the place Personal Development begins, the prospects of discovering the ultimate secret of the Human Mind increase with the depth of that comprehension. 

If you have any doubts, about the pivotal nature of being in charge of your ego, it is better to reserve judgement of what ego is, until a comprehensive understanding of this philosophy of Mind Expansion, has been reached.

Then take another - critical - look at this crucial component of being Human that contains the crippling power to disrupt and impede Humanities growth and advancement. As difficult as it may be, one should be determined to follow through, with this fundamental step of knowing oneself. And how your Mind functions.

When mastered, and directed towards equitable ends, our egos wield the expansive power to deliver salvation from the state of confused disorder we find Humanity in.

Who's In Charge?

There can be no half measure, no gray area, no if, no but . . . on this one. Either I master my ego or it masters me.

Mastering any worthwhile thing demands dedicated and sustained exertion. You are a Worthy Human Being, therefore mastering self is worthwhile. It is from mastery of self that all Good emanates.

Adopt the attitude of a master

Maestros know, understand, and practice, their relevant art. Maestros comprehend, accept and agree, with that ancient truism, Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice sharpens, and hones, that sought after combination of knowledge, and innate skill-set, to deliver practical outcomes that benefit both practitioners, and Humanity at large.

For true Maestros, doing this is an undertaking of joy. True Masters know Good Humans create a Good World.

Make Friends with a Maestro in any walk of life, by inquiring of him, or her, why such exertion is joy.  

By adopting the Attitude of a Master, by deciding that the real you calls the shots, refusing to allow your Environment, and judgemental influences, pull your strings, you will find the effort required for mastering your Ego, and this Philosophy, morphs into that same undertaking of joy.

Banishing egotism forever.

Having mastered self, mastering anything else within your capabilities is a 'simple' matter of understanding and implementing the applicable Natural Law, and being prepared to pay the price Nature demands, for the thing you desire.

Relegating Egotism To The Past

Emulating the responsible, decisive CEO or Manager the buck stops here. Responsibility is the province of the individual.

Once . . .

Together we can turn that path of freedom into a superhighway
  • You accept the premise, that you are responsible for taking charge of you, and consequently, your actions
  • That how you respond to any situation will always be a positive conscious decision
  • That you will act on your own initiative
  • And that you will always follow through on whatever you may begin
  • However long it may take
  • However many obstacles you encounter

You are well on the way to building, applying, and maintaining, a healthy ego. You are taking charge of your greatest asset, your Mind. You are firmly on the Path of Genuine Freedom.

The freedom of Self.

Paradoxically, the capacity to accomplish this state of being resides within the same Mind you are liberating. Your own.

Irrespective of the circumstances, of one's Environment, it is within the confines of individual Minds that the seed of freedom germinates and flourishes. Or is permitted to die. A Choice is made.

The Tools to facilitate the State Of Mind that equips an individual with the fortitude to Choose Freedom, are to be found in the philosophy of Personal Development.

Tools we will investigate in due course.

With Egotism a faint smudge in the past, we can allow it to remain there as a quiet reminder of the insidiously disruptive power of duplicity, and together, we can transform that Path Of Freedom into a Superhighway of Harmonious Cooperation.

Personal Development Rocks!

Part 4 - Part 3

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