Intellectual Property Rights
And Personal Development

Part 1

Intellectual Property Rights

What do Intellectual Property Rights and Personal Development have to do with each other?

Our freedom pivots on mind expansion

In a word, everything.

Intellectual property is the currency of the future. This currency finds it's genesis in the single most powerful influence in the Universe.

That influence is Thought

How each of us learns to implement this currency will directly influence our future freedom. And well-being.

Freedom pivots on mind expansion.
Which is personal development. The accommodation of thought.

Today, Intellectual property rights in general, but copyright in particular, impacts almost every facet of life. Encompassing distance learning education and educators through regular business and business people making a living, to entertainment and social activities.

Even the seemingly innocent action of sending an e-mail can presently put one on the wrong side of the law. In this digital age we need to be much more familiar with out rights and responsibilities.

Especially Important

The World Wide Web is rapidly becoming an essential element of our daily lives and existence.

To facilitate unconstrained functioning of this powerhouse of knowledge distribution, and income stream producer, in a democratic manner, we must ensure that it remains free and open.

We are all responsible for this very practical purpose. Content creators, content distributors, consumers and legislators. All must work together to build and maintain an environment where knowledge is readily accessible and every creator gets compensated for legitimate effort.

Attempting to dominate and take advantage of each other has proven to be counterproductive. We simply hit the brick wall of defiance. And find ourselves wallowing in chaos, of others making.

The possibility of seven billion defiant people squabbling and quarreling with one another evokes an image of the ultimate in chaos. Is this what we want?

Personal Development, where we are all thinking on those higher planes of thought is the obvious supreme solution. But equally obvious is the fact that Humanity is not going to reach those planes in one simple and easy homogeneous leap. Not by a long shot.

These rights become especially important as more of us recognize the Web as a major source to generate an independent income

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Wide Vision

We need solutions to the testing hurdles of ignorance, arrogance, and outright theft.

Mind Expansion Is Personal Development

Adequate solutions that encompass and resolve problems and educate the masses.

That are so fair and effective that the only objections will come from the diehard greedy and the diehard selfish.

Acceptable solutions can only come from expanded minds thinking on higher planes of thought, reached via personal development.

Higher planes of thought are not the source of Draconian legislation. No matter how satisfying it may initially seem to be to vested interests.

It is lower plane thinking that provides grist for the mill of domination. And trouble.

If we are to construct and maintain a cohesive society, with the bedrock of self expression intact, then the laws of the land must reflect and encourage such an environment. Today, that means Worldwide.

It will be men and women with the wide vision born of deep thinking and expanded mind who resolve the current self inflicted disorder we are suffering. And clarify the future, where we can all create with impunity. Grounded in respect for each other as equal Human Beings, no matter our calling.

Human Rights Issue

Creativity is the bedrock of human progress

Creativity is the bedrock of Human Progress, intellectually, socially, and economically.

Bad legislation that interferes with the flow of any information may temporarily benefit an elite few, but it will prove to be the killer of personal initiative.

If it is understood and accepted that Intellectual Property Rights are a fundamental Human Rights issue, then it becomes easy to acknowledge these rights.

And equally easy to extend these rights to each other.

This one intelligent move would forever eliminate that knee jerk temptation to introduce mind bending legislation that counters creativity and freezes it in it's collective tracks.

 Intellectual Property Rights Rock!

Part 1

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