The Evolution Of  Consciousness
Is Seeking Our Help

Part 10 - Part 9

Higher Plane Thinking

Evolution of Human Consciousness has advanced, to the stage where, living Consciously, developing our Minds in pursuit of Higher Planes Of Thought, progressing Intellectually, we abandon inferior ways of Thinking. Including the regressive products of inferior Thought.

The absolute power of Thought gradually becomes apparent

Regressive products such as greed, violence, deception, anger, intolerance, and the unwise desire to dominate one another.

Never to return. Although the temptation will always be present.

Understanding and applying Mind expanding Philosophy to all our Thoughts, and hence Actions, equips one with the Power to render any temptation impotent.

Higher plane Thinking - via Personal Development - transcends a self indulgent individualism that encourages retrogressive behavior. One becomes aware of a distinctly different State Of Consciousness.

In this different state we are in contact with the higher reaches of Spiritual Intelligence

The absolute Power Of Thought gradually becomes apparent, along with the realization, that Humans determine Reality with their Thinking.

 Inexorable Complexity

With the same increasing complexity that wrought Conscious Life from inorganic particles, will come the Conscious Noosphere. The process of Evolution was Physical up to the advent of Consciousness.

From the advent of Consciousness, the process includes the Metaphysical - The non physical.

Alas! The Creatures who are inherently capable of complex problem solving are suddenly lost in the fogs of mysticism, and or denial. Instead of pursuing Truth our forebears allowed rabid confusion to reign.

These fearful souls were incapable of, or simply refused to recognize the Power of their Minds to comprehend Nature's Reality.

Lost in the fogs of mysticism and or denial

Let's reflect for a moment.

With increasing, inexorable complexity, Evolution has so far, progressed from Inorganic Subatomic Particles, produced in the Big Bang, to fully Conscious Humans capable of complex problem solving.

We Human Beings are the vanguard approaching the penultimate stage of Consciousness.

That is, a truly Conscious Planet, that can adequately communicate with the Universe.

Nature eloquently expresses Herself in one language throughout the entire Cosmos. That one language is Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is a very practical means, provided by Nature for we Human Beings, or any Intelligent Being capable of reflection, to create a high tech society and live in Harmony.

If the aforementioned statement is the Truth, an inescapable Consequence of Moral Thinking, Reflection, and Harmony, will be the evolution of Consciousness into a Conscious Noosphere.

Evolution Of Consciousness Has A Price To Pay

If the Noosphere is indeed the path to Truth, and survival, Nature will not deliver rewards until we have paid the price She demands. In the case of the Noosphere, Her price is Unity.

In what may be the most delicious twist of irony, Nature is demanding each and every one of us participate in the biggest Share ever.

For we Humans to enable the manifestation of this penultimate stage in the evolution of our Consciousness, it requires the unprecedented step of permanent World Wide cooperation.

You may well agree, that at the time of writing, this step towards a salubrious future doesn't appear likely!! Just yet. First, across the board, as a species, it is imperative we come up to speed with what does cooperation mean?

Unity And Progress

Humans have indulged in all manner of Political Regimes - only to discover them to be desperately wanting.

Democracy, although less than perfect, is a political system offering Humanity most potential of integrating with Human nature to attain future Unity and Progress. Yet Democracy is under threat of disintegration Worldwide. To counter this threat, so called Democratic Societies are indiscriminately tightening restrictions on their populace. Hello??

Democracy's survival pivots on Personal Freedom

The survival of Democracy per se, and survival of Humanity itself, pivots on Personal Freedom.

Placing restrictions on our Freedom, in the vain hope we are 'protecting ourselves' politically, is a dangerous fallacy that only works in favor of oppressors.

The icky activities of oppressors is the primary barrier to the evolution of Consciousness. And genuine Freedom.

Of substantially greater value is individuals attaining Self Reliance via definite understanding and practice of Personal Development. Human Beings, familiar with the Laws of Nature, and how those Laws integrate, or interact, with Human nature, should be seen the most practical defense against inferior Thinkers who would take control of the Minds of their fellows.

Self Reliance and Harmonious Democracy provide Nature with the  primitive vehicle to begin evolving Humanity towards the Omega Point.

This is already happening, despite the hair raising bellicose antics, of violent philistines, who would have it otherwise. Personal Development is attracting the attention of Intelligent Minds all over the Planet. This attention is paramount to rectifying every cock-up perpetrated by all inferior Thinkers.

Once the tipping point is reached, where a significant number of us possess a Mastery of our Minds, and we are working in concert, currently intractable problems will vanish, as if a puff of smoke.

Seeking Our Help

We who cultivate our Minds and live our lives to function on the highest planes of Thought, abandoning the shackles and baggage, along with the attendant wretchedness of lower plane Thinking, are the vanguard, and kernel, of the seed, that will evolve into Chardin's Conscious Noosphere.

All thought adds to the intensity of the Noosphere

Whilst all Thought contributes to the crude intensity of the Noosphere, we can determine the direction Thought takes.

By practicing Moral Thinking on higher planes, via Personal Development, and contributing our knowledge, - Truth - in a spirit of Willing Cooperation, we Humans can purposely influence the evolution of Consciousness.

We become independent, separate, Thought Centers which converge in Harmony to intensify, increase, and compound the complexity of the Noosphere. It is compounding Moral Complexity that Nature will use to evolve a Conscious Noosphere, and place Humanity within comfortable reach of the Omega Point.

Nature now needs our help for this next stage. She has provided us with all the resources we need to contribute effectively.

Specifically and primarily, Nature has endowed Her intellectually favored species with a Mind predisposed to comprehending and implementing Her laws. Will we recognize the potential to create lasting Peace and Prosperity this unique ability offers Humanity.

Or will we choose, by default, to continue our chaos engendering habits that require so little Brain Power.

Spiritual Destination

Moral use of Infinite Intelligence leads to sustainability, immoral use leads to destruction. History tirelessly offers Humanity this sobering lesson.

The next phase in the evolution of consciousness requires our collective and willing participation

Over and over

Focusing a spot-light on learning, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin perceived an ultimate Spiritual Destination for Humanity.
Albert Einstein demonstrated a definite pathway to discover the unknown in Physics.

Pierre has described a definite pathway to discover the unknowns in metaphysics.

Both arrived at their conclusions via their Intuition

If we can accept Pierre's presentation, investigate this path, Consciously and Purposely, continuously seeking Truth, we can advance Metaphysics to the same advanced state we currently enjoy conprehemding Physics.

We can pursue Truth by employing the Laws of Personal Development to modify our behavior, to enable Humanity to bring about Essential Harmony in all of our endeavors.

Eventually reaching the worthy goal of Point Omega - Whatever form Omega may take

This next phase, in the evolution of consciousness, requires individual, and collective, willing participation, to colaborate with Nature. For our own immense benefit.

The Evolution Of Consciousness Rocks!

Part 10 - Part 9


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