Human Intelligence

Part 1

Gaining Insight Into The Power Of Thought

Human Intelligence plays a pivotal role in all aspects of the progress and advancement of our species. takes a closer look at the practical application of this gift from Nature that highlights the fact that when we seek, find, and apply Truth, to all our actions, we can create Harmony. Whether that Harmony pertains to the Physical, as in a machine, or the Spiritual, as in Human Relationships.

This website investigates both planes.

Our investigation begins in the Stone Age with Humanities early forebear, Homo Habilis, and the first known invention, which just happens to be a Tool. We take leave of this fascinating inquiry with present day Humans involving themselves with advanced challenges such as the Large Hadron Collider, the exploration of  a sister Planet, and landing a spacecraft on a Comet.

The only way forward is practical application of our Human Intelligence

The complete Human Story is a magnificently embroidered tapestry. A mere strand of that tapestry is presented here, offering up a lucid microcosm of the inherent cause and effect properties of Humanities greatest asset.

That asset being our Human Mind.

Diligently inquiring into Human Achievement and Progress down through the ages provides an information rich backdrop from which one can gain insights into how the application of our intelligence influences the outcome of our actions. Illuminating how consequences are a direct product of Thought.

We Are Astute Witnesses

We can witness how, over considerable time, our forebears implemented this marvelous gift of Thought. We can observe how stalwart souls executed the power of their minds to discover Nature's secrets and improve the Human condition.

We see the raw beauty of Natural Law exerting an impartial, authoritative insistence. And we can observe - dedicated to Truth seeking - Humans applying their innate intelligence to reap the rewards on offer.

Rewards in exchange for making the exertion to discover and comprehend, eons old perfectly reliable and predictable Laws, and the manifold benefits these Laws encompass.

These intrepid Humans clearly demonstrate that while it is by no means easy, or simple, it is indeed possible, to attain one's Desires, when the appropriate Laws of Nature are thoroughly understood and applied. Again, in both the Physical and the Spiritual sense.

There Is Much To Learn From These Stalwart Minds

Accompanying a snapshot of a few of the major Events, Discoveries, and Discoverers in this chronicle, pdThinker has chosen Great Minds and Epochs that have expressly influenced the direction Humanity has taken. Events that appear to be so closely related to each other as to almost be a continuum, as if guided by an invisible hand.

Not A History Lesson

While this author has endeavored to keep this microcosm historically accurate, it is not intended to be a History lesson. Rather, it is intended to be a study of the same Mind you and I possess. And to observe how this amazing instrument has been utilized so far. 

Conflict resolution is crucial to our survival

The Great Minds that pdThinker has elected to investigate are few amongst many. Both within the context of this selected strand overall, and individual events we are about to observe.

Nevertheless, the Great Minds depicted in this story provide adequate evidence to conclude that if we take heed of the lessons on offer, we can confidently seek, and discover, the means to create a satisfactory future.

A future that is not merely accommodating to ourselves, but by extension, all Humanity.  

An Omitted Pertinent Subject

Violence has purposely been set aside - but not disregarded - for the greater part as it is the antithesis to mentally sound Behavior. Violence is a destructive force born of ignorance.

Ignorance means lack of knowledge and understanding. Violence is evil, contributing nothing to improving Intelligent behavior. Violence merely engenders destruction.

Empowering Yourself

Please allow me to congratulate you on your wise decision to embark or continue, on the fascinating and wondrous journey of Personal Development.

You are empowering yourself, adding to the joy of the world, and vitally, expanding the reach and influence of Human Intelligence as a life force for Good.

There are manifold problems to be solved in this wonderful, but sadly mismanaged World we live in. Without exaggeration, Humanity is in desperate need of saving from itself.

It will be the Good Humans that Master the Power inherent in their Mind, who will confidently venture to save the Human Race from itself. And overcome the dire problems threatening to exterminate Humanity and the salubrious environment we call home.

Earliest Evidence Of Human Intelligence

From the earliest evidence at our disposal we learn that Humans have a propensity to improve, expand, and develop, their Minds. Initially, this potential was not much more than a glimmer and excruciatingly slow to take hold and grow. But exist it did. And grow it did.

Genome sequencing tree of life - Our current understanding of evolution

Putting precise dates on the time line of Human Evolution is not yet possible. But we can glean from available records that our ancestors date back around fifteen million years. 

Approximately five million year ago we appear to have split from a common ancestor. Be that as it may.  

To gain an accurate and dependable picture of our past we need to focus on producing factual information and irrefutable evidence. In the spirit of what is.

Research is earnestly being conducted into discovering and understanding our Evolution. New evidence, both conflicting and confirming, is offered on a regular basis. Notwithstanding this sometimes baffling status, the proven facts we have ready access to, serve our purpose well enough.

Genome Sequencing and Carbon Dating are our most accurate, and reliable, tools to hand in determining Truth concerning Humanities Evolution.

Are You Ready To Take Charge Of  Your Future?

What we are interested in here is Human Intelligence, and it's relationship to Personal Development. Truth seeking, as in Understanding Nature, and how to secure a holistically salubrious future is of equal priority. 

Human Intelligence is the pivotal element in every endeavor we undertake. Mindful attention should be paid to this fact, whether we are acting alone or working collectively.
The World we inhabit is the cumulative manifestation of all the Minds that have existed to the present moment. The Good, evil, and indifferent. All played, or are playing, a part.

Human Intelligence and personal development hold the key

You, me, and every other Human Being on this Planet, are engaged in creating future events.

Mostly unconsciously.

We are unaware of what that future is until the physical Reality slams into us. And we live out our lives in helpless resignation, and passive acceptance, of what we believe to be our fate.

Because of this erroneous belief in fate, we are unconsciously creating more of the same. It doesn't have to be this way. We can gain and maintain direction over our own contribution to the collective, and our individual, future.

Purposely creating one's own Harmonious future is easier said than done. But as you will so irresistibly comprehend, entirely possible. The content within the pages of is geared towards you understanding yourself, and hence, achieving this possibility.

The content on is humbly offered for your edification. With the altruistic intent of helping you in gaining insight into how your Mind works.

Your Human Intelligence, focused on comprehending Natural Law and the inclusive Principles of Personal Development holds the key.

Human intelligence rocks!

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