What Is Personal Development?

Natural law And Problem Solving

What is Personal Development is a question of some significance. The answer flows deep. On this page we merely scratch the surface describing this fascinating subject. The rest of this site will, in due course, deal with it in its entirety. To foster this entirety, your Questions and Comments are most welcome.

Understanding how one's mind works is perhaps the most important item of knowledge a Human Being can possess

Responding to Natural Law, Personal Development is a Scientific Discipline.

Via our Thoughts and Emotions, the Human mind responds to whatever Natural law we apply to it. This can be done consciously or it can be our Habits.

It is this response factor that renders Mind Expansion so exciting. Just like in the material world, once you know how something works, you can rely on it and repeat its benefits at will.

Personal Development is the medium you use to purposely and consciously apply Natural Law to expand, shape, and direct your mind.

Understanding how one's mind works is perhaps the most important item of knowledge a Human Being can possess. Gaining that understanding is the express purpose of this Website.

Every thing in the universe is in balance - - - Excepting Human relationships and many Human activities. Personal Development goes the distance in providing the solution to this intolerable problem.

Personal Development leads to Self Reliance. Self reliance endows one with the ability to solve problems, of any magnitude, that you have the Desire and innate ability to solve.

What Is Personal Development?

Personal Development is purposely creating a definite state of mind. A state where your Conscious Awareness is in total charge of your Emotions, and by extension, your actions.

Personal Development is purposely creating a definite state of mind

A state of mind whereby you prevent your external environment randomly manipulating and directing your inner thoughts. And hence, deeds.

You are a living machine, capable of being modified and tweaked. You set the parameters, and alter them to suit the objectives and goals of the strong Character you want to reflect.

You are designing You. Building your character to order.

By definition, Personal Development takes place on an individual level. As such, the Individual is responsible for seeking out the necessary knowledge that enables the desired advancement, then putting it into practice.

Executing this is Personal Initiative, an integral element of this philosophy.

Wider Vision

Personal Development means having the wider vision, enabling you to respond to every situation positively and attain a productive outcome.

Eliminating that common Human Emotional Response of retaliation. There is nothing to gain from retaliation whatsoever, yet plenty to lose.

We all exert influences on ourselves, either good or bad. Practicing Personal Development is that influence which leads to a continuing advancement in our Spiritual make-up.

Advancement is not achieved by force. Advances are achieved by purposely shaping the mind and practicing the changes you make until they become automatic, that is, Habit.

You Will Be Hooked

It is important to realize that there is no silver bullet.

It is not a formula. One doesn't 'do' Personal Development. It is what you are. It is who you are. It takes commitment, dedication, perseverance and a willingness to learn.

But . . .

Once you commit and begin to comprehend and use the enormous power at your disposal, you will be hooked. Nothing will be able to dissuade you from continuing this exhilarating lifelong adventure.

Personal Development is not a burdensome task. it is a joyous way of living life. Chosen and implemented by the individual, that is, you.

Personal Development Denotes Change

 Personal Development is living an excuse free life.
The whole purpose of developing oneself is to attain a higher level of Mental Tune, where your mind is operating at progressively higher frequencies.

There are no known limits

At these higher frequencies one finds problem solving a welcome challenge, and a joy, not a burden or impossible.

Although initially, much effort is required, this manner of thinking rapidly becomes second nature.

There is no known boundary to this procedure of thinking on a higher plane.

Personal Development is expanding and optimizing your mind. Once it has been expanded by the understanding of a new concept or idea, your mind does not return to its former smaller size, unless you allow it to.

While you may remain on a particular plateau for a time, it is more usual to continuously seek out new opportunities of mind expansion via knowledge, information, or experience, and on the highest plane, your Intuition.

Mind expansion underpins all Human progress.

A Gift From Nature

Personal Development is a gift from Nature. Ultimately, it is the ability to live in Harmony with Nature by mastering and applying Her Laws to your every thought, and hence, action.

The power to consistently solve problems

When you do so, She becomes your enthusiastic partner.

Nature endows you with the power to consistently solve problems with equanimity. In the process sedately accomplishing your perception of success.

Within the question, 'What is Personal Development', resides the answer to the ultimate secret of the Human Mind.

Personal Development Rocks!

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