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Willing Cooperation Can, And Should Be, A Conscious Decision

Willing Cooperation provides an unbreakable alternative to relying on emotionally charged survival instinct tactics.

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A Positive Thinking Attitude - What Is it?

Developing a positive mindset is a journey towards self reliance, the pinnacle of self actualization. Building a positive thinking attitude is the first step

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Tools And Mind - An Exquisite Combination

Tools and mind are inseparable. No matter the activity one is engaged in, these two are super effective when applied with intelligent forethought.

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Can Attitude Change Your Reality?

An attitude change is often necessary to get one’s life on track. Knowing how to change your attitude is the key to succeeding in this seemingly difficult task

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A Healthy Attitude Encourages Peace And Prosperity

A healthy attitude is the composition of one’s nuanced approach to life based in knowledge, wisdom and truth

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The Real Can Do Attitude Meaning

A Can Do Attitude is not a snappy cliché. It is a product utilized by a highly disciplined mind. It is time to restore this essential to success tool’s true perception.

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Domain Name Change - Embracing The State Of The Art Of The Internet

This commentary is an updated version of a Blog post published in 2018. The storm of technical changes taking place affecting the operation of the Internet have been absolutely necessary. One must move in concert with progress, and stay up to date. These technical changes, however, coincided with a new phase in the Content construction of this Website, causing a huge backroom workload.

What may appear to be a hiatus Content-wise, has been an intense non stop roller-coaster journey across time in an attempt to make sense of how Intelligence evolves from inanimate inorganic matter, to the vibrant, Reality creating, State Of Consciousness every Human possesses.

Problem Solving Attitude Wins Again - Fast forward the best part of two years, and both new Content and the final Technical Changes are now ready for implementation. With much guidance from SBI! The technical side was the easier of the two.

Included in these under the hood improvements, is to undergo a name change, a surprisingly complex operation. Yet, if I have done my part correctly, the only thing you will notice will be the new name and new RSS subscription options. If you are already a subscriber, your subscription will be carried over automatically.

Appropriate Name Perspective - Personal development is attained via Thought. The new name is intended to reflect that fact.

Behind the Scenes - The serious part of this name change operation takes place via Solo Build It!, and SiteSell servers. will be off air for approximately 24 hrs to allow all the technical stuff to slot into place.

When complete, the new site name will be – https//

Brand New Websites Not Affected - It must be mentioned that all these changes are included and taken care of by Solo Build It! in new Websites, when one decides launching a Web Business is the path to a secure future.

Solo Build It! is the unique Web Business building platform this author uses and promotes. If you are seeking info about building a Web business, a link to an in depth review can be found in the left hand Navigation Bar. Entitled – Solo build It! Review A Story Well Worth The Telling.

Good Prevails - From my perspective of being both a Webmaster and a consumer, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to each and every individual who has made, and continues to make, the Good side of the Internet what it is today.

In particular, I wish to express my deep gratitude to Ken Evoy and his dedicated team at SiteSell, who have guided me on every step of this demanding journey of technical metamorphosis. These folk are a credit to themselves, their industry, and to Humanity.

This is an excellent opportunity to remind oneself that Thought Powers Our Mind, and Good Thoughts produce Good things. The Domain Name changeover will take place between Wednesday 9-9-20 and Friday 11-9-20

Effective Listening

Effective speaking and effective listening are the ultimate communication skills. They enable we Humans to reach the pinnacle of understanding each other. A pinnacle of our own choosing.

These two go hand in glove as do Tools and Mind. A refined combination of different types of listening, together they minimize friction between people, and maximize productivity.

Spiritually and materially, these tools are essential to Humanities technical and behavioral advancement. Effective listening is the action phase of the communication world. It is here we find inspiration and purpose, and the ways and means to manifest that inspiration and purpose into it’s spiritual and material equivalent.

Our personal World, and the wider World, improves in accordance to how effectively we listen.

Effective Listening Is A Game Changer

From the contents of this page alone, we can see that effective listening, inextricably allied to thought, can change the world

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