The Ubiquitous Universal Law Of Attraction

Part 1


By definition the Universal Law Of Attraction is ubiquitous. Albeit representing a true statement in the essence of what is, - in other words Natural Law - the abused state of our Planet in general, and Humanities behavior in particular, indicates that this Truth and much talked about subject, is yet distressingly misunderstood.

The universal law of attraction is inseparable from our circumstances

Akin to our forebears hazy knowledge of static electricity way back in time, we have only a vague awareness of this power that Nature so generously places at our disposal.

For eons, folk have carelessly alluded to this vague awareness of the law of attraction, quite oblivious to it's unchallengeable influence.

The ill-considered and heedless remark, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, was, and still is, an all too common expression of our haziness.

If you have only a vague awareness now, the pivotal importance of the role the Law Of Attraction plays in our lives, will become crystal clear when, via your dedicated study and assimilation, you grasp the crux of the philosophy of Personal Development.

That crux is none other than the Ultimate Secret of the mind. 


In the meantime the purpose of this six part discourse is to set in motion an elaboration of our apprehension, leading to comprehension, of this Universal Law which pervades our very being. And to bring to our attention, it's inseparable relationship to our circumstances. Emphasizing the absolute necessity of working together in harmony.

You will recognize working together in harmony as the Law of Cooperation. A Mind Tool provided by Nature to help one another to strengthen our Relationships, accomplish our goals, and build an equitable Society.

Needless Concern

Many folk feel disquieted by and worry that the purposeful use of the law of attraction will have unintended consequences. We dare not interfere with the functioning of our minds, they believe.

This is a groundless concern.

Stressing over one's purposeful use of the universal law of attraction is an admission one possesses that hazy perception mentioned above, and is counter-productive. By stressing about, or ignoring the law of attraction, we are abdicating our duty to ourselves. This is tantamount to negative inaction.

Conscious awareness holds the key to the effective operation of one's mind

The solution to the abatement of this concern is inherent in the understanding that Conscious Awareness holds the key to the effective operation of one's mind.

There is much to be gained by learning to use it correctly.

Conscious Awareness

Like everything in Nature, conscious awareness begins in a small way, building momentum, taking on a life of it's own, progressing to second nature and habit. At the point of habit it is constant, effortless, and another indispensable Tool in the workshop of your mind.

You are now ready to purposely implement the universal law of attraction. Also like everything in Nature, when applied, our conscious awareness continuously evolves.

To reach, maintain, and extend this switched on state of evolving mind, a certain amount of work needs to be performed. We get our money's worth from this effort though, because we get to practice the law of attraction to learn about itself.

Fundamentals Of The Universal Law Of Attraction

From a Human behavior stance, the Universal Law Of Attraction in simple terms – as opposed to complex - can be defined as, Good begets Good and evil begets evil.

The purposeful use of the law of attraction for Good holds the solution to our personal and collective woes
  • The driving force behind Good or evil is Human intention
  • Our intentions are driven by our emotions
  •  Our emotions are driven by our dominating thoughts
  • Our dominating thoughts dictate our actions

Or . . .

  • freeze us in immobility -

Alternatively . . .

Again in the most basic of terms, we can change our intentions by changing our thoughts.

The complexities of how our mind works will unfold and make sense as the intricacies of Personal Development take hold in your understanding.

Once again, we find the Tools of reflection, focus, study, and practice, come to our aid, to be used until we have nailed our understanding of a given process.

Humanities Greatest Challenge

Changing one's thoughts appears to be Humanities greatest personal challenge. It is our neglect to rise to this challenge that has created the environment that now threatens to destroy us.

It is from this environment perhaps, witnessing the disastrous state of affairs wrong thinking brings about, that folk draw their misconceptions about this phenomenon. Failing to understanding that it is the unconscious use, and abuse, of the universal Law of attraction that brings about misfortune.

Contrary to the unfounded belief that we should not interfere with our minds, it is the purposeful use of the law of attraction for Good that holds the solution to our personal and collective woes.

Every Human Being on Earth can contribute to the resolution of these woes by taking charge of their own thoughts. And acting in the interest of the Common Good.

The Universal Law Of Attraction Rocks!

Part 1

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