Is Brain Size Everything?

Controversial Subject

Scientists are fascinated by, and are paying close attention to, Human Brain size and the size of brains across species.

Scientists - and one would suspect, most people - are fascinated by the relationship between brain volume and intelligence. A controversial subject though it may be.

Most people are fascinated by the relationship between brain volume and intelligence

Cranial capacity can be calculated relatively accurately using an Endocast. A method for measuring internal volumes. This practical instrument permits researchers to calculate the brain mass of our ancestors.

Referring to what modern science has so far discovered, we note that Homo Floresiensis, a specie who remain undetermined whether they belong to the genus Homo or not, had a brain capacity that is the smallest volume known, to date. approximately 400cc. Along with the smallest body.

Floresiensis was, apparently, a toolmaker and a tool user. Stone implements were reportedly found with skeletal remains. It is believed Floresiensis survived until around twelve thousand years ago.

Our cousin, Homo Neanderthalensis, appearing on the scene around half a million years ago, purportedly had a greater brain size than Homo Sapiens.

Neanderthalensis departed from this planet an estimated twenty thousand or so years before Floresiensis. Some of the earlier Homo species were also well equipped, brain size wise. They too, are no longer with us.

Big Difference In Brain Size

Excluding tiny Floresiensis, amongst the species considered to belong to the genus Homo, brain volume reportedly varied between 500 and 1900 cubic centimeters.

Females are every bit as intelligent as their male counterpart

That is a big difference.

To make things even murkier, a distinction is also made between males and females. With females being attributed a smaller unit.

Even casual observation immediately informs one that our Human Sisters are in every manner, just as Intelligent as her masculine counterpart is. An observation adding weight to the Encephalization Quotient argument.

Currently, estimates of Modern Human Brain Size varies, but it is generally accepted to be an average of around 1400cc.

For comparison purposes these estimates serve only to confuse if we're to believe brain mass is directly related to Human Intelligence.

More Than Adequate Brain Mass

Some form of relativity is obviously required. To fulfill this need, research scientists use both Encephalization, and a formula known as the Encephalization Quotient.

Accordingly, Humans have been provided with a brain mass far in excess of what is required to operate their physical bodies and to not merely survive, but thrive, in natural, that is, non technical, environments.

Human brain capacity is nearly three times the mass of our closest Non Human Relatives, the Great Apes. Who in turn, possess larger brains than do Monkeys.

Our abilities differ widely

Healthy creatures express ample skill to flourish in a normal natural environment. Particularly one not impacted by Humans.

The foregoing distinctly indicates that all creatures are provided with more than adequate brain mass to survive. And have capacity left over for problem solving. Which many animals employ.

There is good reason to believe that common with Humans, our fellow travelers on this Planet have a potential for enhanced intelligence. The difference simply being a matter of degree.

Whilst Primate Brain Structure tends to scale in a linear fashion, Cognitive Ability does not seem to follow in equal measure.

Leaving aside the cognitive differences between species, there is a striking variation between individual Human being’s cognitive ability.

All Human Beings are more than capable of living a productive life within society. Our abilities though, differ widely.

Every individual has arenas where they shine. And arenas where it is a struggle to perform or comprehend. This observation can be applied to any skill, talent, or field of knowledge.

Regardless of the possessor and irrespective of brain size per se.

When Will We Know?

Science hasn't yet nailed the mechanics of the Human Brain and Intelligence. Nor do we have concrete evidence relating Size to Intelligence.

We must eventually receive the right answers

But there is one thing we can be sure of, we can study our own and any other existing brain on this Planet.  

If we use our Cognitive Powers to ask the appropriate questions, then, dependent on the intensity of one's Desire to know, an individual will sooner or later - in accordance with the competent implementation of the universal Law of Attraction - receive accurate and True answers.

In the meantime . . .

Let's see if we can shed light on the subject of Intelligence by delving into the topics featured on this Website, and find some worthy food for Thought.

Human Intelligence Rocks!

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