Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Avoidance Requires Enlightened Thinking

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Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Intellectual property rights infringement is a serious economic problem and it is easy to resort to harsh legislation in the belief that rigid control and punishment will resolve Human behavior deficiency.

Rigid control merely reveals the dark side of human nature

This merely reveals the dark side of Human Nature where thinking has not advanced past the Dark Ages and is no better than the barren thought processing of the transgressors who instigate the activity such legislation seeks to curb.

We know prohibition doesn't work. It has never worked. And it never will work, no matter the context it is employed. At least not with we higher plane thinking Humans.

Thank goodness. We would still be stumbling about in the those Dark Ages if it did.

Selfish draconian law making and enforcement is not the answer to our economic and social woes. This is the path to totalitarianism.

Ultimately, doing the right thing on an individual basis holds this solution, emphasizing the role personal responsibility plays in achieving and maintaining Freedom. Herein lies our greatest challenge.

Intentional intellectual property rights infringement of a creative product for personal gain will be reduced in proportion to the decreased demand induced by the comprehension of right and wrong. By both provider and consumer. Shrinking the market for the organized criminal. Nullifying the justification of, and for, draconian law.

 Going Backwards Should Not Be An Option

We have made substantial enlightened progress since that deplorable Dark Ages epoch in our inconsistent behavioral History. And now, we have, with the advent of the World Wide Web, an agency with which to elicit not only the hope, but the realization, of peace, freedom, and prosperity. Where everyone with something to offer can present their wares with impunity and make a buck. Without cheating.

Human enacted law can go the extra mile and underpin the educational  progress required to achieve and maintain this possibility. Education and willing cooperation is the nexus. let's not blow it.

Good Laws Guide And Encourage

Our Legal System should be structured, taught, and seen, as aids and guides to achieve harmony in our societies wherever on the planet any society exists.

Good laws guide and encourage one to act in an honorable manner

This entails, as previously noted, education.

The answer does not lay in Punishment.

Or remotely controlled computer platforms that obviate or deny choice.

Good Laws guide and encourage we Humans to act in an honorable manner once these Good Laws are comprehended.

 When a Law is just it tends to create peer pressure that then facilitates a change of thinking, for the better, on those who don't yet get it. 

This places the responsibility of doing the right thing by each other exactly where it should be. Fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the individual. As responsible individuals we monitor and direct our own behavior.

While encouraging and supporting others within our field of influence.

It's Time . . . For A Change

Until we come up with a system of education that enables transgressors to change their mind in favor of honorable thinking, that is then followed by honorable action, we are saddled with an unacceptable method of attempted control, based in force.

Unacceptable because Good people suffer in seemingly futile attempts to prevent the evil from profiting. Intellectual property rights infringement is simply the tip of a massive iceberg in this respect.

We can watch and Listen with our own eyes and ears just how ineffective force is at problem solving. Merely by watching or listening to a random news broadcast, depicting the chaotic world we have created.

This applies universally to Human behavior. But our focus here is intellectual property, in particular Copyright on the Internet. It's time for a change. For the better.

 In Our Own Interest

It is in our own interest to help each other not merely to survive but to prosper.

Every author who lifted a finger to create something, anything, owes a debt of gratitude to others.

The greatest minds who passed this way all agree on this point

The greatest minds who passed this way all agree on this point.

If we makes our position clear about where we stand on our attitude to our creations being reproduced in a lucidly written copyright policy notice that cannot possibly be misconstrued, and in the case of a Website, a footer link to it from every page, we will be making it easy for the genuine person with a legitimate purpose to gain permission to copy.

And at the same time identifying the outright thief who, by neglecting to seek permission, indicates a need for additional education to enable a positive mind change.

I am not talking about employing aggressive terms and conditions, and privacy policies, which are rarely read, and too often, farcical.

Simple And Effective

I am merely recommending that as content creators, wherever it is possible, we clearly state whether or not we are prepared to allow our work to be reproduced, to what extent, and how permission to use our content can be obtained.

This will at least increase awareness that intellectual property is as real as material property and that it belongs to another hard working Human being.

Open Source licensing allows us to do this effectively, without interfering with rights and responsibilities under the laws of the land.

This will help reduce the incidence of inadvertent or ignorant intellectual property rights infringement with our honest brothers and sisters, the majority, lessen the illogical justification for harsh legislation to deal with the dishonest, the minority, and expose such legislation for what it is, a blatant bid for absolute power.

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Does Not Rock!

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