Cooperation Not Conflict Develops Personal Power

Unresolved Conflict Grows

The exhortation, “Cooperation not conflict” could be, and should be, the slogan of every individual. Even amongst peace loving peoples, the threat of conflict is part of normal daily life.

The threat of conflict is part of normal daily life

How one approaches conflict determines whether we exacerbate or resolve our common strife.

It is to one's personal benefit to resolve our differences to the satisfaction of all involved as soon as possible.

Unresolved conflict is analogous to the gardener, who, while weeding, merely removes the exposed portion of a weed. Leaving the root system in the ground.

The knowledgeable gardener recognizes that by removing just this exposed portion stimulates further growth and the noxious plant comes back stronger than before.

Knowingly investing the time to do so, he or she prudently removes the entire structure. Confident that that particular unwanted plant will not return. Compounding the potential yield on that invested time.


With Human relations we are reliant on the Moral Goodwill of parties to an interaction to keep their word. This they will do if they possess the wise, knowledgeable gardener's understanding of the underlying Laws of Nature that predetermine the consequences of our choice of action in a given state of affairs.

I can give you my express word, and then break it. Or otherwise neglect to cooperate, where responsibility indicates I should, and by doing so I may gain an immediate advantage.

But by taking such an advantage, I am infesting my garden of goodwill with the seeds of injurious weeds of immorality. Reducing my ability to influence you, and weakening my personal power to influence others.

Frustration and embarrassment are the products of this manner of behavior.

And conflict grows.

Cooperation not conflict Builds Personal Power

The ability to cooperate is a fundamental element of one's Personal Power repertoire. Enabling us to navigate the still much uncharted waters of our Emotions.

Natural Law is the arbitrator of life

Integrity is a cardinal component of personal power. As is the ability to predict the consequences of our own actions.

Getting it right while disadvantaging no Good people is powerful stuff. As demonstrated in the big picture by Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, John F Kennedy, and others.

Possessed by all too few, the ability to cooperate is nevertheless a power available to us all.

The philosophy of Personal Growth offers this power to anyone who is prepared to pay the price asked by Nature. That price is comprehending Her Laws. Natural Law is the Arbitrator of Life.

When Humanity puts into practice the Law of Cooperation on an ever wider scale, we will discover, develop, and observe readily acceptable Conventions and Mores that will ease and lubricate Human interaction.

Eliminating what was once considered intractable sources of strife.


The Principle of cooperation pertains to every aspect of our lives. With limited space at our disposal to investigate the consequence of cooperation not conflict, however, let's just apply the blowtorch of understanding to a familiar situation. Our workplace.

Workplaces are undergoing an upheaval of unprecedented proportions.

Ranging in status from an ancient inflexible agency of Command and Control to a modern climate of freedom and responsibility, this upheaval serves as an across the board example of how our attitudes affect our behavior.

That old inflexible agency of command and control is a cold spawning ground for conflict. The modern workplace environment is a hotbed for cooperation.

An inspirational hotbed of cooperation that is clearly an indication of Human Intelligence influencing our own Evolution of Consciousness. And exemplifies the real power available to us when we decide to step out from under the muddy jackboot of domination and insist on equality for all.

A hotbed of cooperation forming a sound foundation for collaboration.

Modern Workplace

The Modern workplace, based on freedom and responsibility is possible because participants operate on the higher planes of thought only available through the expansion of the mind. Which in turn is achieved via Personal Development.

Nothing frightens those perpetrators of conflict more than the impervious to corruption nature of higher plane thinkers. This too, is Humans influencing their own evolution in a positive fashion.

Nothing frightens the perpetrators of conflict more than the impervious to corruption nature of higher plane thinkers

The workplace is where many of us spend the major part of our day. Presenting us with an opportunity to practice and hone our cooperative skills. An ideal learning opportunity.

And incrementally, help the pioneers who are building a better model of a workplace environment. Recognizing and dispensing the Proper Nature of being Human.

Where freedom and responsibility coalesce and reign supreme.

It is no coincidence that such keen forward thinking workplaces punch out superior products and services. And, no surprise they are more profitable - in every sense of the word - than their conventionally run counterparts.

All these progressive benefits delivered by contented, creative workers. In concert with an enlightened management team.

Conventional Workplace

Even in advanced Economies the “normal” workplace suffers a serious drawback in that much of it is still modeled on the out of touch and out of date system of command and control.

Not withstanding when it is functioning along compassionate lines, the very nature of a hierarchical structure invites conflict and contest.

This is evident in the familiar squabbling and bickering common amongst the unenlightened souls in management positions. Cooperation not conflict, as a modus operandi, is not an element of their conscious awareness.

As an aside - when investigating prospective investments my highest priority is management teams with a track record of harmonious problem solving

These wise and practical Humans understand unresolved conflict impacts directly on a company's profit margin

With their knowledge and understanding of operating a business - and Human Nature - they could make any company in any industry hum with productivity and profitability

In the same manner a competent mechanic can restore any sick motor to vibrant life

It's Us – Not Evolution

Evolution is frequently cited as the reason to explain why we respond negatively to each other.

We are told, in essence, that as a survival strategy we blindly force our way through life. Afraid that if we don't lash out first, we will lose whatever it is we have already accumulated, to others. 

We know that everything we apply thought to grows

No Fan

I am no big fan of relating every aspect of our behavior, justifying such behavior as a useful instrument of Evolution gone by, and accepting we do not have the ability to influence our conduct for the better.

A great deal of Human behavior is counter-productive to progress. And is in direct defiance of adopting a path leading to survival. Let alone Peace and Prosperity. How our current workplace management system evolved tends to support this view.

This is Humans influencing their own evolution negatively. An aesthetic sight it is not.

Neither is it widely questioned. Yet.

Much conscious awareness needs to be raised about how best to rescue and secure the future we have so recklessly endangered. Questioning current practices and implementing cooperation not conflict, is a good place to start.

Individually, this is our prerogative.

Still Prevails

The command and control model of business management still prevails. It is instructive to take a brief look at it's derivation.

Cooperation Not Conflict Rocks!

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