What Is A Positive Thinking Attitude?

What Is A Positive Thinking Attitude?

A Positive Thinking Attitude is the keystone of personal development. The key component of a Positive State Of Mind. Exhibiting influence akin to it’s arch supporting counterpart.

The stronger the keystone, the stronger the arch. The stronger the arch the greater a weight it can support. If the keystone is questionable, the complete structure is questionable.

A positive thinking attitude is the key component of a positive state of mind

Whilst the keystone arch has been largely superseded in modern construction practice, a Positive State Of Mind will forever remain the kernel, and umbrella, of Human Mind building.

There can be no blossoming and blooming of one’s Mind without it.

Developing a positive mindset is the journey on the path to Self Reliance.

Self Reliance is the pinnacle of Self Actualization. Which, in turn, is the highest state of Conscious Awareness that an individual Human Being, via his or her own efforts, to understand both Nature and Self, can reach.

The word developing is instrumental to mind expansion. Pinnacle is also a mere reference. In common with all else in Nature, the Human mind is in flux and evolving. It is our efforts to improve that drives the evolution of our mind. Building a positive thinking attitude is a major step on one's path of amelioration that offers reward far in excess of effort demanded.

A positive thinking attitude is crucial to living a competent, success oriented Life. It is best to be perfectly clear, from the beginning, just what is, and what is not, a Positive Attitude.

Affirmations Are Not A Positive Attitude

Often, a person’s first, and sometimes only experience with Mind Expansion and Positive Thinking, consists of so called Positive Affirmations. Usually in a hyped up form that promises immediate improvement in one’s circumstances.

A positive thinker is on first name terms with reality

When these positive affirmations don’t work on demand, this predictable failure leaves an erroneous impression on the practitioner.

An experience that simply serves to confirm his or her original suspicious perception that Mind Power is a fallacy.
This nonetheless well meaning, disservice to oneself frequently denies the dabbler access to Nature’s potentially most invaluable gift.

 Positive Affirmations are Good, there can be doubt. Any Positive Thinker who is familiar with Auto-Suggestion knows this, and uses affirmations as a routine element of maintaining their positive thinking attitude.

Albeit, as useful as correctly employed affirmations are, in themselves they are not a Positive Attitude.

Neither is the condition of unrelenting elation, where one pretends that not only is everything hunky-dory, but nothing can possibly go wrong.

Instead . . .

Ever working Harmoniously with Nature, a Positive Thinking individual remains on first name terms with Reality. Reality is messy, to say the least, and a positive thinking attitude is the only entity that Nature will yield Her equitable resolutions to.

Positive Thinking is essential to success in any worthwhile endeavor.

So What Is A Positive Attitude?

A Positive Attitude is a complex combination of Mindset and State Of Mind. A combination that allows you to deal ably and effectively with Reality.

A Positive Thinking Attitude is attained by Right Thinking, and Self Discipline. Practicing right thinking and self discipline enable us to master our Emotions, and thereby take charge of our Mind. Once in charge, we can direct our Mind, via those same Emotions, to do our bidding.

The powerful Mindset we Desire to develop, is composed of manifold Principles and Character Traits, which we progressively adopt and implement, as our mind expands and grows.

Attitude Building

A Sound Mindset, akin to a sound building, is dependent on solid foundations. An excellent mindset foundation can be constructed with just nine of these mind power builders.

Once established, this sound foundation serves as the platform to utilize any and every other tool you may find here, or elsewhere. Or indeed, invent.

Make friends with your inner voice

Recall that developing a Positive Mindset is a journey towards Self Reliance, the pinnacle of Self Actualization. This not to be missed journey of self discovery is full of pleasant surprises, fulfilled expectations, and satisfaction.

At some stage along this fascinating journey you will meet the real you, and recognize your real potential.

The best way to genuinely hasten recognizing your true potential is to make friends with your Inner Voice, and appoint him or her your mentor, privy to your every Thought.

Nine Essential Elements Of A Sound Mindset Foundation

  • Belief:

Attitude Building commences with Belief. This Principle is accorded top billing because a sound mindset - aka a Positive Thinking Attitude -  is underpinned by belief. We are what we believe. That is the way Nature constructed us. She responds to our bidding via the Thoughts we allow ourselves to express. Hence, Mind Expansion is anchored in Natural Law

  • Knowledge:

Knowledge shares top billing with Belief because a Positive Thinking Mindset is a Can Do Mindset. If an individual is to do anything Competently, then Knowledge is a prerequisite

  • Understanding:

To exploit Knowledge Competently, it is essential to Understand Knowledge. Whatever it may be. Of equal importance, is to Understand, that you are in charge of you. As your own Leader, you call the shots. You can lead only as Good as your Understanding

  • Confidence:

Confidence is essential to executing whatever Resources an individual intends to exploit

  • Competence:

Competence renders one fit and capable of Organizing the Skills and Resources necessary for exploitation and execution. Planning is an essential Skill of a Competent doer

  • Compassion:

To maintain a Positive Thinking State Of Mind an individual must be on affable terms with his or her fellows. Compassion engenders Empathy, and vice-versa. These two Principles are the foundation of Sound Relationships

  • Harmony:

In a word, a Positive Outlook is Harmonious

  • Optimism:

Optimism breathes life into everything we do. Without Optimism there can be no Positive Outlook

  • Wisdom:

Wisdom not only helps us to Understand Life and make Right Decisions, it ensures no one is disadvantaged by our Actions. Wisdom augments Harmony

Reality is impartial To Our Actions

Reality is the way things are within both Nature and our Human made World. Some things are immutable and pertain throughout the Universe. Natural Law falls into this category.

Nature is impartial to our actions

Other things are mutable and pertain to Life, such as Human enacted Law and Human Behavior.

Nevertheless, in every single event of Human Activity, every individual is subjected to Natural Law. Our choices dictate all outcomes. Both Good and evil.

Nature is impartial to our actions.

A Positive Thinking individual does not indulge in evil. Widely recognized, that aged Truism - Honesty Is The Best Policy - is one guideline that keeps Good Humans on safe ground and focused on Good consequences.

This Dictum applies equally to an individual's inter-personal behavior. Honesty is a structural member of a sound personality.

So True

A witty American demolisher of myth and superstition, Robert G. Ingersoll, (1833-1899)  reminded his audience during a lecture, that . . .

You must reap what you sow. Qualifying his insightful statement, he added - In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments. There are consequences.

Whilst Robert G was critiquing religious teachings when he proffered these observations, they are true, timeless, and apply to all Human Activity, and always will.

These sound observations pertain to Reality today and emphasizes not merely the desirability of building a Positive Thinking State Of Mind, but the absolute necessity to do so. If one is to make worthy progress through Life then a method of reasonably predicting the consequences of ones actions is essential.

Analysis of these two statements will reveal their depth and accuracy.

Reality Has No Favorites

Reality is where you gather adequate information before making a decision. Then promptly make a decision as soon as that info is digested.

Reality is where you gather adequate information before making a decision

A Positive State Of Mind does not magically eliminate obstructions. Instead, it equips one with the ability to find the ways and means to resolve them. You will still encounter frustrations, problems, and obstacles. Reality, aka Nature, does not play favorites.

Nature will trial your patience, your intelligence, and your persistence.

However . . .

Your newfound Positive Thinking Platform furnishes access to the Tools to meet Her on equal terms. You are not opposing Reality. You are working with Her.

Prove to Her that you are determined to Cooperate and meet Her terms, and She will in turn, Cooperate with you. She will bring to your attention, ways and means, to legitimately attain the object, or situation, you fervently Desire.

Fervent Desire, and the Law Of Attraction, play significant roles in negotiations with Reality. These two Principles are executed via your Positive Thinking Attitude.
In common with The Importance Of Listening, the importance of a Positive Attitude cannot be over estimated. Negative Thinking is counterproductive, wastes time that can never be recovered, and worst of all, it is soul destroying.

Negative Thinking is a State Of Mind best not trifled with.

A soundly constructed Positive Thinking Attitude, is your reliable first, and ultimate, defense against adverse circumstances, and enables you to employ other tools to overcome setbacks as a matter of course.

A positive attitude is essential for problem solving per se

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