Becoming Familiar With
The Universal Law Of Attraction

Part 4 - Part 3 

Incessant Force

When one considers that the Universal Law Of Attraction is constantly at work on our behalf by default whether we are Good, evil, or indifferent - becoming familiar with this integral element of our lives should be of the highest priority.

The ability to competently implement the law of attraction grows exponentially with our ability to foster Conscious Awareness, allied to our comprehension of Natural Law.

This Pivotal law decides our future

You can adopt the universal law of attraction as your constant companion and friend.

This is achieved by thinking about what you want, and work-shopping, in the total privacy of your mind, how you can obtain the objects of your desires.

A relaxed state of being, akin to meditation, produces superior results. As does the necessary state of absolute expectancy that your desires will be fulfilled.
Communicating with Spiritual Intelligence is closely related to positive thinking. One can do this while mowing the lawn, housework, or any undertaking that does not require intense concentration. Doing this helps to clarify the object of your desire, whatever that object may be. It need not be physical.

Personally, as well as being my constant companion, I set aside dedicated time to commune with Spiritual Intelligence on specific requests via my intuition. You can do this too, whenever you feel you are ready to do so.

Don't Be Shy About The Universal Law Of Attraction

Don't be shy about communicating with Spiritual Intelligence when implementing this intrinsic aid to attainment. Nature has placed this aid at our disposal, to be used.

Be specific and precise, you will get exactly what you ask for. Repetition of thought is essential for clarity, and is an ideal opportunity to refine your objective and minimize errors that would otherwise exist in a less prepared solicitation. Fortune does indeed favor the prepared mind.

You will get exactly what you ask for

Often, the realization that the manifestation of a desired thing is a replica of the thoughts that created it, only comes with hindsight. Reflection then allows you to reset your parameters by refining and improving your request.

If this realization is not forthcoming, confusion, frustration, and disappointment can set in, leading to defeat.

Historical fiction writer and enthralling story teller, James A Michener, made the wry observation, "We are never prepared for what we expect."

There can be no doubt. One must be ready to receive that which he or she wishes to attract. With a sound understanding of the laws governing the Human mind and Personal Development, you will be in a much better position to avoid surprises engendered by Michener's paradox.

This, I might add, takes a little practice and experience, because . . .

Plans Can And Do Go Asunder

The early bird catches the worm, we are led to believe. On closer examination though, we can predict with some confidence that the early bird does not catch every worm it may approach.

Early bird catches the worm

This readily observable fact does not deter the early bird. Every morning it can be observed hunting diligently.

Every morning.

We can learn from this diligent creature. Failure is simply part of a process of attainment.

One also may be led to believe the universal law of attraction is infallible.

This law is indeed infallible.

Our interpretation of it is not. It is herein that we hone our interpretation skills via our conscious awareness - to a razor sharpness.

Apprehending and embracing the universal law of attraction, in a discerning manner, is a vital element in succeeding at anything.

Humanities comprehensive, yet often unqualified, use of this law is responsible for everything in our individual and collective World. Good and evil.

The manner in which we implement this pivotal law decides our future. This understanding places ideas and intention under the blazing spotlight of the informed mind.

With this understanding center stage, we can encourage ourselves, and each other, to focus on implementing the tools that enhance our greatest asset - one's mind - and lead us inexorably to discovery, self reliance, and intellectual and physical freedom. This website is about those tools.

Learn, and apply these tools to your every Thought and Action whilst maintaining an abiding Desire and Intention to discover the real secret of success, and you will have set the scene to do just that.

The Universal Law Of Attraction Rocks!

Part 4 - Part 3    

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