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Immerse Yourself In The definition Of Natural Law

The philosophy of Personal Development espoused and expounded within the pages of this Site is anchored in Natural Law. An academic definition of Natural Law does not suffice to corroborate such a philosophy.

The definition of natural law is complex. We must be immersed in our ever expanding understanding of this phenomenon

We should immerse ourselves in an ever expanding understanding of this phenomena that operates the Universe and everything it contains.

Personal Development inextricably involves Natural Law in general, and the role it plays in relationship to Human nature and behavior in particular.
Many a definition of Natural Law can be found within disciplines as discordant as Philosophy, Science, and Religion. Each source vying for supremacy.

The irony that these three big entities, in the earliest quests for knowledge, driven by an increasing thirst to know, powered by curiosity, were, at that time, closely integrated, should not be lost on the modern intellect.

When these three powerhouses reunite, in a bond, of compassionate Brother and Sisterhood, becoming one, and employ their collective brainpower in the pursuit of their original goal and purpose of discovery, we will experience a peace that at present appears to be unattainable.

Despite chaotic conditions Humanity incessantly brings about, we are, thankfully, witnessing albeit faint, signs of reunification.

  Eschewing A Common Doctrine

In those euphoric early days, Philosophy and Science and Religion shared a common goal.

That goal was to know

Subsequent to those euphoric early times of knowledge seeking and inquiry, Humans became increasingly plagued by, and burdened with, the disease of contention.

Violating the Laws they eagerly sought to comprehend, the three entities gradually diverged, deviating from constructing a common doctrine. A doctrine that all Humanity could share and reap the rewards Nature offers. A doctrine of what is . . .

A doctrine of Natural Reality

Following escalating misunderstanding and disagreement, undiscerning, self centered, egoist minds splintered into sets and sects in a capricious demonstration of ignorance of employing the Laws of Nature.  

In particular, Natural Law and Human Nature.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

In the midst of stark ignorance, the dark side of Human nature was permitted free reign. Dividing Humanity into three groups. Selfish Power seeking dominators, A few Truth seeking Thinkers, and a sad cowed majority.

Religion played a pivotal dual role

The dominators harassed, intimidated, tormented, and violated anyone who attempted to resist the dominators irrational beliefs and demands. Murder was common.

This same contemptuous treatment was extended to individuals who demonstrated rational behavior. Or demonstrated the innate curiosity to endeavor to seek knowledge, understanding, and material or spiritual enlightenment.

In other words, anyone who dared seek a deeper definition of Natural Law faced persecution at the behest of irrational minds. Akin to murder, the suppression of Thought is still common practice amongst the primitive minds who harbor the insanely inane desire to subjugate their fellows.

Religion played a causative dual function in Humanities sadly blemished history of knowledge seeking. At it's illustrious heights, religion became a catalyst for Mind shaking discoveries. At it's worst it plunged Humanity into one thousand years of dictatorial darkness.

It should be understood that intrinsically, religion, or any other discipline, is not what causes dissension and the resulting chaotic environments.

It is uncomprehending and misguided minds within these disciplines, driven by greed, whose personal power seeking agendas tend to form cliques, cabals and factions.

Undesirable Combinations

Useless for advancing what should be the common cause of cultivating Humanity to reach higher planes of existence - achieved by developing a crystal clear, comprehensive definition of Natural Law - these undesirable combinations of non thinkers within these cliques, cabals and factions, hijack the Trust and Goodwill of uncomprehending followers.

To use a crude but accurate analogy, it was the blind leading the blind

At the same time these disruptive combinations of non thinkers undermine the painstakingly earned progress made by Enlightened Minds searching for Truth that permits transcendence to higher planes of existence.

To coin a crude, although accurate analogy, it was the violent blind intimidating the submissive blind. A classic bully boy tactic.

Despite impressive recent progress, hijacking the trust of credulous followers is a menace impairing Societal Health that still prevails in some quarters today. An undeniable fact borne out by behavior on social media.

Being deceived is a weakness that is excused as the Human Condition. Not so, Deception is psychological violence of the worst order.

Religion must bear it's share of responsibility, for the regressive injuries mindlessly inflicted on Humanities progress. Spiritual and Physical.

Science and Philosophy were - and still are - not without their incongruous members creating tumultuous environments. But it was the power seekers within religion who imposed greater adverse influence on Truth Seekers, and the population at large.

Confused conformity was the order of the day.

When Are We Going To Learn?

Fast forward to the present and we still find a World confounded and in turmoil. A World Humans have wrought as a direct consequence of our accumulative individual, and collective, behavior. An approximate estimation suggests a little less than half the world's people live in political freedom.

Even amongst these so called free people strife and acrimony appears rampant

No longer the exclusive dominion of Religion, Science, and Philosophy, short sighted Human discordance has spread Socially far and wide. In a stark demonstration of the disturbing lack of understanding of Natural Law.

The dark side of Humanities existence is not an attractive image. Whenever you see, hear, or read about the many conflicts across the Planet, deteriorating the fragile health of Relations amongst Humans, and wreaking havoc on the environment that supports our vital existence, reflect awhile on this contentious History. Is this intelligent behavior?

Reflect also on the fact that deliverance from this inferno, created by ignorance, is simply the opposite. Application of Knowledge, via understanding, enables Humans to resolve and solve problems.

Note if you can perceive the solution to this self inflicted chaos the multitudes of participants in this chaos are creating. Inane chaos created by their refusal to understand and implement Natural Law as related to Human nature. For their own, and others, benefit.

Studying the Cause and Effect of Human strife and conflict is the best way to get one's head around a wider, deeper, definition of Natural Law in the context of Human behavior.

Reality is a wizard teacher for a willing student

Diversity Is Not Necessarily Bad

Much Human conflict, aside from the perilous issue of the questionable desire to dominate, arises from segregating knowledge and elevating that fragment above all others, assigning it an importance that often creates a viewpoint that is then vigorously defended.

Whether right or wrong.

There is justification for science, and other fields of Human endeavor, to adopt specialization. Laws of Nature are so vast that it makes sense to reposition them into separate disciplines.

It takes effort to see the big picture in a larger light

However, we should retain the same integrated relationship of these new disciplines that are to be found in the actual Physical World.

In particular our Brain.

It takes active effort to comprehend the bigger picture. But one on the path of enlightenment accepts the challenge of deep Thinking to see things in a larger light.

Philosophy too, should try reacquainting its diluted self with integration. We have a tendency to classify ourselves into narrowly defined segments of fixed quality and placidly accept these definitions as true and real.

You are a Stoic, I am a Transcendentalist, for example.

Paradoxically, that is exactly what happens. What we passionately Think about, and Believe, we become.

Whether right or wrong.

Anthropology, Psychology, and Metaphysics are just some of the parts of an integrated bigger picture that we should not be considering in isolation.

One Helluva Risk

Won at enormous cost in Human and environmental suffering, today we have a competent understanding of the Laws of Physics and have put these Laws to mind-boggling use. If not always to the benefit of all.

Sound advice is Question everything

Personal freedom has invariably been threatened by, and been the victim of technology used in an unjust manner.

Whilst physical violence remains the instrument of choice utilized by dominators in some so called third world nations, its use has diminished substantially in the first world.

Physical violence has diminished, only to be creepily superseded by an insidious threat that imperils every hard won Human right we possess.

Menacing the collective freedom of Humanity, is the Machiavellian menace of psychological violence. At the press of a button.
In consideration of this ever present danger, implementing, as individuals, a healthy working knowledge of an expanded definition of Natural Law, to influence our behavior to reach ever higher planes of Thought, should be our highest priority.

Not to do so leaves each of us susceptible to the whims and dictates of modern day would be dominators. Sound advice to oneself here, is to keep in mind Albert Einstein’s exhortation, Question everything.

Rising To Our Greatest Challenges

This author is in absolute awe of Nature and Her inexorable law. The downright practical quality of Natural Law, combined with adequate disciplined Thought, allows Humans to solve any problem we set our Mind to. Including rendering impotent, any non Thinking entity, that harbors dictatorial designs over his fellow creatures. This entails a collective State Of Mind.

Natural Law and disciplined Thought allows we Humans to solve any problem we set our mind to

Reaching the State Of Mind that permits and delivers Peace and Prosperity for every Human Being should be our immediate, primary, challenge. This challenge will test our collective intelligence. Of that there can be no doubt.

This challenge is not going to be met by allowing our leaders to continue, inanely, opposing each other, as is the current, unenlightened, tradition.

When we understand Nature argument per se ceases to exist

Humanities second greatest collective challenge is to commit to a restoration of our long suffering, overburdened physical environment.

An environment that is struggling to support us under that uncaring burden

We can meet these huge challenges, with total confidence, when we grasp the actuality that the answer to both problems resides within the individual's, and by extension, our collective, lucid comprehension, of an expanded definition of Natural Law.

Nature delivers to us a direct and absolute message, loud and clear. She is simply One Entity.

Every Human Being is an equally important, interconnected part of that one entity. We ignore Nature's message at our eventual peril.

A Deeper Definition Of Natural Law Rocks!

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