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 Eradicating evil

With so much attention being paid to cooperation on this site, it is worth taking a look at the value of it's most useful first cousin, non-cooperation with evil.

This interference is the parasitic predator effect

Applied within the context of the philosophy of Personal Development as expounded on these Web-pages, non-cooperation with evil should be taken to mean rigorous non-violent disapproval of interference with another's Human Rights.

This author has unceremoniously labeled Machiavellian interference the parasitic predator effect.

This parasitic predator element is involved in every evil act.

Countless numbers of our fellow Humans have suffered, at the behest of the unconscionable entities who have ridden, and still ride roughshod over their fellows, at least since we settled into groups, then communities. Large and small.

Every Community and group, including informal gatherings, require activities to be organized in order to function effectively. Rules followed early Organization, Regulation followed Rules, and the rudiments of The Rule Of Law was conceived in the minds of wise Good Humans.

Organization of Human Society, via The Rule Of Law, evolved into ever more complicated and intricate situations, creating positions of Power that invested in individuals authority over the masses. At the same time, it gave birth to the parasitic predator effect. Temptations to usurp authority and steal others possessions was irresistible to the predatory parasites weak mind.

The establishment of power of direction over others lives became locked in what seems like a perpetual struggle between Good and evil. The same struggle we all face today.

Our World

Keeping the rule of law wise has been, and remains, the second most difficult challenge we Humans have encountered. The first, closely related to wisdom, is adhering to a universal moral code.

The accumulative consequences of this disparity is the World we now live in

Effectively administering rule of law requires jurisprudence, a deep knowledge and comprehension of the law as it applies to a given jurisdiction, to administer just outcomes when folk err in their transactions with each other, and then cannot resolve conflict. Jurisprudence facilitates administering those dealings fairly in the first place. Guidance of the first order.
This jurisprudence  requirement carries the implication that all citizens in every jurisdiction should possess such knowledge and understanding.

Sadly, widespread comprehension of the Law is simply not the case, and never has been. Our Indiscriminate Ignorance of our legal systems presents opportunities for parasitic predators to dominate, steal from, or otherwise take detrimental advantage of their fellow Human's activities in life.

The accumulative consequences of this disparity of legal, and, it would seem, knowledge in general, is the World we now live in. The solution to this exasperation inducing condition is Personal Development.

When the tipping point is reached, whereby an adequate percentage of Good Humans Beings understand just how his or her mind functions, we will see the World reliably change for the better.

Steadily educating ourselves, no matter how gradually, in the Principles of Mind Expansion is the only antidote to counter minds that indulge in evil. Personal Development empowers one without the help of outside influences.

Political Punch

Politically, non-cooperation with evil is an intelligent form of protest against the misuse of power. Non cooperation is not used to simply rebel, but to put hose lesser minds who would take advantage of their fellow Humans, on notice that as individuals, or organized groups, we are aware of their nefarious intentions.

Non cooperation also places lesser minds on notice that their their abusing of their position of authority they have the privilege to hold, will place that holder in jeopardy of forfeiting that position.

When utilized, in conjunction, with decency, cooperation, self discipline, initiative, and moral fortitude, non-cooperation is the definition of true Democracy. To follow through and achieve the downfall of evil, however, action must be tightly coordinated and must be orchestrated using the upper reaches of intelligent Thought. Achieve this State Of Intelligent Coordination and we have . . . .

Government by the people, for the people.

Mahatma Gandhi raised Humanities awareness of non-cooperation with evil as an auspicious tool with which to combat wrongdoing. Proving this tool's effectiveness beyond doubt when implemented intelligently.

It is not necessary to delve into obscure Laws of the Land, many of which attempt to address injustices, but fail dismally, because the spirit of such laws is absent, to find solutions to our burgeoning problems.

Human enacted laws are not a substitute for Moral Fortitude, a State Of mind which finds it's genesis in Natural Law. Gandhi also emphatically proved this fact, by essentially liberating his Homeland with nothing other that the power of the Moral Human Mind.

Abundant Opportunities For Baddies

Equitable, Human enacted Laws of the Land are an essential component of a successful, harmonious, Society. Equitable laws should have the full weight of support, meaning spirit, of every member of society behind them.

The Spirit Of The Law is often missing for the lack of understanding observation noted above. Even in a supposedly just society, many members do not understand the laws that are meant to regulate and balance our dealings with each other.

Non-Cooperation with evil allows us to retain our dignity and freedom

Instead, Regulation is seen as an incomprehensible threat.

 Neither are  the Natural Laws that govern the Human Mind well understood.

Lacking a grasp of how a Human Being responds to stimuli at this fundamental level, is a major hindrance to Harmony within Society. Creating a situation that provides abundant opportunities for unscrupulous characters to cast their icky nets of deception, into the murky waters of ignorance, and trawl profitably for ill-gotten gain.

Whether it be power or money. Or both.

This situation of ignorance slams the brakes on Humanities intellectual progress, and, too frequently, personal material advancement.

A condition of ignorance that becomes even more grievous when disingenuous, formally qualified legal practitioners, doing the bidding of the unscrupulous, employ their formal education to circumvent the spirit of equitable laws.

Or to influence legislators to reduce the potency of laws that may hinder the progress of their questionable endeavors. Alienating Good Humans who consistently act with moral fortitude.

The rest of Humanity uncomprehendingly comply with whoever is calling the shots.

Employed with intelligent forethought, Non-cooperation with evil can come to our aid, acting as an antidote that effectively places out of reach temptations that non-Thinking wrongdoers find so irresistible. If, as individuals, we decide to exercise it, on purpose, to create a united force for Good.

Utilizing non-cooperation with evil allows us to retain our Dignity and Freedom by refusing to be intimidated and manipulated by lesser Minds. And influence Society for the better.

There Are Two Parts To Non-Cooperation With Evil

Knowledge and implementation are two elements comprising effective non-cooperation with evil.

When one comprehends a given situation and knows beyond doubt that another is behaving immorally, then one can take action appropriate to the situation.

Wise minds who educate and make themselves aware of the intentions and consequences of evil, however it threatens to manifest, and decide not to take part are underpinning a sound and secure society. As difficult as this may sound to some, it is a choice.

A sound and secure society is a free society.

Non-Cooperation With Evil Rocks!

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