Workplace Cooperation Delivers The Goods

Climate Of Fear

It is cheerless commentary on our general behavior that most businesses suffer from a lack of workplace cooperation in some manner or form. From mild to chronic.

Workplace cooperation can transform a climate of fear into a hive of productivity

An ideal place of work is a facility where skills, knowledge, and time are exchanged for financial gain.

A bonus is realized when this ideal place provides an outlet for creative energy, where personal satisfaction is derived from performing useful work.

Our everyday work environment is also an ideal, all-embracing venue to  practice and augment our Sound Relationship skills, underpinned by workplace cooperation.

It is an act of misplaced wisdom to for-go opportunities where we get compensated for the opportunity to advance ourselves, our products and services, and our society.

But, notwithstanding these obvious benefits, every day all over the Planet, a scenario of quiet desperation plays out in many workplaces.

Misguided Belief

The primary cause of this loss of opportunity to advance, individually and collectively, is a misguided sense of self preservation. The desire for self preservation aggravates a simmering collective anxiety, triggered by a climate of fear. A fear perpetrated by mindless bullies within the confines of a Command and Control management system of breathtaking rigidity.

Opportunities, forgone, at the expense of purposeful creativity, sound relationships, personal satisfaction, greater profits, and the Common Good.
A climate of abominable fear, exacerbated by ignorance of the potential of our innate Human Nature.

Pseudo managers, seduced, and, sometimes, besotted, by a desire to control, often practiced within a hierarchical managerial culture of order throwing demand, and attempted personal empire building, produce, along with mediocre products and services, a slew of interrelated relationship problems.

This misguided belief, necessitating self preservation, in opposition to a rigid command and control management system encourages disgruntled, unmotivated employees and colleagues to produce the bare minimum, in order to be paid to survive.

Self Imposed Turmoil

Whatever the degree a given company is afflicted by this self imposed turmoil, this type of workplace may as well be a war zone, recognizable as such by the aforementioned unhappy casualties.

This climate of do it or else is not one wherein the generation of Ideas and Creativity flourish. Under harsh conditions, employees do not respond positively, and contribute little or nothing, to the health of the source of their income. That is, the Company they are employed by.

This muddled scenario has been succinctly - and accurately - described as leaving one's brain at the gate syndrome, when reporting for duty each morning. A Manager who fosters such a climate can rightly be accused of also leaving his or her brains at the gate.

The solution to this universal problem is not complex. Nevertheless, as the history of Human interaction so emphatically informs us, around the Planet, we Humans continue to experience distressing difficulty accomplishing it. Much to our detriment.

 Workplace Cooperation Delivers The Goods

The Law of Cooperation provides the underpinnings on which to build a climate of trust and integrity wherein idea generation and creativity are fundamental to relationship building, problem solving, production, profits, and personal satisfaction.

All readily delivered via workplace cooperation.

Leadership Essential

The workplace is a major learning center. An opportunity where we are not only paid for our services but the opportunity exists to learn for eight hours or more every day.

When willing cooperation is actively expressed by all involved, that same problem producing command and control management hierarchy can transform itself into a leadership team that learns and earns alongside an unstoppable ensemble of doers and achievers to whom they provide unrestricted support.

Good example is imperative to establishing a sound cooperative culture in the workplace, or anywhere else. Humans are herd animals.

Workplace leadership Is an essential component of progress and success

Sound Leadership is an essential component of progress and success.

Even when initiative, of any description, exists within the rank and file, it does not usually maintain itself in the face of lackadaisical, indifferent, apathetic management. Particularly when allied to insistent demands to achieve without sufficient guidance and support.

The radically entrenched, do as I say, not as I do, creed, of the “big boss” is rightfully being questioned more frequently. However, such questioning must be performed in an intelligent manner.

Comprehending the importance of cooperation is fundamental to constructing an intelligent questioning approach.

Big Boss Attitude

In missed opportunities to positively influence an audience, we often see this Big boss command and control attitude portrayed in the story line of novels and movies.

The Boss

In these novels and movies, Big boss acts the role of a hero. Big boss yells, rants, and threatens his or her subordinates, demanding instant results.

Big boss's subordinates submissively scurry off in all directions and, perhaps with the help of magic, produce the demanded results.

If only it were this simple and easy.

What happens in real life is big boss's submissive subordinates scurry off and plot how to confound and undermine big boss. Further compounding big boss's already considerable relationship woes. Sadly, big boss is none the wiser.

Demise Inevitable

A still rather common, though gradually losing acceptance, form of business management, Command and Control, adopted, complete with flaws, from the Military, results in mediocre performance, and mediocre, inadequate, products and services.

Command and Control of fellow Human Beings is based on the premise that the more senior the position one holds, the greater the influence one wields, executed by mere demand, and is all that one needs to make things happen.

Thankfully, widespread education, particularly in the guise of Personal Growth, is spelling the demise of this, and many other, forms of domination.

The Command and Control style of "management" doesn't hold a candle (markedly inferior) to a thoughtful system of workplace cooperation based on willing input where all workers, no matter the rank, are privy to decision making in general, and participate in decision making where it directly affects them personally.

Involved Decision making that is . . .

Not merely work-wise, but including their well-being and the well-being of those whom they are responsible for. Paving the way for stupendous achievement. And, eventually, a genuine Commonwealth.

Irony Stands Supreme

Ironically, yet much to it's credit, in a demonstration of genuine Leadership, it is the Military in Democratic Nations, who, in an outstanding, refreshingly inspiring, display of amelioration by enlightened thinkers, is sharing center stage with similarly enlightened Companies.

Functioning in a climate of deliberate open-minded sharing, these sapient, clear Thinkers, are forming a vanguard trail blazing their way to a new era of cooperation and the eventual rapid demolition of an angst ridden, problem inducing way of conducting business that delivers less than satisfactory results.

Following a pattern of interactive behavior clearly expressing a new, deep, comprehension of Human Nature, this is progressive activity that deserves every grain of support we can offer.
Commercial Companies, or in other words, groups of individuals with a common purpose who heed, assimilate, and implement the excellent example set by this vanguard, are well on the route to earned, and therefore deserved, success. Whatever endeavor they decide to commit to.

Ultimately However

Ultimately, however, just as the weakest link in a chain determines the chain's strength, the integrity of the individual is paramount to achieving harmonious workplace cooperation.

Workplace Cooperation Rocks!

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