Scientific Brain Structure Study
Steadily Reveals How We Function

Part 1

Less Mysterious

The Human Brain structure is becoming less of a mystery as Science steadily understands and reveals how it works.The more we know about our greatest asset the better we can appreciate the infinite benefits it offers Humanity. Both on an individual level and collectively as a species.

Our Mind is a product of this magnificent instrument. It is our Brain that processes Thought, and it is Thought that powers our Mind.

How we process Thought is crucial to the outcome of everything we Humans do. Hence, used wisely, our Brain earns and deserves, the Greatest Asset designation this author has bestowed it. is dedicated to the practical implementation of – wise - Thought.

Human Brain

Image depicting the relationship of some of the major components of one hemisphere of the Human Brain.

Concise Overview
Of The Human Brain Structure

Presented here in six short installments is a concise overview of the Human Brain and it's major functions. A working knowledge of these functions will prove invaluable on the path of Personal Development.

Considered by many to be Nature's greatest achievement amongst great achievements, the Human Brain is a compound system of complicated components which Evolved over several hundred million years.

Enhanced Intelligence

Our Brain structure bears close resemblance to other species which share a similar construction.

,Based on Convolution and found in higher order Mammals such as Elephants, Primates, and Cetacea, the marine order which includes Dolphins and Whales, this is a platform that offers a tantalizing, achievable prospect of enhanced intelligence.

This platform offers the tantalizing but achievable prospect of enhanced intelligence

Convolution allows Evolution to crumple and fold layers upon each other. Making maximum utility of the available space in the largest Cranium that can possibly navigate the mothers' birth canal.

Imagine you have a empty sphere made from aluminium foil measuring 600mm diameter. And you crushed it to form a ball that would fit in the palm of your hand.

The surface area would remain the same. Except it is now a much smaller package. That is Convolution at work.

While our main interest is focused on discovering intelligence, as part of our search, it is well worth taking an investigative tour of the major parts and functions of this amazing instrument that possesses the ability to observe and study itself.

In essence, taking a tour of you.

Myriad Mysteries

Our Human brain, and the Mind that we create with it, is on an equal footing with disciplines such as Astrophysics and Molecular Biology as a frontier of exploration and current comprehension.

Many outstanding Minds are dedicated to solving those myriad mysteries our greatest asset presents us with.

Barriers between people will be obliterated

As we progress down this path of investigation, and we learn just how our Brain and Mind actually function, then the many barriers between people will be obliterated.

Myth and superstition will be superseded by knowledge and understanding. Individuals health, wealth, relationships, and general well being will be improved beyond measure. No longer will we perceive differences as threats and danger.

Instead, differences will be viewed as beneficial gifts from Nature, to be embraced and exploited for the advance of all Humanity. Indeed for all Life Forms. From the Ocean Plankton that supplies the major portion of the oxygen we breath to the largest creature that graces the Earth. Our Planetary Ecosystem will at last be recognized as a Living Entity.

Practicing Personal Development is the intermediary that facilitates this learning and enables us to apply our new-found knowledge in synergistic ways.

Everyone Can Benefit

Anatomically the Human Brain has been delineated (but not so well that it is crystal clear!!) in three languages, Greek, Latin, and English.

This may seem confusing, even daunting, if this happens to be your first encounter. But it all makes sense as you study and become familiar with the layout and functions, as Science interprets the subject to date. A familiarity that will be of value if you decide to pursue further study and knowledge.

Every one on this Planet can benefit from and contribute to an ascending appreciation of this exciting and challenging frontier.

Maintain An Overarching View

As we explore the structure of this organ, it is essential to maintain an overarching view that the Brain operates holistically, homogeneously, and with synergistic Harmony.

Our Brain structure, it's capabilities, and the intelligence it offers, is truly worthy of our attention

While holding this perception in mind, to gain discernment, it is helpful to disassemble the Brain's systems.

disassembly exposes subsystems and components, helping us to understand the function that Science has evidence of existing in that particular region.

Each of these regions have their independent functions.

In conjunction with executing their own function, these units and subsystems support and assist one another in a demonstration of unity and cooperation that offers Humanity many lessons of the power inherent in Harmony.

Lessons applicable to all peoples, species, and the only environment we have. That environment is the one that supports our very existence.

Our Brain structure, it's capabilities, and the intelligence it offers to enable Humanity to work together within this environment that supports us, in Harmony, is truly worthy of our attention.

Human Intelligence Rocks!

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