The Solo Build It Process
A Pathway That Leads To Success

The Birth of Solo Build It!

 Having established that the Solo Build It process is much more than a pretty face - this process possesses the power to make dreams come true - we can take a look at from whence it came and what makes it tick.

Some twenty years ago, SiteSell, the company behind Solo Build It! - began life as an Internet Marketer with a book entitled, 'Make Your Site Sell!' - authored by SiteSell founder Ken Evoy.

This was in the early days of the World Wide Web. Not long after bans, prohibiting the exploitation of the incredible commercial opportunities inherent in this amazing medium, were completely lifted.

Potential Of The Net

Selling at almost 600 copies a week, Make Your Site Sell! earned a reputation as the Bible of Internet Marketing. This pioneering effort was itself a striking example of the business potential of the World Wide Web.

A series of How To books followed Make Your Site Sell! - All focused on building a successful online business. All sold well.

At the pioneering helm of a profitable publishing business, things must have been looking pretty rosy for SiteSell. But there was something amiss in this rosy world.

Ken discovered, via a customer survey, that while they loved these best sellers ...

“Everyday people didn’t use the books to build successful online businesses”

The potential of the Net was going to waste. For most Folk, the steep learning curve necessarily involved with adopting new technology was intimidating. Guesswork was (and still is) common.

Without accurate thinking History habitually repeats itself, the context matters not. What matters in our case, is that we have an intelligent, thinking Human who was . . .

 Not Satisfied

 His books were selling well. He was making excellent money, but he was not satisfied. His books were not achieving their intended purpose. Folk were finding the difficulties of transmuting the sound advice the books contained, into practical outcomes, too great. 

With a strong desire to help others evident, Ken put on his thinking cap – actually, I don't believe he ever takes it off – and decided to make a “risky” change.

Using hindsight, this move demonstrates tremendous foresight.

The risk this caring man took was to launch Solo Build It! embodying his now proven in practice foundation, the  C T P M process, outlined on this page below.

Ken Evoy provides a fine example of seeking a new way when the old way does not work

He translated the same knowledge contained within his books into a process that lay people could learn and implement as they built their e-business

Now that is efficiency!!

The Solo Build it Process appears complex, and is complex. Paradoxically, by implementing this complex system one right step, at the right time, guided by SBI!, learning becomes readily doable.

Learning by doing is the most powerful Teacher you will ever encounter.

Gratitude For The Solo Build It Process

Along with many thousands of fellow SBI!ers, I am grateful that Ken Evoy possessed the necessary self trust  to take the risk he did. Otherwise, like the folk who are attempting to figure it all out from scratch, and so sadly, failing in droves, we too would be fending for ourselves.

Because . . .

Today, the Solo Build It process retains the distinction of being one of a kind. No other company has yet rivaled, let alone exceeded, SBI! and the value this system offers.

Many years later, the current version of SBI! - much evolved and state of the art - continues the tradition that enables any capable person to go from idea to income.

With the same surety that one may use to plan, say, a road trip.

We can extend the road trip analogy a tad further. Solo Build It! is to an e-business as what a motor vehicle is to a road trip.

Timely Moves

Among many other prudent moves over the years, SiteSell have, of late, made one of equal significance to the decision that led to the risk taken that brought SBI! into existence.

Until recently, SBI! stood for Site Build It!

Wise minds at SiteSell observed that “Site” had become a euphemism for “Business” in the same manner that “Hoover” has come to mean Vacuum Cleaner

Hence the name change to the more pertinent title - Solo Build It! - Meaning a business building platform operated by Solopreneurs

Nothing but the more befitting name has changed. SBI! is still the same cutting edge business building platform with the extensive how to process at it’s core.

C T P M Process

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • PRE-selling
  • Monetization

 As with everything she does, SiteSell goes the extra mile with this admirable, highly effective system


The Solo Build It process is based on Theme Site content marketing. A process that SiteSell! pioneered long before this ever expanding e-business model became known as such. Content marketing is not marketing content per se. It is marketing goods and services via content, aka your passionate expertise.

Those more than fifteen distant years ago Ken Evoy reasoned . . .

A Theme Based Site, loaded with high-value and original niche content, should succeed”

Today, it is difficult to argue with that concept.

In a symbiotic relationship, business oriented Search Engines, and quality Niche Content Sites, share the rewards that exploiting this concept deliver.

 The search engines want - read need - first class websites that deliver first class information to searchers

The Solo Build It process is a first class system enabling you to build a first class Theme Site

This is a first class opportunity to leave the rat race behind and call your own shots

And . . .  improve the quality of the Net

That is my view - In the final analysis you are the judge


Visitors to your website are the lifeblood of your e-business. SBI! shows us how to obtain, and this is crucial to success, keep, those visitors. Returning visitors are your Audience, and provide your income streams.


Note the emphasis on pre. No get rich quick shenanigans here. We earn our income by building trust with our visitors, who are our aforementioned audience. They know we will not deliberately mislead them. Trust inspires confidence when we offer our goods and services to our audience.


Selling and buyingof goods and services of every description - is the engine room of commerce that sustains every Human being on our Planet.

Monetization is the term used to describe the means of turning those goods and services into income

Can you imagine the struggle life would be without commerce?

Although it comes last in this process, SiteSell covers monetization options in detail, early in it’s program, as an integral element of building a profitable web business. The important thing to know - despite the fact much is "free" - there is no shortage of ways to develop an income stream, or if you so desire, multiple income streams.

In fact multiple streams is SiteSell’s recommendation. Exhorting her Members with that age old axiom.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

With SiteSell's thorough analytical tools you will be certain at this early stage if, why, and how, your passion is financially viable.

Whilst income is both necessary and important, and we need to know our passion can attract the dollars, to be genuinely successful at the game of business, we must give before we get.

C T P M prioritizes this necessity splendidly.

A Pattern Is Emerging

You will see a pattern emerging that forms the foundation of the Solo Build It process. To execute that process, tools and Attitude are needed.

Ideas need help to be executed.

Just as in my mechanical workshop, I can have a brilliant idea, but to bring it to life and fruition, appropriate tools and attitude are prerequisite.

SiteSell goes the extra mile here too, providing every tool you need. And a philosophy that helps to build and maintain the right attitude.

SBI! Tools deserve a page – or two - of their own. Nevertheless, while these things are fundamental to e-business success, there is a whole lot more to the Solo Build It! partnership.

When I mentioned SiteSell goes the extra mile, I like, meant it.

Takes Two To Tango

Successful businesses, big or small, begin life as a harmonious partnership. Typically depicted in this example. Establishing and maintaining such a relationship is is the foundation stone on which a successful enterprise is built.

The Solo Build It process is founded on sound business principles -

When executed with the right tools and appropriate can do attitude . . .

Lead to success and prosperity

This is where you take center stage. Because . . . You are the Soul of the solo build it process.

The Solo Build It process rocks!

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