What Does Open Source Mean?

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What Does Open Source Mean?

What does the term Open Source mean? Technically, open source indicates a freedom of knowledge.

Responsible Freedom

Freedom in this instance means that open source knowledge is accessible to one, and all, and that this knowledge can be used for any purpose.

It also means that any product constructed from open source knowledge, whatever form that product may take, can be modified, by anybody, under the guide-lines of permissive licenses.

Good humans value and respect responsible freedom

Without the burdensome demands insisted on by closed source knowledge, to seek formal permission, each and every time one perceives an innovative improvement to an existing artifact.

Closed source knowledge does not provide a guarantee such consent will be extended.

Making information accessible, as it happens with Open source knowledge, makes it possible to produce totally unrelated products or services that would not be viable under the restrictive practices of current closed source knowledge and intellectual property protection.

Following the wake of creating these new products and services, come job opportunities that otherwise would not see the light of day.

Originally coined to describe restriction free computer software code, the term, Open Source, with it's warm and appealing connotations and implications, has been adopted to encompass all freely accessible and exchanged knowledge from disciplines of every persuasion.

Good Humans value and respect responsible freedom.

Provident Behavior

Open Source Knowledge is contributed by forward Thinking, principled, freedom minded individuals from all walks of life.

If we are doing the right thing everyone benefits that is a powerful platform to be working on this is the platform that is open source

All walks of life Include Business, Government, Industry, Private, and Military.

Individuals, from all walks of Life, foresee that to secure Humanities future, we must all work together.

Sharing resources inclusively - in unison and reciprocally - is a guaranteed path to peace and prosperity.

Widespread Good Behavior, emanating from Sharing, is inspiring, exhilarating, encouraging and bonding. Doing the right thing has been brought into play. And can be readily recognized as such.

Doing the right thing is the most powerful platform for one to be working on.

This, then, is the platform that is Open Source. Patiently waiting to be embraced by all who harbor the healthy desire to achieve.

Illustrating the essence, and influence, of genuine Sharing, Open Source Knowledge presents intelligent collaboration opportunities spanning eight billion Minds. From the four corners of the Earth.

Yet the unhealthy desire to dominate others compels some Humans to cling to the selfish and exclusive manner of doing things, that is closed source knowledge.

 A Word Of Warning

The greatest danger to mismanaging Open Source Knowledge is exactly the same evil that distorts every philosophy experimented with by Humanity. That evil is the brutal desire to dominate others lives.

At the heart of successful implementation of Open Source Knowledge lay Principles that allow the concept of Freedom to work so effectively.

If these empowering Principles are corrupted, or not adhered to, open source knowledge will gain the same ignominious reputation, as it's selfish closed source counterpart has, from abuse and misuse. And, sigh, we will be back to square one, where the few control the lives of the many.

Vigilant against abuse we must be.

The Principles that allow open source knowledge to remain open can be found in the diligent practice of the Philosophy of Personal Development. Available, as is open source knowledge itself, to all who seek to understand just how to make Good things happen.

PdThinker.com is dedicated to the comprehension, implementation, and maintenance of these Principles.

Sharing Promotes Freedom And Creativity

Open Source not only frees the Human Spirit, but it frees Enterprise of every description to go ahead and use knowledge for whatever purpose desired.

Open source promotes an unstoppable cascade of creativity

Knowledge is often utilized in an entirely independent manner to the intention of a Patent or Copyright that slams the door shut on, and locks up, information, an applicant attempted to "protect".

In other words, alternative uses, of this locked away knowledge, has no detrimental economic impact on those products from whence it was borrowed. 

The net effect, of sagacious forward thinking, in this sharing manner, is a multiplying, broadening, cross-breeding, and propagating of knowledge, in a surely unstoppable cascade of Creativity. Promoting an intense sense of decency

If we want more jobs leading to a higher standard of living, what better way to generate jobs than via Open Source?

Open Source Must Be Truly Free

For Open Source to work effectively, seamlessly, and be a genuinely feasible alternative to the restrictive practices inherent in Patents and Copyright, it must be truly free.

Simply put, truly free means any endeavor placed under an open source license can be used for commercial purposes. I readily acknowledge this is a huge step.

However, commerce is our life-blood and as such it is our individual birthright to participate, contribute, and profit from commerce that underpins and supports the vitality of Humanities progress.

Personal Development provides the necessary tools to make 'truly free' - in every respect of the term - a Reality.

Yes I Do

The author of this web-site agrees, and complies, with this very sensible requirement of truly free. To him, this is the heart and soul of Sharing. Humans need viable, vibrant, stable Economies to thrive.

Courtesy of Open Source in the wider definition expressed here, we now have the means to achieve stable, viable, vibrant industry. Whether companies consist of a single individual or thousands.

Vibrant Industry powered by individuals ably determined to collectively do the right thing.

Personal Development Rocks!

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