Age Of Mind

Humanity Is Entering The Age Of Mind

Entering the Age Of Mind is akin to entering the Industrial Age, Space Age, or any other major influence on the direction of Humanity. Except this Age of Mind is potentially way more momentous than any influence that has preceded it.

The Age of Mind is potentially way more momentous than any influence that has preceded it

This Mind Age will be a show stopper. For the single reason that all Humans on this Planet will eventually become cognizant of the latent power residing in their Mind.

Humanity per se will perceive Natural Reality in general, and Human Reality in particular from a spiritually purified perspective.

Every Human Being will know how to liberate that Power for the benefit of themselves, others, and the environment that supports their very existence. At this juncture, evil will become redundant.

The Age of Mind is the unalienable promise of a collectively enlightened existence.

Human Mind Power

We are fundamentally all pioneers in this new age of Mind. Much research exists by gifted academics exhibiting an intense desire to understand how the Powerhouse between our ears functions at the deepest levels of Consciousness and Unconsciousness.

Even in this early stage of investigation, opinions proliferate. Conscious Awareness fluctuates and varies widely between individuals, and institutions. As Thinking Beings we are very much feeling our way in the fog, in our search for comprehending the source of our individual Inner Agency. Credence and credit is attributed to the Brain in the belief that the Brain is somehow autonomous, and dictates our actions.

Composite interest in the Brain and Mind, is increasingly being demonstrated by the so called Lay Collective. This Lay Collective is composed of resolute Humans who form the vanguard of a growing movement seeking Wisdom and Truth, two fundamentals of Mind Expansion. These Elements equip them with Tools that enable individuals to direct and manage their Lives with equanimity. heartily welcomes this intense interest in Natures awesome achievement, our Brain and its companion, our Mind. This essential to progress interest has been a long time in coming.

Whilst acknowledging what transpires between the Mind and the Brain is fascinating, it is still very much speculative and it is not necessary to comprehend Metaphysics of Mind until one is comfortable with operating his or her own Mindset. In the same manner one does not need to understand the complex inner workings of an automobile in order to become a competent driver.


Akin to the Internet's capacity to connect to any Human Activity, because we are aware that it can be connected and hence extend it's usefulness, so too will we direct our Minds, via our Thoughts, to combine, and coalesce, in an ever expanding Mastermind.

Eventually, this ideal Mastermind will include every Mind on the Planet.

While we are, to varying degrees, aware of the central role our Mind plays in the execution of our lives, it is early days in our comprehension of just how this seemingly infinite potential of the Human Brain and it's companion product, our Mind, comes about.

How The Human Mind Works

Science can tell us what is happening in our Brains, insofar as an activity can be traced and isolated to a particular region, or regions, of this magnificent instrument. But, as for the present, Science cannot tell us how it works.

To glean a working comprehension of this awesome instrument that is involved in everything Human Beings do, we remain steadfastly reliant on interpreting empirical evidence, resulting from sound intellectual inquiry and observation, judicious application of Psychology, and the finer interpretation of Philosophy, to render useful, practical insights.

In a Philosophical sense these insights become one's steering wheel, brake pedal, gear lever, light switches et al, that enable individuals to competently drive the Powerhouse between his or her ears.

Been A While

Recording and notating of this convoluted inquiry into how the Mind works was initiated by the curiosity of a few vibrant entities during the sixth century BC. It is this same persevering inquiry that continues to deliver accurate insights into the Agency that establishes the Reality we experience. It is this unrelenting inquiry that has prepared the foundations for the Age Of Mind to take root, and grow exponentially.

This author believes, without a shred of doubt, that our individual inner agency is Powered by Thought. Having expressed that belief however, as a dedicated Truth Seeker he unremittingly puts this viewpoint to the test consistently. If irrefutable evidence to the contrary emerges he is quite prepared to change his belief accordingly.

Whether dealing with the Material, or Spiritual realm, he applies this same paradigm to every belief he holds.

If one is to understand anything, Truth is paramount.

The Bottom Line

Your Mind labors on your behalf day and night, striving to assist you in accomplishing what your Thoughts are focused on. You can take advantage of this internal ambient phenomenon and respond by focusing your Thoughts on practical, equitable outcomes. An integral element of this process is acknowledging, with the intent to overcome, obstacles that would otherwise drag you down. It is difficult, but regrets should not be permitted to negatively impact one's decisions.

Your Mind works for you day and night

There are a number of autonomous functions pertaining to the Human Nervous System. By definition, these functions do not require our conscious supervision.

However . . .

Given extreme conditions it is possible for an individual to impose an immediate influence on several of the automatic functions of the Sympathetic Nervous System. With dubious results.

Albeit, indirectly, an individual is consistently influencing these auto functions via somatic feedback to one's Brain, generated by his or her behavior. Resulting over time, in good or poor health and well-being outcomes.

Awesome Information

The message here is we are hostage to our behavior. One's Brain responds to feedback and input from our five senses. Tempered, or, conversely, agitated, by our cognitive interpretation of circumstances. This is awesome, useful, information.

Unlike the autonomous functions of a Human Being, where an individual is not able to readily exert consistent, purposeful, influence, over a given process, this is not the situation with the Cognitive Capabilities of our Mind.

Our Mind, in accomplishing it's role, as an individual's interface to the outside World, remains assiduously at its owner's behest, and command. This pliant instrument faithfully synthesizes an individual's Personal Reality, via his or her cloistered Brain, employing the information we Consciously, or Unconsciously, feed it.

Depending on an individual's level of expertise in matters of the Mind, one can exert from no influence, to total influence, over what he or she permits to enter this pliant instrument, on a Consciously aware plane. The Human Mind also absorbs much information on a Subconscious plane. As possibly does every conscious creature.

Humanities Big Helper

It is one's Subconscious Mind that does the heavy lifting on behalf of its owner. An astute individual merely needs to impress his or her Subconscious Mind with passionate, yet crystal clear as possible instructions to initiate the Creative process.

For first timers this can be daunting. Particularly when one is working with the unknown, just as Alexander Graham Bell discovered, when he made the momentous decision to invent the Telephone. Bell's unlikely first impressions of transmitting sound introduced a technology that today, a century and a half later, still appears to have no bounds. Do not all great discoveries and inventions share this common thread of haziness at every stage of development?

This too, is evolution. Courtesy of our Subconscious Mind. Humanities big helper.

Clarity of Form comes with open minded persistence and repetition

The clarity of Form comes with open minded persistence and repetition. One's Desire to obtain a predetermined objective is also paramount to accomplishing that objective.

This process is most reliably effective when we eliminate the debilitating clutter of negative Thought. The only limit to this process of attaining clarity of form, appears to be implied by our level of comprehension of the extent and capacity of our individual Imagination.

The individual's Imagination is directly associated with his or her Beliefs and Values.

Ignorant purveyors of violence and misery have no inkling of the latent Power residing in their Mind, to influence, and lead others, in an intelligent manner.

Every particle of evidence points to the conclusion that an individual who desires to dominate others using force, is sadly lacking in the skills that constitute a Developing Mind.

Ignorance is the only difference between the execution of Good and evil behavior.

Welcome To The Age Of  Mind

The process of Enlightenment of Humanity has been drastically hindered by the ignorant Undeveloped Mind behavior of some self serving individuals. Perpetuated by disruptive, often violent entities, who, seeking to dominate their fellows, have ridden roughshod over the lives of the masses, for at least as long as we have been recording our activities.

That emerging Collective State, the Age Of Mind phenomenon, we are not merely witness to, but have the opportunity to actively participate in, offers Humanity, via the individual, stark relief from this untenable condition of acting out our lives as intelligent puppets controlled by inferior, and often, inept, Thinkers.

Where we go from here depends entirely on our desire to improve the Human condition. Via improving ourselves, as developing individuals.

As you study the contents of, and Personal Development Principles in general, you will gain insights that eventually coalesce into an up to date comprehension of how your Mind works. From that moment on, you will be recognized amongst the increasing number of folk who insist on equality of life for themselves, and every living creature.

You will be contributing in your own way, to the joy of the World. Diminishing by a degree the opportunity, of an Undeveloped Mind, to ferment irrational chaos. For the exhilarating reason you comprehend the Truth of a given situation.

The show stopping effect mentioned at the top of this page will come about when a sufficient number of Minds are adequately enlightened to be impermeable to any and every threat and menace presented by undeveloped minds. Miscreants will have the choice to understand and adopt Good, or they will perish at the hand of their own ignorance.

Are we up to the challenge of taking charge of our Thoughts and in doing so securing our Freedom??

The Age Of Mind Rocks!

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