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What Is What Is?

Human intelligence empowers us, individually, with the ability to comprehend the very source of that intelligence, and to understand What Is. Doing so demands a little effort. As you may expect. 


The Comprehension of any thing is the prerogative of each and every person on this Planet.

Yet, from the moment Humans started settling into Communities, attempts by power hungry Psychopathic entities to deny others this fundamental right has been a consistent cause of Humanities relationship woes.

Unconscionable manipulation of others Minds has persisted down the Ages to our own times, indicating a widespread misunderstanding of Natural Law and Human Nature.

Nature Rules

The What Is referred to above, simply indicates the way Nature is ordered, or Truth. Truth is Reality. Reality is the way the Universe works, including the functioning of the Human Mind.

In other words, Nature rules, what She has determined, goes. Every single time. There can be no exceptions. This applies equally to what we term Good as it does to what we term evil.

Nature is impartial, in both the Physical, and Spiritual, realms of existence. Nature does not indulge in circumventing Her own Laws.

There is Nature and Her immutable Law, and there is Humanity, with the ability to interpret Her Law and live a satisfying life. Or, go against Nature by ignoring Her, and suffer a life of misery. 

It matters not what one wants, Thinks, believes or does. We are subject to the Dominion of Nature. How we decipher Nature does matter.

If I do not understand, or misinterpret, the implications of Natural Law in all my endeavors, relationships, and Thoughts, and act accordingly, sometime, somewhere, my world will end in tears.

In the meantime, if my tendency is still to ignore Natural Law, I will find myself guessing my way through Life. Lurching from one bewildering situation to the next. Paradoxically making confident decisions without a hint of skepticism.

Genuine Skeptic

French born René Descartes (1595-1650) Natural Scientist of the first order, Mathematician, and one of the founders of modern Philosophical Thinking, contributed the Law of Refraction to the Discipline of Optics.


He was a rationalist who believed that the authorities of the day were not a reliable source of knowledge. Imagine!!

Instructed by Jesuit Priests, a Religious Teaching Order whose members followed a lifestyle akin to that of a Buddhist Monk, Descartes received a sound grounding in doctrines of the day.

A grounding he was in the years to follow, progressively question. In real life, apart from mathematics little else appeared to be precise.

Without the means that we increasingly possess today to irrefutably prove - or as modern scientists prefer, disprove - theories, Descartes expressed his frustration at the lack of certainty of the Truth of knowledge at the time in his famous maxim, I Think, therefore I exist.

This introspective and well earned perspective on Reality was Descartes starting point to put Science, meaning the search for Knowledge, on a solid footing. It was the only thing he felt he could be sure of. Everything else was a target for investigation and reassessment.

Truth Is All That Matters

Descartes was a searcher of the Truth of the first magnitude. His method of Thinking slots in neatly with this author's own philosophy that What Is, otherwise known as Reality, is all that matters. Everything else is mere opinion.

To attain that elevated State Of Mind, where Truth matters, requires one to Think on elevated planes of Thought. To the searcher of Truth, Opinion evaporates in the individual's mind the moment Truth is apprehended.


You can experience this Truth seeking phenomenon by considering what you understand regarding our Solar System.

Is it your current belief, because you have studied the configuration of our own Solar System, that we reside in a heliocentric World?

If it is, then you will experience the evaporation of the meaningless twaddle of a geocentric World.

This belief - disseminated by the authorities - that we resided in a geocentric World, was held before, during, and, sigh, well after Descartes lifetime. We are still targets for such misguided twaddle.

In our Modern Age, where knowledge and information is readily available in Civilized Nations, Humans are as predisposed to accepting twaddle as Truth as were previous generations. Fake news runs rampant.

Best Way To Seek Answers

Descartes contributed much encouragement to others who were employing their Human intelligence to search for the Truth.

René was an early advocate of a unified theory of Classical Physics constantly endeavoring to relate and combine the various Scientific Disciplines to present a dynamic and fluid whole. He would be a handy Mind to have around today, when working on Quantum Mechanics. And on a Theory of Everything.

So too, is it inspiring to note that in modern times, a substantial number of men and women of Science are following in his footsteps and practicing this eminently sensible approach to Truth seeking. By pooling their resources and knowledge of their various Disciplines, they are being rewarded with - useful - right answers to evermore complex inquiry.

Answers that would otherwise elude Scientists by isolation and restricting their investigations to one Discipline.

Human Intelligence Setting The Path

While he was not always right, we can, perhaps, whisper a quiet thank you to Descartes that he helped put Science and Thinking on a Truth seeking path.


Refusing to accept the mostly unreliable Thinking of his time René did his best to construct a practical school of Thought.

A manner of Thinking that would furnish the splintering Disciplines of Science and Philosophy with a resilient foundation to allow the new coordinated entity to take inevitable dissension in it's stride. On the rocky road of Truth Seeking.

Descartes exertions to establish Rational Thought contributed substantially to the betterment of the Human Condition.

Yet a tortuously slow undertaking.

While it may be fair to say René Descartes achieved his aim and we have been somewhat on a Truth Seeking Path, it is showing signs of rapid deterioration in a behavioral sense.

Perverse Human behavior is slowing Spiritual advancement to an infant's crawl. World events offer disturbing evidence of Humanities ineptitude in the sphere of Human Relationships.

Our Individual Influence

On an individual basis we can adopt René Descartes open minded Attitude and widen this narrowing path that is threatening to choke our future. Widening it, by degrees, into a level superhighway that has room for, and welcomes, everyone.

Personal Development is the agency required to raise Humanity on such an illustrious plane.

A key objective when embracing Personal Development as a way of Life, is constructing Self Reliance. Self reliance in the form of complete independence. Free of domination by others.

Paradoxically, Self Reliance, and Freedom from subjugation, by lesser minds, is achieved by working together, with a heightened sense of Personal Responsibility, in an atmosphere of total Harmony.
Tall order? yes, definitely. But entirely possible. Our Human Intelligence can, and will, deliver the goods if this atmosphere of total Harmony is truly our Desire.

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