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Solo Build It Tools Review – Action Guide

This segment of our Solo Build It Tools review deals with a composition SiteSell describes as an Action Guide, or simply, The A G.

A generic definition of ‘Guide’ is -
Something that offers basic information or instruction.

If we are honest, instructions are usually the things we consult when we have exhausted our ability to figure out whatever by ourselves. Often because those same instructions are poorly written and merely present an annoying source of confusion.

However . . .

When one opens this document . . .

It immediately becomes obvious that SiteSell’s description

Is an understatement of some significance

The Action Guide is a how to Masterpiece

Comprehensive and complete Action Plan is a more accurate description. Where Plan is defined as a series of definite, as in predetermined, proven steps to be carried out, or goals to be accomplished.

This is one impressive Tool.

Not only is it an Action Plan to get things done correctly and in a timely fashion, but it helps you lay the foundation and build the structure of your business in a manner complementary to the essence of the World Wide Web. That essence being Communication.


The Solo Build It! Action Plan does indeed offer basic information and instruction, but it fleshes out the basics in unmistakable detail. The ways and means are crystal clear, every Tool you need, a button click away. You can’t help but see your new Business as a thriving entity to be.

A Plan Of Action may not strike you as a Tool


If we use the definition that a Tool is any thing - Spiritual or Material . . .

That helps us move forward and achieve our Goals and Desires

Then a well thought out Plan is a powerful Tool indeed

Compounding Confidence

You may have noticed that boosting one’s confidence is a repetitive thread throughout this Solo Build It! Review.

That is the Personal Development influence kicking in. You are heading towards Self Reliance as a chosen lifestyle. Familiarity with the Action Guide compounds your sense of confidence and raises it several notches to the point where you feel quiet, yet intense Enthusiasm.

You can see how you will attain your goals. Your mind is expanding.

Comprehending Emerson’s Prescription “Do the thing and you shall have the power” now makes sense as this realization hits your conscious awareness, sharply, with delicious intellectual satisfaction.

Divide And Conquer

The Action Guide is divided into ten self contained ‘days’. Metaphorical, not real, days. Each ‘day’ covers a major element of building a thriving online business, and varies in actual time to complete. Depending on your time constraints and that particular day’s complexity.

Each day is further divided into doable steps, that when completed, become part of your personal ‘knowledge base’, providing inner satisfaction as the sheer logic of this system unfolds in your imagination.

From the beginning of your relationship with SBI! you know exactly where you stand in this unique business building program, and where you need to go next. The A G is at your behest. This is crucial, because you execute the steps in the Solo Build It Action Guide at your own pace. The Guide is so flexible that it easily fits into your schedule. 


The subject matter is extensive, you will learn a lot about a lot, including Life itself.

Nevertheless, the Action guide has one overriding purpose. To put you in charge of the ever so successful Content – Traffic – PreSell – Monetize process - C-T-P-M - The heart of Solo Build It!

Albeit, however successful this process has proven to be, SiteSell recognizes that it does not work in isolation. It requires a committed Human to give it wings, and make it fly.

Neat Touch

A really neat and helpful touch recently added to the Action Guide, is a progress bar. As you work your way through the Day, completing each step in turn, you can keep track of what you have achieved, and see, at a glance, what to focus on next.

SiteSell Is All About Best Practice - And It Shows

Seamlessly complementing the Action Guide, SiteSell features an almost bottomless pool of in depth, up to date, knowledge bases and articles on every business building subject.

Amongst the hundreds of articles are gems such as Time Management, Social Media, Monetization, Quality Content Guidelines, How To Make Your Content Spark, and the do’s and don'ts of Linking.

 Advice equal to anything that money can buy, all this value is In House. Distilled from a combination of SiteSell’s own efforts, and contributions from SBI!ers who have repeatedly proven this advice in practice. Generous men and women who appreciate being involved in worthwhile endeavors, with the ultimate aim of helping others. Humanity behaving at it’s best.

In an endearing fashion, SiteSell does not stop there. With our best interests at heart she maintains a Recommended Resources center of selected, high quality, third party products and services she believes will be of use to advanced Solopreneurs.

Demonstrating sincere allegiance to her subscribers . . .

SiteSell does not monetize these third parties although to do so for her own benefit - would be the easiest thing in the world to do

Does that not add to the confidence in this company that one must feel before committing to a life changing decision? 

This Is A Real Partnership

SiteSell provides:

  • Site Building Tools
  • Business Building Tools
  • All the band width you will ever need
  • 24/7 Technical Backup
  • Ever helpful Forums
  • An immense knowledge Base
  • State of the art integration and updates

And even . . .

  • Third party services for advanced users

Pulling it all together in the Action Guide, then paradoxically pulling it apart again, dividing it into logical, readily understood steps.

What more could one want?

The answer to that question is summed up in yet another acronym. An essential ingredient SiteSell describes as . . .


Brains - Attitude - Motivation

The Action Guide is nothing more that an inanimate ornament if it is not actioned. It comes alive when that aforementioned committed Human discovers and appreciates the value, completeness, and opportunity this masterpiece represents.

Then employing their BAM, one fulfills his or her commitment to this invigorating partnership.

BAM is analogous to adding water to cement and aggregate, mixing it thoroughly, placing it in solid form-work and applying the desired finish to obtain an artifact that one can be proud of and lasts beyond a lifetime.

While not as simple as making concrete artifacts, when we apply BAM to the Solo Build It! Action Guide, we produce something just as strong and everlasting.

BAM Defined

BAM is the Solopreneur's contribution to this very practical partnership and is what makes your Content, Site, and Web Business unique.

Using our Brain permits each of us to implement SiteSell Best Practice, in a manner exclusive to our expertise, and create a recognizable Brand Of One.

Our Attitude permits us to remain positive and optimistic in the face of inevitable obstacles.

Deciding before we embark that we are going to reach our destination, we maintain a can do persistence, underpinned and encouraged by the how to contents of the Action Guide at our elbow. We know we can do it.

Motivation is Personal. Only you understand what motivates you to achieve. Whatever it is, keep reminders of why you are building an e-business close to mind, and to hand. A note or image where you cannot help but see it. Places like on the bathroom mirror, fridge door, purse or wallet, or sun-visor. Seek encouragement from family and friends. Without being a pita!

The most potent personal motivator is Self Reliance.

Self Reliance is a product of many attributes including desire. When accompanied by the resolute knowing, that is, the genuine belief that you can do the thing, and the determination that you will always follow through, regardless of obstacles, Self Reliance places you firmly on the path of accomplishment.

Be All End All

The Action Guide is the beginning, everything in between, and the end, of building a profitable e-business. It cannot be said better than the way SiteSell Quotes her own subscribers:

What is the most frequently heard comment from successful solopreneurs who use Solo Build It!?

"Follow The Action Guide"

There's no way to over-emphasize how important it is to focus on executing the steps in the Action Guide - to the exclusion of all else! - SiteSell

Whether one considers the above quote as readily done or demanding, this sound advice remains, and will ever remain, true.

One more thing .  .   .
SiteSell sums up Solo Build It! - her flagship product - simply and reassuringly:

"If it's important, it's in SBI! and up-to-date”

Action Plans Rock!

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